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This week I talk to Duncan Michael-MacGregor, a digital entrepreneur who owns and operates Duck on Water, a web design and development studio based in the south of the United Kingdom. Duncan is currently overcoming the challenges associated with recruiting his first full-time employee, the risks associated with that and hunt for the ‘right person'. This episode focusses on actionable tips from Duncan to ensure that finding the right employee, at the right time is as secure and measured as it can be. Throughout the episode we talk about conquering the mysterious “Superhero Syndrome” that all business owners face, zero hour contracts and Duncan shares his top 3 pieces of advice that you can implement when deciding to become an employer for the first time. Don't forget guys, the more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel. The post The Right Time to Hire? Overcome Superhero Syndrome appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
Too many people in business look at potential employees’ skills rather than the person or the passion that person has for the business. Instead of playing it safe and hiring someone based on if they can do this, went to this school, achieved this GPA… you need to hire people with passion to believe in… The post Hire on Passion, Not Skill with Alan Arlt appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
We’ve all seen advertising campaigns from banks and telecommunications companies that advertise a whole range of benefits for new customers. Wow, it sounds like a fantastic way to bring in new customers, right? If you are already a customer, how does that make you feel? You’ve been loyally giving them your business for several years… The post Stop Destroying Your Current Customer Relationships appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
Julie Broad’s priorities were like most college students—get a summer job that pays well to be able to go backpacking in Europe or Central America. So she got a sales job at Kimberly Clark. Eventually, she became a real estate investor/real estate investing expert where she learned to negotiate with sellers and contractors, as well as sell properties. Now, she owns an education and training company. She is responsible for selling people on what she has to say and how she can help them. “I don’t eat if I don’t sell.” She is a successful salesperson, even though she hates selling! Julie doesn’t just take customers’ money; it is a fair trade. She trades her skills and knowledge for their payment/sale. She encourages business owners to focus on what the customers need, not so much on you and the sale. Could you sell ice to an Eskimo? In business, how do you create conversations that sell? How can you build upon opportunities? Even if you don’t consider yourself a salesperson, you can sell—just follow Julie’s tips offered in this episode! About Julie: Julie doesn’t like calling herself a salesperson, but she does it so well! She started writing a newsletter to give tips and share stories about the world of real estate with friends and family members. She soon had more than 500 readers. So she turned the newsletter into an education and training company. Julie now focuses on education and training, but is still very much involved in real estate. Julie’s Actionable Tips: Know who or what you are looking for: Who is your ideal client? What is your ideal outcome? Stories: Have short and concise stories for people to remember who you are, what you do, etc. Good questions: Ask the right questions. Questions control a conversation. Have a good handshake: Firm and one pump. Don’t have a sweaty or limp handshake. Avoid being predictable: Have a fun way to connect with people and be memorable. Don’t be boring! Try to convince somebody of anything: People will always believe what they have concluded. To change someone’s mind, ask questions or share stories. Allow them to come to a different conclusion on their own. Don’t assume someone knows what you are talking about. Put in a context that they understand. Find out what the person already knows and talk to them in a way that they understand. Physical appearance: What you look like matters! You may not be a perfect 10 or a super model. Just make the most out of what you’ve got. Top Quotes: “I hate selling. I hate the concept of selling.” “I don’t feel like I’m a salesperson. I certainly don’t feel like I was born to sell.” “Really just wanted more freedom. I wanted to control my day and to really be able to help people as much as I possibly could.” “My parents …were selling me on the idea of not doing drugs.” “What problem does this person have that I can help them solve?” “As long as it’s genuine, it is a powerful, powerful tool to have in your toolbox.” “Authenticity is one of those buzz words. Everyone wants to be authentic and more genuine and more real. But it’s almost like they’re doing it as a marketing ploy. So it’s not actually real.” “People miss sales opportunities all the time.” “Talk less, listen more.” “You were brilliant and didn’t even know it.” “Like it or not, this is reality.” Guest Links: Resources: Kimberly Clark ( Robert Cialdini ( The Essential 14–Day Guide to Cutting Your Working Hours and Increasing Your Impact ( Key Timestamps: [00:33] Podcast topic [01:08] Guest introduction [02:19] Guest’s background [05:10] Guest’s current business [07:07] Guest’s job progression [09:30] Selling everything [10:40] Unsuccessful businesses [14:28] Selling for good [15:30] When to say “No” [19:00] Sales techniques [22:22] Actionable Tips [47:18] Guest’s Web sites Don’t forget, the more you expect from yourself the more you WILL excel! The post Never Leave Business Behind Again with Julie Broad appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
In business, you can’t do everything yourself. That’s where partners and collaborators come into play. You need people that you can trust and rely on. Also, you need to understand what and who you truly need. Your ingrained preferences and beliefs may not be the best way to base decisions. You may be very different from those you work with, but that’s ok! Determine what’s important to you. Find people who share similar values. Building a relationship based on values, rather than skills and competencies, will help it succeed and last. Identify what characteristics and qualities you need in your ideal employee, collaborator and/or partner. Characteristics may include requiring excellence, ownership, and responsibility for their work. Take action to find the people you need. Go to networking events and participate in social media outlets. Put your need out there and be clear about what and who you are looking for. Then the right people will apply. About Bettina: Bettina helps people understand themselves and helps them to break through any debilitating habits they may have to achieve the success they want. Habits include having your own ideas about how things should run, what works and what doesn’t, what you think of yourself, and what you think of others. She is the founder and director of Aronagh, and co-founder of Evolve Beyond Redundancy. Challenged Issue:  This week’s challenge is to find business partners and collaborators who you can trust and rely on. Bettina’s Actionable Tips: Know your values. What’s truly important to you? How do you know when you got it? Be clear about your expectations. Are your expectations unsaid? Are you getting what you expected? What do you need? What are the boundaries? Form an agreement/contract with the other party. Write down your actual words about what you need and expect. Top Quotes: “We tend to always go for the same people when we look for suppliers, when we look for business partners…” “This person’s now contacted me, why don’t I give this a go?” “We grew stronger, as a team.” “At times, we all want people just like ourselves, which is very often…the entirely wrong way to look at things.” “The key thing was excellence. They absolutely required excellence.” “It saves time, cost, energy.” “This is the place. I’m fitting in. I can succeed. I can make this work.” “Confidence comes through competence.” “Most people are absolutely happy to provide you with a referral.” Guest Links: Aronagh ( Evolve Beyond Redundancy ( LinkedIn ( Facebook ( Google + ( Resources: Facebook ( Google + ( Google ( Twitter ( Bizcrowd ( The Essential 14–Day Guide to Cutting Your Working Hours and Increasing Your Impact ( Key Timestamps: [01:04] Challenged issue [01:14] Guest introduction [03:16] Recruitment and pictures of people [04:50] Guest’s success and enterprises [08:35] Partnership differences [09:02] Applying principles to all businesses [09:17] Employee recruitment and characteristics [12:08] Success experience [13:00] Sharing core values [14:18] Where to find people [18:03] Intentions [18:35] Networking hubs [20:44] Actionable tips [27:18] Guest’s links Don’t forget, the more you expect from yourself the more you WILL excel! The post Finding The Right Small Business Partner for The Long Haul appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
You're in business to succeed, yet there's no question at all that the success you WILL achieve can be gained through so many different means. Today I'm joined by Alan Wilkinson, franchise expert, to discuss how franchising your business can offer a low risk growth opportunity with unlimited capability. Alan has spent his career helping multi-national corporations such as McDonald's & Mars, and businesses just like yours achieve sustainable growth through a solid franchise model that he calls “5 Star Franchising” and today, Alan shares that roadmap to growth. Alan shares his top tips to readying your business for franchising along with how to actually define if your business can be franchised and the pitfalls & problems that you must be aware of before diving in. After sharing his top tips about readying your business, Alan shares his 5 tips to turn you into the ultimate franchisor and just how you can develop your own low risk growth plan, starting today. Alan can be found online at The Franchise Development Centre. Don't forget, the more you expect from yourself, the more you WILL excel! The post Developing a Low Risk Growth Plan with 5 Star Franchising appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
Being a small business owner with a staff can be challenging. The most challenging aspect is finding and retaining the right staff members by motivating them! Staff motivation at every level is changing. People want some control with their lives and choose when they work and how they work. They want to have a little… The post Three Ways To Motivate Your Staff for the Long Haul appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
In this episode I discuss why I'm putting Excellence Expected on a hiatus. For more information, read “Why I Stopped Podcasting & 5 Lessons I Learned Along The Way“. Don't forget, the more you expect from yourself, the more you WILL excel! The post The End of The Road As We Know It appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
Have you heard of Dropbox, Evernote, Basecamp, Trello or Highrise? These are results of the boom in the software-as-a-service movement. Software to service is attracting a lot of investment, press, and success. Bea Hatherley pioneered software-as-a-service with her product Mr. Site. About Bea: Bea started out as a musician before starting Mr. Site. She was trying to create a website for her band, but didn’t know where to start. She had to consider hosting, domain names, and whether to use a Web designer. She came to the following conclusion: Why is it so hard to develop a website? So she created a one-stop shop for all your website needs. Mr. Site is a jargon-free, easy to use Websitebuilder. Anyone can create a visually appealing and effective website with her affordable product. Mr. Site makes creating a website so simple that people do not need a technical background. More than half of all small businesses don’t have a Web site. Yet websites show that your professional, you mean business, you are open 24 hours a day, and you can reach people all over the world. Also, a website needs to be responsive. These days, people are visiting sites on all kinds of devices. Mr. Site helps you to build a site that resizes to fit all devices. When building a product, make sure to consider customer feedback. Your product is never really finished, you can always improve it. Being a female entrepreneur in the world of technology is pretty rare. Bea has experienced sexism in various industries, including the tech world. Unfortunately, current technology education is directed more at males than females. However, Mr. Site is mentoring females to take on the technology world. With it so integral in our lives, girls should be encouraged to learn technology and consider it as a career path. The tech world is not completely glamorous. You have to work hard to be successful. You have to constantly be one step ahead of the game and be in touch with current trends and technology. But it is definitely an exciting industry. “All the guys in with tech and girls in tech were all treated like rock gods,” Bea said about when she recently attended a technology conference. Bea’s Actionable Tips: Focus on your goal and don’t get diverted by negativity. Keep your head down, and stay the course. Do not let mistakes knock you off course. Learn from your mistakes, and let them guide you. If you are developing a product, remember that the customer is the king/queen. Always listen to what customers have to say, and don’t just rely on your instincts. Top Quotes: “You want your Web sites to automatically respond to whatever device it is being on.” “To any girls who want to get into tech, just go for it. If you’ve got the hunger, the drive, and the passion, I think you can make anything happen regardless of your sex.” “The opportunity is there for everyone.” “If you want to do something, you should just go ahead and do it. And focus on what you want. Don’t let anything put you off.” “Tech isn’t all glitz and glamour, Silicon Valley.” “You gotta love it!” “We need more developer girls.” “If I had a stellar girl’s CV come through my door, I would absolutely just be all over it like a rash.” “There needs to be a culture of nurturing talent.” “We’re all learning from each other all the time.” “I find that my biggest mistakes have actually led to my biggest breakthroughs.” Guest Links: Resources: Dropbox ( Evernote ( Trello ( Basecamp ( Highrise ( Google ( WhatsApp ( Uber ( The Essential 14–Day Guide to Cutting Your Working Hours and Increasing Your Impact ( Key Timestamps: [00:38] Introduction of software to service movement [01:03] Introduction of guest [01:30] Guest’s background [02:05] Guest’s idea for a one-stop shop [03:33] Guest’s technical background [05:11] Current status and future of guest’s product Mr. Site [07:05] Responsive Web sites [08:00] Female entrepreneurs [10:29] Tech world opportunities [10:50] App culture [12:10] Pace of acceleration [14:13] Females and technology education [16:54] Nurturing culture [19:10] Actionable tips for female entrepreneurs [22:37] Launching Mr. Site Don’t forget, the more you expect from yourself the more you WILL excel! The post Dominate Your Niche & Burn Down Industry Barriers appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
Making your business attractive to the finest talent is one of the most difficult challenges facing you as a business owner. Compounded by the lifestyle driven, passionate millennial generation becoming more and more influential in todays recruitment marketplace, we business owners are facing difficult decisions when choosing the right team members to introduce to our organisation. Louisa Harrison-Walker successfully recruits some of the UK’s finest talent into the most prestigious organisations in the country. Louisa shares her experiences navigating the Generation Y recruitment process, and shares her 3 way roadmap to successfully creating a culture that millenials flock to. Links mentioned in this episode: Benchmark Survey Monkey Results Louisa Harrison-Walker on Twitter Benchmark on Twitter Heineken Recruitment Video You can’t miss this one guys, it’s some of the most valuable advice you’ll ever hear. The more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel. The post The 3 Step Roadmap to Hiring & KEEPING the BEST Talent for Your Business appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
Are you fired up to go to work? Do you feel like you play an active role? Or do you feel like you just go to work, do your job, and get paid? Are you engaged as an employee? If your answer is “No,” you are not alone. What helps to create an effective company is employee engagement. Engagement for an employer is having more connection with employees than just what it says on their job descriptions. Relationships between employers and employees matter. Employees need to feel plugged in and more involved. Give them space to breathe and express their passion. Employers should create a positive culture that encourages engagement. Don’t stifle your employees. They should be excited about what they are doing. They want to be a part of something. A business owner or entrepreneur starts out as the hero for starting something. They attract people who want to follow them. Not only do they do what they are told, but they come up with new ideas. Then the entrepreneur/business owner is able to move from being the hero to being the host. Rather than them leading every step of the way, they let their employees take on some of that direction. Then, other people are “pushing the ball.” That can be scary, but also a relief! About Mark: Mark is an author, consultant, speaker, and founder of Host Leadership. For the past 25 years, he has brought new ideas to the world of management. Host Leadership focuses on the leader as the host to produce an effective mindset for engagement, performance, and results. Challenged Issue: Only 13 percent of employees worldwide are engaged. How can you, as a business owner or entrepreneur, engage your employees? That is vital to the success of your business! Mark’s Actionable Tips: Think of yourself as a host, not a hero. You will entertain and receive guests (employees). You create a space for them to breathe, have freedom, and enjoy themselves. Balance stepping forward and stepping back. Don’t always be the one to do something. Let others step forward and do the work. This lets other people become engaged. Invite and influence rather than direct people. Describe what is happening, why the employee you invited should be there, and a choice to the employee whether they attend. Top Quotes: “You wonder how the world manages to keep going. But it does.” “Engagement is such a crucial thing.” “What are we all trying to do here?” “Engagement is…what’s this relationship…that helps us connect…that helps us make the most of what everyone is bringing?” “Employee engagement is the secret sauce that makes everything else work.” “If you want people just to be sheep and do what you tell them to do, well fine. But I think that’s not going to be building your business.” “There are other ways that ideas and input can come into my business. And it can be through these people I am getting to know and trust.” Guest Links: Host Leadership ( Host Six New Roles of Engagement ( Resources: University of Bath ( The Essential 14–Day Guide to Cutting Your Working Hours and Increasing Your Impact (  Key Timestamps: [00:50] Challenged issue [01:08] Introduction of guest [02:00] Getting results and engagement [02:54] Guest’s background and Host Leadership [05:27] Engagement [08:23] Black box study [09:12] Cultural shift [11:18] Mindsets [16:43] Business results [18:45] Actionable tips [28:08] Guest’s links Don’t forget, the more you expect from yourself the more you WILL excel! The post You’re Doing Employee Engagement Wrong – Really appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
Do your employees enjoy going to work? Or are they bored and lack motivation? Do they do the same thing day after day? What if they had a job that was fun and exciting where they learned new skills? Employees want to do well and impress; they don’t want to go to work to perform badly. That is where development training comes into play. It is vital for businesses! Businesses need to maximize the impact of their internal training. They need to create a culture of personal development; and nurture and empower their employees to develop as individuals. Colin Gray helps businesses, educational institutions, and others realize the importance of training and make it a priority. Then, he helps them build systems to make that training available and effective. Training needs to be engaging. Also, there needs to be both prescribed training – such as training that focuses on company processes, and intrapreneural training – which allows employees to select training that interests them and may or may not be related to their job. About Colin Gray: Colin started out as a web designer. Then he went on to teach web design at a college in Edinburgh, Scotland. This experience led him to become an e-learning developer. He creates online courses, develops content, creates videos, makes podcasts, and much more! He has a fulfilling and rewarding career as a professional development advisor, who shows others how to do create good and effective online learning and training. What Colin Will Help You Overcome:  Employees with a lack of motivation, a dating skill set and no ownership over their roles. Instead, you will learn how to create powerful, engaging and timeless personal development maps for your team, allowing you to work ON the business, not just IN it. Colin’s Actionable Tips: How businesses can start implementing effective training regimes Establish training development schedule: Sit down with employees and determine what prescribed training and intrapreneural training should be done. What kind of training is the employee interested in exploring? It may not be training that is for the employee’s job, but training that will offer personal development. Create learning platforms: Use content management systems like WordPress to develop training. Or utilize companies and experts that can help you develop the training. There are several ways to create training. Get your hands dirty. It’s not that difficult! Use multimedia: Create podcasts (audio) and videos (visual). Get your staff involved. Let them share their skills and expertise. This makes employees feel like they are valuable, and fellow employees identify with people they work with. Top Quotes: “I’ve always enjoyed teaching.” “You can see the fruits of your labor.” “They’re not encouraged to go and learn how to do better. They’re not encouraged to go out and learn something different.” “You need the motivation to do it in the first place.” “There’s a hell of a lot of crap of online training out there.” “Giving your employees that freedom to develop themselves.” “There really are no barriers to this, there are only benefits.” Guest Links: The Podcast Host ( LearnDen ( The Beer Vault ( Resources: Dorothy Betts ( Google ( Ryan Jenkins ( WordPress ( The Essential 14–Day Guide to Cutting Your Working Hours and Increasing Your Impact ( Key Timestamps: [00:40] Today’s topic [01:02] Introduction of guest [01:25] Guest’s background [05:07] Importance of employee training [08:17] Business owner’s perspective [09:01] How to determine what training employees need [10:55] How training benefits companies [12:20] Google example [13:24] Different generations and learning [16:36] Impact of training culture [20:06] Actionable tips [28:56] Guest’s Web links Don’t forget, the more you expect from yourself the more you WILL excel! The post Boost Employee Morale and Small Business Profits with Tested Personnel Training Implementation appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
Company culture has changed a lot. Employees are no longer motivated by money or titles. Now, employees want to feel a sense of contribution and growth. They want to feel good about their jobs and proud of their work and contributions. They don’t want to just shut up and do their job. This new cultural… The post Creating a Culture of Leadership with Brett Gajda appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
Small business owners know the importance of communication. We’re never out of reach for our clients and we’re answering calls, e-mails and social media messages almost 24/7. But when it comes to speaking to our staff, colleagues and clients in a formal setting, how many of us are projecting the right image of leadership? Public… The post How to Develop the Perfect Communication Skills to Fulfil Your Leadership Potential appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
Welcome to Excellence Expected. Episode 1 is my opportunity to thank you for picking up the show and beginning this journey with me. During the episode I talk about how I bounced back from a business catastrophe to become founder of a rapidly growing design & digital agency, whilst also discussing how that rapid growth and the challenges it brought, caused me to burn out only two years ago. I take this opportunity to talk about what you can expect from each episode of Excellence Expected and the value that you, as a business owner or entrepreneur, can draw from the podcast. I also introduce my free eBook “The Essential 14 Day Guide to Cutting Your Working Hours and Increasing Your Impact”, which is my blueprint and work-through template that will show you how to create more time every single day, become instantly more effective in your business and create the time to enjoy the things that matter to you. Excellence Expected is a podcast for business owners, by business owners, with each and every episode adding value to your busy business life. Let's learn, share and grow together; don't forget: the more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel. The post From Burnout to Broadcast appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
Putting your head down and working hard is just a fairytale. You have to tell people what you need, and you need people to help you make it to the next level. You need a strong network of critical resources to reach personal and professional goals and build a business. Your Network=Your Net Worth Most networking events are a waste of time. If the events do not have the right people or resources, you’re in the wrong room! You need to develop relationships and strategies. Where should you go to “network”? Volunteer or join groups and organizations. Also, you have to create value immediately with people – introduce yourself, share a report, etc. After sharing your story with someone, ask these two questions: What other ideas do you have for me? Who else do you know that I should talk to? As an entrepreneur, gain wisdom through mistakes, step out of your comfort zone, listen to your intuition, deal with fear, and follow your gut! Also, have necessary pieces in place – funding, advisory board, and so on. Learn to be strategic. Don’t go around in circles. Get on with your dream and vision! About Judy: Judy is a business thought leader. She is the author of How to Be a Power Connector – The 5+50+100 Rule, which offers strategies for meeting the people you need to know and building relationships with them. Challenged Issue: In this podcast, we challenge the issue of determining what is the value of your network! Judy’s Actionable Tips: Remember the two golden questions: What other ideas do you have for me? Who else do you know that I should talk to? Rethink assumptions and beliefs around networking. Write the key people you have now. Are those the people you need to reach your goals? Top Quotes: “All of the resources they need are out there – in particularly for entrepreneurs.” “They’re looking for money in all the wrong places.” “Failure really isn’t an option.” “Nothing is really as bad as it seems is it in business.” “If we wanted safety, we wouldn’t be doing this anyway.” “This is how I have billionaires in my Rolodex.” “Nothing happens without people.” “You never ask investors for money, you always ask for advice.” “You feel like you are in a group of piranha.” “All of us have problems…and we all have solutions.” “There is money everywhere. It’s getting in the right room.” Guest Links: Judy Robinett ( How to Be a Power Connector – The 5+50+100 Rule ( LinkedIn ( Twitter ( Resources: How to Win Friends & Influence People ( MIT ( The Wall Street Journal ( Skullcandy ( Springboard Enterprises ( Oprah Winfrey ( LinkedIn ( Twitter ( Apple iPhone ( Success Magazine ( Association of Corporate Growth ( Warren Buffett ( Charlie Munger ( Mark Burnett ( Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway ( Overstock ( McGraw-Hill ( John Lee Dumas ( Facebook ( The Essential 14–Day Guide to Cutting Your Working Hours and Increasing Your Impact (  Key Timestamps: [00:33] Challenged issue [01:04] Introduction of Guest [02:21] Guest’s background [04:26] Learning from mistakes [08:50] Necessity of networks [11:40] Gaining confidence and connecting with others [13:45] Utilizing existing network [15:33] Seeking and offering advice [20:22] Quality people/strategies/rules [21:36] Actionable tips [29:02] Guest’s links Don’t forget, the more you expect from yourself the more you WILL excel! The post The Gold Within Your Current Network – Small Business Networking appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
Do you really know how your business will look a generation from now? More importantly, do you know what the pioneers of your business will look like a generation from now; their motivations, desires, dreams, goals, values, ethics and how you can begin to nurture these TODAY? Ryan Jenkins has built a career based on understanding these values and advising some of Corporate America’s biggest businesses in nurturing, developing and creating value for the “Millennial” generation (“Generation Y”) and the emerging “Generation Z”. These generations are the future of your business and you cannot afford to miss this episode. Ryan is an expert in helping like yours both understand and integrate Generation Y into a company whilst providing the motivation and the engagement needed to stimulate this passionate generation. There’s no doubt that the Millennial generation is shaping the future of business and really, can you afford NOT to understand how that generation thinks? Links featured in this episode: Wynter – New Worlds Comics Zapos Shoes, Las Vegas I’d LOVE to hear your stories and allow you to share your lessons from your own business journey – the comments are waiting folks! Introducing “Resources & Reflections” – Even More Value, Even More Action From This Week Onwards… “Resources & Reflections” is my follow up episode to help you take action and EXCEL! Publishing the Wednesday following each week's topical, expert interview, I share my own actionable advice along with resources & recommendations to galvanise your thoughts into the will to take action. Listen to This Week's “Resources & Reflections” Each episode of “Resources & Reflections” focusses solely on the topic in hand each week and is only available via your subscriptions feed – iTunes, Stitcher et al – or the player within each individual episode like this one: This week's resources are: Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage Generation Y – Bruce Tulgan The Undercover Recruiter “How to Recruit Millenials” Infographic Don’t forget: the more you expect from yourself, the more you WILL excel. The post 3 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Bench of Next Generation Leaders with Ryan Jenkins [Host of the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast] appeared first on Excellence Expected, by Mark Asquith.
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