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How completely are you able to forgive? Are you aware of how much of your life you’re really taking responsibility for? Where in your life do you still feel like a victim? Learn about radical forgiveness and how to stop playing the victim. To l
Do you know why you accumulate clutter? Are you aware of what it means to declutter your spiritual life? What does God say about clutter? Learn about letting go of spiritual clutter. To learn how Julie can support you: https://reawakenyourbrill
Do you wonder how clutter affects your brain? Are you aware of what your clutter says about you? How can decluttering your space make you healthier and happier? Learn how to declutter your life. To learn how Julie can support you: https://reawa
Do you wonder what is considered clutter? How do you know if you have too much clutter? What should you not do when decluttering? Learn how to clear physical clutter. To learn how Julie can support you:   Cer
Happy 400th Episode!    Are you truly aware of the different kinds of clutter you have in your life? Do you know you need to clear some clutter and just need some guidance to get started? Have you desired to learn a little more about yourself?
Do you need new ways to take a mental break throughout the day? Are you looking for some professional advice without the professional cost? Have you found it hard to express what you’re feeling? Learn how to declutter your mind. More about Nata
Do you feel overwhelmed or spacey a lot? Are you aware of what’s gunking up your aura? How can what’s in your personal space be affecting you in your life? Learn to clear some energetic clutter in your personal space. To learn how Julie can sup
Do you cringe every month when all of your bills come due? Are you worried about how you’d cover an emergency? Have you found yourself feeling like you’re going to spend the rest of your life paying off interest and never feeling like you’ll br
Are you ready to take action on clearing stuff out of your home but overwhelmed where to start? Does the thought of decluttering your possessions make you want to stop before you start? Want to have an uncluttered space but you want to do what’
Have you gone through a crisis and it took you a long time to bounce back? Do you feel that life’s little things become a much bigger bump in the road for you? Are you challenged when faced with changes in your life? Learn to become more resili
Have you ever been targeted by someone, or a group because you’re considered different? Do you see people who have greater physical or social power using it to their advantage? Are you the victim of bullying and not sure what you can do to stop
What behaviors do you keep repeating even if you know they’re bad? Are you aware of your patterns and how they’re affecting you? How can you see some of your not-so-great actions, like anxiety, as gifts? Learn tips for clearing our patterns. Be
Happy Earth Day! A special today with a review of Meori products: reusable grocery bags and foldable boxes to help you get organized! I'm not an affiliate but you can get 15% off with the code organize2021 good throughout 2021. To learn more: h
Do you feel out of sorts but not sure what needs to change? What challenges are you facing that are keeping you stuck? Are you really clear about what matters most? Learn how to begin again at any time.   To learn how Julie can support you: htt
What are energetic archetypes? How easily can your spiritual body get permeated? Are you aware of other people’s energy that might be in your space? Learn tips for creating healthy energetic boundaries with Mara Bishop. To learn more about Mara
Are you always excited and willing to learn and change or do you find yourself comfortable with the status quo? When life doesn’t exactly work out as you hoped are you able to embrace a new dream? Do you find yourself embarrassed or perhaps fru
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I have created a channel on Patreon. If you're looking for some affordable coaching as well as Podcast extras, please consider joining my channel. If we get something
How much delight do you have in your life? Are you feeling the zest in everyday living? Would you like to avoid journeying down the primrose path yet still find lots of satisfaction? Learn ways to bring more bliss and pleasure into your life. T
Do you have stuff sitting in boxes in your basement that you’ve never opened but you can’t part with them because they belonged to someone you loved? Have you found yourself running out of space because you can’t seem to let go of stuff? Are yo
The theme this month is all you need is love. Where do you need love right now? What can you do in this moment to show yourself love? To learn how Julie can support you:   Certified life coach, author & award
Have you been told that you’re too emotional and feel too much? Do you find yourself in pain or feeling hurt when you see others suffering? When someone says something unkind does it feel like a shot to your heart? Learn to embrace your sensiti
When someone gives you a compliment do you bat it away or welcome it with open arms? Do you find yourself giving a lot but not getting much in return? Are you longing to find more love and acceptance in your life and struggling to know how? Lea
Have you experienced not expressing your anger and then becoming depressed? Are you afraid of what you may unleash if you feel your rage? How can you see anger as a healing emotion rather than a negative one that needs to be controlled? Learn m
Do you find yourself desiring to live life more intentionally? Have you considered daily rituals as a way to clear your clutter? What different rites can you begin to enhance your life? Learn more about intentional living with rituals. To learn
What’s in store for 2021? What messages do the cards have for you? Have you been looking for a sign and open to hearing or seeing one? Contemplate and enjoy messages from the oracle cards. Learn how Julie Can Support You: https://reawakenyourbr
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