Episode from the podcastBioneers: Revolution From the Heart of Nature | Bioneers Radio Series

Re-Weaving the Web of Belonging: “The Inside Is Not, and The Outside Is Too” | john a. powell, Eriel Deranger & Anita Sanchez

Released Friday, 16th April 2021
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As author Michael Pollan observes: “The two biggest crises humanity faces today are tribalism and the environmental crisis. They both involve the objectifying of the other - whether that other is nature or other people.”
How do we re-weave that web of relationships, and focus on our likenesses rather than our differences? 
In this program, racial justice advocates john a. powell, Eriel Deranger and Anita Sanchez explore how overcoming the illusion of separateness from nature and each other requires building bridges rather than burning them. They say the fate of the world depends on it.