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John, Todd and Chris discuss abortion / the supreme court in general, Juuls getting banned across the US, twitter hiring an alarming amount of "former" intelligence agents, fort bragg watch, Ukraine possibly entering the EU, and alexa will soon
John, Bryn and Chris are joined by Eden Kupermintz, Co-host of Death Sentence and AnarchySF, and editor in chief at Heavy Blog is Heavy, to discuss psychedelics, science fiction, the politics of metal, and the absurd personal politics of Matt
John and Chris do a special birthday-boy-only episode, covering the "sentient" google AI, the heat wave in america, a prisoner who may or may not have plotted to kill Ghislain Maxwell in jail, and Louise Mensch wants NATO to assassinate the pop
It's just like Israel, only in south america.   //  outro: https://youtu.be/FeTFcM6XtlA   //  thanks so much for listening! pls rate and review us on apple podcasts, it really helps ppl find the show. hang out with us in midsposting on
John, Bryn, and Chris talk skateboarding, loose hot dog guts that spilled onto a highway, a giant asteroid, Fort Bragg watch (soon to be Fort Liberty watch cause they're changing the name), Uvalde shooting, and two dudes who tried to move a hou
Bryn, John and Chris cover such hot stories as: Seth Greene's apes get stolen, Torie candidate in the UK drops out of race after posting extremely freakish tweet about how children smell, last payphone in NYC is gone, half the power grids in t
Hackers are ransoming the entire government of Costa Rica (or is it a psy-op?), the people running the housing market don't understand the housing market, more fort bragg watch, cops in Berlin are arresting palestinians for no reason, florida
Sorry this ep is a little late, important life stuff got in the way. John, Todd, and Chris talk about moneymaking schemes, like farming shrimp in your backyard, ways to scam your employer, and John Deere tractors with a built-in remote killswi
John, Brynn and Chris log on and strap in once again to discuss a drought in nevada that revealed a decades-old murder victim in a barrel, a hotel that exploded in cuba, the housing market and stock market, an insane movie trailer for the conc
supreme court wants to repeal abortion, "pedal pub" in atlanta crashes and tour leader is charged with a DUI, MP caught watching porn in parliament, pope says NATO kinda caused the war in Ukraine, and a drone carrying guns into canada hits a t
Brynn, Chris and John discuss the shocking reason John had to the urgent care recently (mild content warning for gross medical talk), microplastics, a deutsche bank whistleblower found dead, whether or not Elon will actually buy twitter, and a
Bass Pro Shop pyramid, Rand corporation doc from 2019 about how to destabalize russia, terrible song about Zelensky, musicians with CIA parents, capitol police misidentify planes that were gonna fly over a baseball game as a "probable threat"
Kim Dotcom claims to have the Hunter Biden laptop, woman who sued sheriff for forced baptism found dead, Fort Bragg update, Howard Schulz being an absolute dub now that he's back at starbucks, David Hogg's insane twitter thread about his dad be
John, Brynn, and Chris discuss the Chrono Cross remaster, Goop, Goof Troop (the show and the SNES game), the brooklyn subway shooting and whether or not it's part of an american gladio, a dude who pretended to be a DEA agent to get a discount
governor of maryland does tae kwon doe, ron desantis wants to stop disney world from operating as an independent municipality, two dudes pose as Homeland Security officers for unknown reasons, fort bragg and the multi-part X-files episode that'
santa is running for congress in alaska, as is sarah palin. congress might finally legalize weed, that lady who stole a bunch of fetuses from planned parenthood for unclear reasons, Putin, and a little of everyone's favorite recent event that
coming soon to theaters, boss baby 2 starring Todd as a rich baby. don't miss it  // to hear the full episode and many more, check out our patreon at patreon.com/beepbeeplettuce
John, Bryn and Chris discuss dilbert, joe biden's rambling sanctions statement, the recently released 9/11 video, paralyzed guy who used a chip in his brain to ask for a beer, kid rock, and a crane thief     // outro: https://www.youtube.com
John, Bryn and Chris "go sicko mode" on this one (spend 30+ minutes having a serious conversation about communism, revolutionary potential, and the current state of american society. then they watch a couple music videos)   // to hear the ful
John and Chris shoot the shit, talk about NFTs on instagram, and then tackle an absolutely demented reading series about a marvel studios company town     //  outro: https://youtu.be/IeqtAB1WgEw     //  thanks so much for listening! pl
Amazing Item For Free, estonia calls for no-fly zone in ukraine, senate might actually do something good by ending the tyranny of daylight savings time, (chris has a conspiracy theory about why this is happening), and finally, a man drops a wor
hope you're zooted up and ready for a bbl classic style; all four hosts are here on this one, talking elden ring, gabriel boric joining squirtle squad, russia/ukraine, etc. Sorry for the crunchy audio on this one, we had to use a different sit
we didn't actually riff on the phrase "punished stepdad" that much, I just love the mental image. maybe we'll dig deeper into it next week. this week, we cover biden banning russian oil and the libs who are all foaming at the mouth to pay more
apologies for the late ep, John had to get some dental work done and Chris has a head cold. enjoy all the news that's fit to smoke.     //  outro: https://youtu.be/inWr-6-aYMQ   //  thanks so much for listening! pls rate and review us on
John and Chris talk about the evolving situation in Ukraine now that Russia has officially invaded, facebook's decision to temporarily let you praise ukranian neo-nazis if you want, and Biden's supreme court nominee. hopefully massive events do
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