Coding Blocks

A Software How-To and Technology podcast featuring Joe Zack and Allen Underwood
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jCartee reviewed this podcast on Aug 10th, 2018
"The Top Coding Podcast This show is great. If your interested in any aspect of coding I would highly recommend. The topics covered sometimes cover specific topic in specific languages however a majority of conversation cover ideas and patterns around managing data solutions, class interactions, and designing how business logic flows though an application. As well as general rants about bad practices, insane ideas on how to organize your classes, and hardware that will have you reaching for your wallet."
Madsn reviewed this podcast on May 1st, 2018
"Perfect balance of entertaining and educational."
rmquist reviewed this podcast on Dec 12th, 2017
"Always interesting and gives me something to think about. 3 regular developers sharing their experiences and trying to find better ways to design and develop software. Well worth investing some of your podcast listening-time "
martinsmith1968 reviewed this podcast on Oct 27th, 2017
"First time listener - great show and I've now got to go and listen to some back casts to catch up with some of the other interesting topics you guys have covered. You guys just made my 10 ;-)"
Medardas reviewed this podcast on Oct 14th, 2017
"Great podcast! Since know you value suggestions, here's mine: Although it doesn't seem to be an exact format of the podcast, but having a guest to interview from time to time would bring more variety to show among other things. In any case, keep up a good work!"
jzack2000 reviewed this podcast on Oct 6th, 2017
"Love it, but I'm biased!"
ArleneAndrews reviewed this podcast on Oct 3rd, 2017
"This is a podcast I found from a list on Free Code Camp. Being a self-taught programmer, this is a great way to get a look at the tools, and the issues, that may come up in the work world. I started on the "Clean Code" series, and my impression was "Where is this information in all of the classes?!" They do an excellent job of presenting not only to experienced developers, but to those of us starting out, as well."
kritner reviewed this podcast on Oct 2nd, 2017
"My favorite podcast! Joe, Allen, and Michael have great rapport! Every episode we dive into an interesting topic presented at a great "elevation" be it in the trees, or at that 30,000 foot view; all the while being entertaining and funny to boot!"
GaProgMan reviewed this podcast on Sep 18th, 2017
"An exceptionally detailed, yet easy to follow podcast. The hosts (Allen, Michael and Joe) take complex topics that a modern developer really should know and break them down into easy to follow chunks, injecting humour along the way."
dance2die reviewed this podcast on Aug 5th, 2017
"Coding Blocks is hosted by three guys (Allen Underwood, Joe Zach, Michael Outlaw) talking about technology as you would with your friends and colleagues. The podcast format is to discuss and help each other learn what they know/experienced. Listening to Coding Blocks leave you feeling content as if you had a great technical conversation with them."
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