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With the biggest loser still in hiatus (THANKS COVID) there isn't much news on a new season I thought I'd share something I found. FitTrack Atria Smart WatchThis is an amazing piece of technology for $99. Track your ALL DAY activityTrack your heart rateTrack Your SleepThere are SEVEN different Sports ModesReceive calls and text messagesGet personalized guidance and insights based on accurate informationSee exactly what is working and what is not with progress and history charts.Seven Day Battery lifeI know that this unit doesn't have the blood oxygen level monitoring that some of the latest gadgets do, but you can buy a blood level oxygen device for much less than you think. If you want something a bit more fancy with an app, that's available as well.Even with buying that separately its less than an Apple Watch or the Latest FitbitWhen you use the link you can get the Atria Fitness tracker for $99Join us out at
Erica Lugo has decided to undergo surgery to remove her loose skin.The Biggest Loser trainer, who lost 160 lbs. and frequently shares candid posts about her fitness journey, revealed on Friday that although she’s had an “okay relationship” with her loose skin, nothing she’s done has been able to stop it from continuing to build up on her body.“Real, scary and raw transparency post. Nervous AF as I type and share,” she wrote on social media. “I’ve worked really hard to lose 160 lbs. I’m proud of the muscle I’ve built and I’m more proud that I’ve been able to keep the weight off for 5 years.”“Loose skin has been apart of my journey for 5 years. I’ve always been okay with it. It’s been my battle scar, but the more I begin to build muscle and get leaner I get the more loose skin builds up. No amount of exercise or nutrition will help the loose skin pockets on my hips and stomach,” she explained.Noting that it “wasn’t an easy decision,” Lugo said the surgery has been “something I’ve researched for years.”“I’ve been back and forth for years and I’m finally scheduled Sept 22nd.“I’ve spent too many years never wearing bikinis because I felt I shouldn’t,” she wrote alongside one bathing suit snap. “But ya know what? This body lost 150 lbs. This body created life. This body beat cancer. This body is working through an auto immune disorder. This body is worthy despite society standards and my own negative self-chat and it felt good to slip on a bikini for the first time in years and truly be COMFORTABLE.”Lugo also went on to slam some of the harsh criticism she received about her loose skin.“This past week I have read more comments towards myself and other woman about our bodies and our confidence and worth based off how we chose to show our confidence and OUR bodies,” she wrote later that month, noting that while she didn’t have “six pack abs” or “the most toned upper body,” her body doesn’t deserve to be criticized.“Instead I have loose skin from losing 150 lbs. and having a baby. Instead It’s harder for me to lose and tone because I had and beat thyroid cancer and my body doesn’t process hormones like a ‘normal’ hormonal regulation system should,” she said. “Let people be proud of their bodies in progress. We are all trying to be happier, stronger and better versions of ourselves and how we chose to show or acknowledge that is up to US. Not YOU.”Lugo joined the USA reboot of The Biggest Loser this past year and previously told PEOPLE that she often talks with contestants about loose skin.“So many people always ask, and I tell them, ‘Don’t let that be the thing that stops you,’ ” she said. “If you scroll through my Instagram, I’m like, yeah, here’s my stretch marks and here’s my loose skin. This is who I am and that’s my story, so I just own it.”
We need to keep motivated as we wait for season two of the biggest loser. I saw this bonus clip on their website. I found it interesting that more than one contestant did self deprecating humor (I do this too). I'm listening to a book called Chasing Cupcakes that really helps you work on the mental challenges of weight loss. We so often insert limiting beliefs based on our past.The past is THE PAST. Don't let your past come back into your present or it will sabotage your future. Check out the audio book on Audible (you can get it for free if you're new to audible). It's also available on Amazon.
What has Erica been up to during this pandemic?I wake up before the kids start their homeschool and chaos begins. ⁣I have to or my workouts won’t get done or as beneficial as I want them to be. ⁣I bought a cheap treadmill and shoved it in a cluttered corner in the garage. ⁣No fancies here. ⁣Real life, unfiltered and unbothered. ⁣I start my day with LISS Cardio.⁣Low. Impact. Steady. State. Longer periods of time and about 40-60% of your max heart rate. Usually means long walks, light hikes or swimming. ⁣I do this for a few reasons. ⁣⁣Lowering my stress hormones which have taken a toll on my body and weight loss during quarantine. ⁣HIIT is great, but it can increase your cortisol levels. (I know where I stand because I’ve taken blood hormonal testing) LISS has been shown to lower your stress hormones. ⁣It helps burn fat. Both ways do actually. Liss however means more oxygen for your body during the workout. Did you know fat NEEDS oxygen to be broken down? More oxygen, the greater chance to burn fat. ⁣There’s great advantages to both LISS and HIIT cardio do what works best for YOU! As of now, this works for me, I enjoy the quiet time to myself, I enjoy the faster recovery time and my body is thanking me too.Watch VideoBikini PhotosI get it. ⁣Sex sells ⁣Sexiness sells ⁣More followers, more money, more admiration. ⁣“MORE” if that’s what you want to ultimately believe. ⁣But just because that sells does NOT mean your body isn’t worthy. It doesn’t mean your body is LESS than someone else’s. It does NOT mean YOU are less than. ⁣Honestly I’m tired. ⁣This past week I have read more comments towards myself and other woman about our bodies and our confidence and worth based off how we chose to show our confidence and OUR bodies. ⁣Let me set the record straight. ⁣I don’t have six pack abs ⁣I don’t have the most toned upper body ⁣I have cellulite on my thighs ⁣Oh and my ass doesn’t pop like I would like it too. ⁣Instead I have loose skin from losing 150 lbs and having a baby. ⁣Instead It’s harder for me to lose and tone because I had and beat thyroid cancer and my body doesn’t process hormones like a “normal” hormonal regulation system should. ⁣I’m blessed with genetics that make cellulite an inevitable situation, ⁣However that does NOT mean my value is less. That does NOT mean I’m not strong. That does NOT mean I’m not worth something. That does NOT mean I can’t help, inspire, motivate and educate. ⁣Furthermore, just because myself and women may NOT chose to post pictures of all the above mentioned things does NOT mean we aren’t confident, happy and worthy. ⁣⁣Let people be proud of their bodies in progress. We are all trying to be happier, stronger and better versions of ourselves and how we chose to show or acknowledge that is up to US. Not YOU. ⁣Phew, that felt good. ⁣So here’s a snap shot of a video from earlier on the beach in the most unflattering pose ever JUST BECAUSE!Kevin Hart's "The Decision Audio Book" is a Great Mental GymI just got done listening to this book. What would it be like if motivational speaker Tony Robbins merged with Kevin Hart? You get this book, but it is a NO BS, hilarious version of Tony Robbins and you don't have to walk across coals.Check it outNew Podcast New to CookingIf you know you should cook more from home, but just have no clue how to do that then this is the podcast for YOU. You can come up with a ton of excuses (not enough time, it costs too much, my kids won't eat it) but we are going to create a safe place to admit, "OK, I have no idea what I'm doing in the kitchen."Check it out at
As we are in the middle of a pandemic, we are all staying home more. I saw on the Biggest Loser website they had an article on Meal Planning for Beginners.A few years ago I discovered a tool called Plan to Eat that makes this soooooo easy. It's called "Plan To Eat." You can use it on your computer, your iPhone or Android device. You select recipes and then the app makes your shopping list.The Menus feature will allow you to plan an entire week, month, or more with one drag and drop.In the software the recipes are on the left, and your calendar is on the right. You drag and drop your recipes into your calendar and the app does the rest.Why Meal Plan?23% of people who use the app save money on groceries (from $199 to $152)47.4% see the time they spend on groceries go from 140 to 73 minutes78% was less food73% increase consumption of healthier foods19 lbs is the average weight loss (which makes sense as you're eating healthier)86% saw a decrease in anxiety about meals. MOM WHAT'S FOR DINNER?46% are more meals together.Mentioned in this EpisodePlan to Eat App start your 30 day free trial (no credit card needed) today!
The season was coming to an end. Here are some things I loved about.The before and after pictures are amazing. Sure we normal people can't take months off to exercise non stop, but we see if we don't give up and stay focused - weight loss is important.I had said before the episode that Kyle might be a sneak in winner. He lost 86 lbs. If Micah had a mistep, Kyle might've been able to step in and win. I always poked fun at coach Jim running out of gas, but yet he was consistently losing double digits over and over. I said if he could keep up his consistency, I could see him beating Micah and that is exactly what happened. Jim lost 144 lbs.Congrats to coach Jim. that is an amazing accomplishment. He is now running with his team that he coaches.Jim lost 37.4%Micah lost 30.37%Kyle lost 28.48%Early in the season, I said I thought Megan was flyng under the radar and would be a contender and she was. She lost 84 lbs and was the at home winner.While you could look at Shey and say "She only lost 17 lbs" I personally would take a 17 lbs weight loss.Wanna Be on the Biggest Loser Casting Season 2 NowCasting formInspiring PicturesCheck out the Before and After PicturesSupport the PodcastingBuy Dave a CoffeeMore Weight Loss PodcastsCheck out the Logical Weight Loss Podcast
This was my favorite show of the season. Before and After VideosThe contestants watch videos from when they first arrived. This was so powerful. Coach Jim has lost a ton of weight (they all have). Micah said he hated the guy (his fat version) in the video. It was movingCoach SteveSteve said something powerful. Don't try to be perfect as nobody is perfect. Don't think "I'll be happy if I can get to (target weight) as many times you get there and there is a new goal. Enjoy the journey and be proud of yourself. Be SelfishBob had a great bonus clip where he mentioned to take care of yourself and "be selfish." Micah has stated he will join AA when he gets home. This is an amazing step. Redoing the Mile RunEveryone does the original challenge. Micah went from 14 minutes to 9 minutes (35.46% reduction)Kyle went from 16 minutes to 11 minutes (30.17% reduction)Coach Jim went from 20 minutes to 12 minutes (36.79% reduction)Next to Final Weigh InCoach Jim was again on top of the board followed by Micah and Kyle which meant Terri was going home. She did an amazing job pushing through her injury. Be sure to watch the end of the show she looks amazing. Mentioned on this EpisodePlanet Fitness Facebook page for free live streaming workoutsSupport the ShowIf you enjoyed the podcast support the show and keep the lights on.
Is Micah Giving his All? Steve and Micah have a chat and Steve points out that he doesn't feel Micah is giving his all. He's not going 100%. Instead of being offended, Micah thinks on this and comes out stronger. Leaving the Safe PlaceThe contestants are down to a few episodes. They are going home. Are they ready for the triggers? To inspire them they get messages from home.Jim's wife doesn't want to do this without you. Micah's mom told him to choose life, and ask for forgivenessCoach Jim Taps OutCoach Jim lost his challenge cause it was hard. Shocking...Micah wins the challenge and when he goes 100% he's hard to beat.Weigh InJim 3.33% Jim has dropped double digits consistently. He may tap out on challenges, but he is obviously not tapping out on following the food guidelines, and staying focused. Micah 2.97%Teri 2.83%Kyle 2.77%Kristi 2.27% (I'm sorry Kristi you are not the biggest loser)There is one more weigh in before the finale.Why You Need To Give Your AllIf Micah didn't have the 1 lb advantage he would have gone home. So when you are exercising, or eating, you only have that time on the treadmill once. You can't go back in time and change your workout. When you sit down to eat, you can't go back and undo your band choices. In today's bonus tip from Bob, he mentions you need to be the best you. You can't match the person on the magazine (cause the people on the magazine don't look like that in real life). Stay focused, stay committed, and give 100%. Support The ShowShow us some loveJoin the Facebook Group
We are down to Jim, Kyle, Micah, Terri, Kristi, and Kim. This week exercise is not in teams, and its every person for themselves. They each get some alone time and again, Micah needs to be very careful as he drinks a ton when he is home and Bob wants him to get help when he gets home.The bottom line is now that they are solo on the show, they are going to be solo at home and have to be prepared for the challenges and triggers. Teri was exercising with one foot. Kim almost beat everyone, and outlasted "the big guys." When it came time for the weigh inJim -10 3.23% total 85 lbsKyle-7 3.08% Total 49 lbsMicah -8 2.89% (total not given)Terri-6 2.75% Total 44 lbs with one footKristi-6 2.65% Total 44 lbsKim-4 lbs 1.90% Total 35 lbsMentioned In This EpisodeThinkup Affirmation AppBiggest Loser Fan Cast Facebook GroupSupport the Show
The crew did exercise in a pool. This really makes you face reality when you are in a swimsuit in front of a mirror. This just in: Coach Jim, complains that exercise is hard... (shocking)One theme that always comes out in the biggest loser is you end up doing more than they think they can.Terri fought hard for the red team during an endurance challenge, but it was Micah the mountain that won it for the blue team. In the "head" part of the show (MIND) they talk about soda and giving up soda (I had a one thousand calories a DAY mountain dew habit). Then Micah explains that he drinks every day. This makes him feel bad, which make him turn (again) to alcohol. If you find yourself in this pattern be careful. Nobody wakes up and says, "I'm going to become an alcoholic today." It creeps up over time. Getting Rid of sodaKim and Katrina have created quite a bond together (you'll remember Katrina's Mom took her to Jenny Craig when she was little so she doesn't have a great relationship with her Mom).During exercising Kim thought, "I was going to die" but Steve pointed out, "You didn't."Katrarina cried again during the last chance workout. The Weigh InKristi -2.98Micah -2.42Jim -2.12Megan 1.97%Kyle 1.85Teri 1.75%Kim 1.83%Katarina -1.53With the red team leaving Katarina was sent home, but she looks like she is sticking with it at home. She looked good in her report from home. Comments?Call them in 888-563-3228Join the Facebook groupSupport The ShowChip in either a one time donation or monthly and keep the show going
Call In Your Comments888-563-3228First, finally, The red team won their first challenge. Coach Jim wasn't complaining and instead of was leading the team. Later on the treadmill he has an issue with his health, and it was somewhat scary.The contestants get to have video calls from home. This inspires some to work harder, and we get a glimpse into some of the contestants and maybe some of the factors that lead to them being over weight.Katarina was in Jenny Craig in Sixth Grade. She would take her lunch which had a Jenny Craig sticker and the kids saw she was on Jenny Craig. Meanwhile her parents were not eating healthy at home. Katarina has gone from crying the gym to being more of a warrior.Kyle lost 6Micah 9Terry 4Jim 10Megan 8Kataina 4Delores 1Kim 5Kristi 6Join the Facebook GroupKeep the conversation going at the Show
Bruised AttitudesThe different between the winners and losers seems to be their attitudes.Coach Jim and Dom both are whining and just stopping, leaning, etc during challenges. Meanwhile Micah is just a BEAST. The thing that stood out for me was the difference between the attitudes of those winning challenges and losing weight, and those that aren't. FACEBOOK GROUPJoin our Facebook Group and keep the conversation goingThe Big Fat Truth Book ReviewIf you want a "tough love" coach in your pocket, then check out this book from the producer of the biggest loser J.D. Roth. I liked the book. If you need a kick in the butt, I highly recommend it. You can get it at Amazon, or you can get it for free on Audible. Enjoy the Podcast?Buy my a cup of coffee to help us keep the lights on.
LAst week the bue team sent someone home. How will they respond? The red team has some momentum. Will they rest on their victory?For me the biggest surprise was big Jim on the red team. It seems every challenge he keeps saying great insights such as:"I'm not as young as I was anymore," and "This is hard." Really? Meanwhile Micah and Kyle on the blue team stepped up and Megan (who started off the episode with an attitude) did a complete 360 and was a vital part of the challenge. Anybody else not digging Bob's hat?Join the Facebook GroupCall in your comments for the show 888-563-3228Click Here to Show some Love
No spoilers today as we talk about episode 1 "A Time for Change" which aired (watch episode). A couple of thoughts:The difference between USA and NBC Budgets?What do you think of the gym?Did you get enough planet fitness information?A cool twist on commercials.Join the Facebook GroupSupport the ShowBuy Dave a Coffee
Today we roll through the bio of the last batch of contestantsHere is the run down of all of them:Robert 409Jim 385Phi 357Mciah 326Dom 323Kyle 302Catrina 293Megan 290Delores 280Kristi 264Teri 256Kim 242Support the Show Click Here to Give Us Some Love
Kim - 242 lbsJim - 385 lbsMegan - 290 lbsPhi -357 lbsKristi - 264
Teri - 256 lbsCatrina (age 23) - 293 lbs.Dom - 323 lbsMicah - (age 23) - 326 lbsSome of the clips show the contestants jogging, and rolling in the mud and doing crossfit and flipping giant truck tires. Support the ShowClick here to show some love to the show and keep us on the air.
Steve Cook's path to The Biggest Loser is vastly different from Erica Lugo's. He is 34 years old and grew up in a fitness-minded family. He said, "If I wanted to watch TV as a kid I had to do push ups during commercials," he remembers.Steve Cook played college football and went onto competing in Mr. Olympia and served as the spokesperson for before launching his online coaching business.Social InFluencerWith over 2.4 M Instagram followers, 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, Steve’s fitness, nutrition and lifestyle content has been viewed over half a BILLION times. Steve has admitted he can't imagine the anxiety that comes with a large weight loss goal. But he believes his own struggle with body image will help him relate to contestants.Stepping into the Shoes of His Contestants"I know what it’s like to not be happy with who I am," he told Men's Health.He said physique competitions left him in a perpetual feast or famine mindset."If I wasn’t prepping my body for a show, I didn’t know how to eat," he explains. "It was either that I was weighing out my food or I was binge eating."Back in 2017 he told Men's Health about his personal principles when it comes to training, fitness and health.Steve's Core Values“I always stress the importance of progressive overload – if your goal is to get stronger or bigger, you should always be working off a one-rep max for your compound lifts. So many people just go into the gym and lift whatever. Whether it’s adding more weight each week, or getting more done in a shorter period of rest time, have your set standards so you know you're getting better. I also recommend taking the time to work on your mobility and flexibility. For every hour you’re spending lifting in the gym, you should be doing 15-20 minutes of stretching and mobility work. I see so many guys going into the gym and neglecting that and just constantly shortening the muscles. You’ve got to dedicate time to lengthening it too. Incorporate resistance bands and then make sure you do a dynamic warm-up; it’s called a warm-up for a reason, you need to start sweating.”More on Steve CookYouTube ChannelInstagram: The ShowIf you find value in this show please click here to show your love, and make our day.
Erica Lugo was a BIG GIRL. Trainer Erica Lugo lost 160 pounds from 2013 to 2015 and she’ll be sharing her personal experience keeping it off for five years with The Biggest Loser contestants. She went from 322 to 150 lbs. You can find her at on instagram. In this episode, we hear a clip from Bob and Erica on the Kelly Clarkson show. Here is Erica's website. Here is a Video showing her weight loss.SUPPORT THE SHOWThis show takes time and a lot of effort. If you'd like to keep the lights on CLICK HERE to support the show with any amount. Get involved with the show click here to leave a voicemail message and be on the show
The Biggest Loser went off the air in 2016. That same year, The New York Times published findings by the journal Obesity, which kept track of 14 contestants before and after a season of the show. The study found that just one of the fourteen weighed less than when they had started the show. All the others had gained the weight – and more- back. A year after the show’s ending and the published study, executive producer JD Roth created and produced The Big Fat Truth on Z Living network. The show featured Biggest Loser former contestants who had regained and sought to help these men and women understand the behaviors and patterns that had led them to fail at weight loss. Per the official logline, the new Biggest Loser will “feature a dynamic new team of experts determined to dramatically improve America’s lifespans and waistlines.” Men and women will compete not only to lose weight, but to improve their overall wellbeing; to that end, each episode’s experts will include a trainer, chef and life coach, who will “help guide the contestants as they embark on the biggest transformations of their lives.” We’re re-imagining The Biggest Loser for today’s audiences, providing a new holistic, 360-degree look at wellness, while retaining the franchise’s competition format and legendary jaw-dropping moments,” said Chris McCumber, USA Network’s president of entertainment. “USA’s recent reboot of Temptation Island brought both new and younger viewers to the network, and we’re excited to add another big, buzzy show to our growing unscripted lineup.” HISTORYThe Biggest Loser originally ran for 17 seasons on NBC and wrapped its initial run in February 2016. Trainers included Bob Harper, Dolvett Quince, Jennifer Widerstrom and Jillian Michaels (who became known for her intense, often-harsh motivational techniques).Ultimately, the highest percentage of weight lost will still determine the winner, as in seasons pastIn looking at the past winners, 47% have kept off the weight, 12% gained it back, 41% have gained some of it back, and 6% are unknown. SUPPORT THE SHOW - Click Here to Tip Your Host and Keep the Episodes ComingBOOK FROM THE PRODUCER OF THE BIGGEST LOSERThe Big Fat Truth: The Behind-the-Scenes Secret to Weight Loss
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