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219. Dear Black Women - An Overdue and Provocative Conversation Among Friends

Released Monday, 12th April 2021
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Don't save him, cause he don't wanna be saved.
Early Friday morning, an article from Rebecca Stevens A. on Medium, a site for amazing writers, hit my phone.  
It is entitled, "Is it True What They Say about Sex With Black Girls?" Read it here: https://medium.com/illumination-curated/is-it-true…
I immediately thought, "What do 'they' say?", as I read the article. I know what I've experienced; however, I wanted to hear what someone else who lived mostly outside of the United States experienced. Would we be similar? Would we be different? 
We had a similar experience as black girls growing up.
The article resonated with me and it resonated with Ashley, my co-host. We are, indeed, two spectacular, single black women navigating a cruel world courageously.  
I immediately alerted Ashley and this podcast episode was born.  
Wait, let me back up... it's not really an episode as much as it is an experience to be had and savored, if you can stand the heat.  
We provide a 30 minute warmup prior to diving into the deep, and I'm warning you that we go deep. 
There are many words that people who are NOT black women use to describe us.  I say it's time to take back the narrative and the power from those who do not walk in our shoes.  

As we continue Season 2: Relationships, Passions, Obsessions - this episode promises to be one of the most provocative yet.  
We challenge YOU to tune in, take notes and give us feedback.

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