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The CocoaConf Podcast features members of the iOS and OS X community offering tips, insight, facts, and opinions for other iOS and OS X developers. You'll recognize many of the voices from the popular CocoaConf conference series.

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Cesare talks to Anastasiia Voitova about security and encryption. Links mentioned by Anastasiia Stanfy Books recommended by Josh Smith (@kognate) SWIFT ALGORITHMS and Datastructures Algorithms in C++ Conference mentioned by Chris CodeMash Playgrounds dotSwift Mac Admin & Developer Conference …

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Cesare talks to Natasha about being a software developer while living abroad. Towards the end, the two end up in Napa for a glass of wine and the conversation gets personal. Links mentioned by Natasha Nomadic Matt try! Swift Josh Smith recommended The Little Schemer and Virtual Machines. Chris …

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Cesare talks to Ally Kazmucha about the struggle that designers and developers go through when they want to “talk to the press”. Towards the end, the two go out for a drink and the conversation gets personal. Chris Adamson with upcoming conferences. Chris blogs at [Time code];. Conferences he …


Cesare talks to TJ Usiyan about Chordal Text, an app for harmonic analysis that he released recently. As it is customary, during the conversation the two get thirsty, and head out for a drink. That’s when the conversation gets acquainted. Chris Adamson with upcoming conferences. Chris blogs …

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