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Coding Blocks - Patterns, Architecture, Best Practices, Tips and Tricks for Software, Database, and Web Developers / Engineers

A Technology podcast

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Pragmatic talk about software design best practices: design patterns, software architecture, coding for performance, object oriented programming, database design and implementation, tips, tricks and a whole lot more.

You'll be exposed to broad areas of information as well as deep dives into the guts of a programming language. Most topics discussed are relevant in any number of Object Oriented programming languages such as C#, Java, Ruby, PHP, etc.. All three of us are full stack web and database / software engineers so we discuss Javascript, HTML, SQL and a full spectrum of technologies and are open to any suggestions anyone might have for a topic. So please join us, subscribe, and invite your computer programming friends to come along for the ride.

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Joe learns of our harebrained idea, Michael learns of Eisenhower’s matrix, and Allen explains polyfills as we begin our dive into Uncle Bob’s latest book, Clean Architecture. Prefer to read these show notes on something other than your podcast player? You can find the full show notes for this epis...

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Allen brings the dad jokes, Michael unplugs, and Joe gets a second wind as we discuss the anti-patterns found in object oriented programming. Having difficulty reading these show notes via your podcast player? You can find this episode’s full show notes at http://www.codingblocks.net/episode67. Sp...

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It’s time for another episode as Joe wants to choke a developer, Michael scraps his new social networking platform, and Allen finally learns of dad jokes while we continuing the anti-patterns conversation. Using your podcast player to read this? Find this episode’s full show notes at http://www.co...

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We’ve discussed design patterns too much. Now it’s time for some discussion about anti-patterns as Joe has dark visions about robots, Allen has to take sensitivity training, and Michael picks Arial. Reading these notes via your podcast player? You can find this episode’s full show notes at http://...

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More Domain Driven Design talk this week: Supple Design, Declarative(ish?) Programming, and Ohio Envy. Sponsors FreshBooks.com/Coding – Use code “CODING BLOCKS” in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section GetAirbrake.com/cb Linode – Use code “CODINGBLOCKS17” for $20 towards hosting (up to four mo...

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