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CP007: aweSUM() – Overview of SUM functions in Excel

Released Thursday, 1st May 2014
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In the 7th session of Chandoo.org podcast, lets make you aweSUM().

Imagine for a second that Excel cannot add up numbers. And no it cant subtract them either. What would that look like?

A glorified Notepad. That's right. Excel's ability to add up numbers, along with features like formulas, charts, pivot tables & BHATTEXT() are what make it such a lovely software. May be not the BHATTEXT(), but we all agree that Excel is so versatile and useful because it can add up numbers (and perform other calculations) with ease.

But how well do you know the SUM formulas of Excel?

In this podcast, you will learn,

  • Special personal fruit announcement :P

  • + operator

  • Status bar & total rows in tables

  • Auto Sum feature

  • SUM() function

  • SUMIFS function

  • Special cases of SUMIFS function

  • SUBTOTAL & AGGREGATE functions

  • Other summing functions - SUMPRODUCT etc.

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