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“Outer space is a place where humanity can collectively come together...it’s a place that belongs to no nation, so it’s a place that belongs to all of us, similar to the high seas...” — Yalda Mousavinia, UC Berkeley | Class of 2008 In this episode, Jeff speaks with Yalda ...

Not Enough Ratings

Professor Muller has had an incredibly illustrious career, and to cover all of his accomplishments in a single podcast would be impractical. To name just one, he led the project which eventually led to the Nobel Prize winning discovery of dark energy. This podcast is focused on his current and ongo...

Not Enough Ratings

Professor Filippenko has an almost unparalleled academic career in the field of astronomy. Having been a professor at UC Berkeley for over 30 years, Alex has won a flurry of awards including the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics in 2015, the Gruber Cosmology Prize in 2007, and “Best Profess...

Not Enough Ratings