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Welcome to the show! Why don't you captivate your listener?  Well, there is a myriad of reasons and every person is unique in these reasons.  What is going on in your head is part of the problem when it comes to you not being as captivating as
Welcome to the show. You don't have to create a perfect voice, you just have to get back to the perfect voice you were born with before the world took it away. I don't believe you have to create a voice that sounds great, you have one.  What
Welcome to the show! Today I've got an amazing guest with me and we are talking all about getting visible.   No matter what your profession, the time is now to get visible in podcast episodes, video, social media, and even the news. Allie Ma
Welcome to the show. What in the world am I talking about today?  Something that you might vehemently reject!  You can't read the room.  You can't.  You can't let the audience and what you think they are thinking to determine how you are going
Welcome to the show! I’ve got a great episode for you today. Often times we are blindsided by life.  I often talk about our inability to control the outcome.  Every single moment of tragedy and triumph, how we use our voice is a part of our j
Welcome to the show.  You are in for quite a treat today! With me on the show is my amazing friend, April Meese who is an incredibly talented businesswoman who can teach you how to take your business to the next level in big ways. Today, Apri
Welcome to the show! In pillar one of Psychology of the Voice, I unearth the stories that are holding you back, eradicate the drivers that are calling the shots on how you use your voice. When the stories are unearthed and we work from the pl
Welcome to the show! I've got a great guest with me today and we are going to be talking about mindful communication. I talk about communication, especially from the Psychology of the Voice perspective and the literal voice perspective but my
Welcome to the show. One of the things I've been told a lot in this work is that I really take things away from people that they no longer need in their voice. I agree.  I call it taking you back to one, back to the place before you put up al
Welcome to the show! Today, we are talking about your greatest asset.  Yes, you have a lot of great assets but the one in which we determine everything about you, the one in which you have the power to make me feel, compel me to take action, i
Welcome to the show! If you aren't commanding the presence you want, captivating your listener, or stopping the scroll, it's possible your past is the problem. It might not make any sense that your past has anything to do with your present vo
Welcome to the podcast! If you are not ending your sentences with a full stop, owning what you are saying, and commanding the space then this episode is for you.  Emphatic endings are something I hear a lot of people struggle with.  Full stop
Welcome to the show! If you are curious about how to intuitively navigate your life and business then you don’t want to miss what my very special guest Carrie Hamm has to say. Carrie is a student of mine and today she and I are talking about
Welcome to the show! Are you holding back when it comes to using your voice?  You might not think so b/c you are showing up, being visible.  For some of you, you know you are holding back when it comes to your full expression. When it comes t
Words, and more words…do you feel like you have to say all the words in order to get what you want?  If you do or if you find that you are giving all the value to the words and expecting them to do the work for you, then you don’t want to miss
If you think needing to have a good voice is just for actors, you don’t want to miss my conversation today with Chris DeBlasio.  Chris is a television and film executive producer; public speaker and branding expert and he understands how critic
If you are focused on the words, getting the words right, and not creating an experience with your voice, you are missing over a third of your audience and countless opportunities. Today on the podcast I’m going to discuss using your voice to
If you are doing all the things and still not making the revenue or creating the following you want, then it’s time to look at your voice. In today’s episode, I want to talk to you about your greatest asset to compel people to take the action
Learn how to do just one take and make it impactful when you record videos or solo podcast episodes. Most people do more than one take and what they don’t realize is that they are making their delivery worse with every take. In today’s episod
If you are struggling to find your purpose or if you want to find a deeper purpose within your purpose, then you don’t want to miss what my guest John Ramstead has to say today.  John is an expert in the leadership realm and his understanding o
Welcome to the show. In today’s episode, you are going to learn just where you are on the voice trajectory timeline.  Are you confident, captivating or controlled and commanding?  Find out what your voice is saying about you. When you finish
Welcome to the show! Wish you knew how to get your business to 7 figures or higher?  Maybe you just want to get to the next level without working more hours.  Today’s guest on the show, Jessica Fearnley, is the expert when it comes to scali
Welcome to the Show! I'm excited to talk to you today about something I've not talked about before.  Meaning...what is the meaning you are giving things? This is a Psychology of the Voice principle that limits the impact you make with your vo
Welcome to the show! If you are not a rambler, I bet you know someone who is! In today's episode, I'm talking about why you ramble on and on.   There is a reason and it's all in your Psychology of the Voice. We don't know what you know. We
Welcome to the show! Far too many people think they are showing up as the best version of themselves but they are not. What is authentic anyway? Well, it's showing me who you are, all the bits of you I call it and it's in your voice. Do you
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