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Coding Blocks - Patterns, Architecture, Best Practices, Tips and Tricks for Software, Database, and Web Developers / Engineers

A Software How-To, Technology and Education podcast

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Pragmatic talk about software design best practices: design patterns, software architecture, coding for performance, object oriented programming, database design and implementation, tips, tricks and a whole lot more.

You'll be exposed to broad areas of information as well as deep dives into the guts of a programming language. Most topics discussed are relevant in any number of Object Oriented programming languages such as C#, Java, Ruby, PHP, etc.. All three of us are full stack web and database / software engineers so we discuss Javascript, HTML, SQL and a full spectrum of technologies and are open to any suggestions anyone might have for a topic. So please join us, subscribe, and invite your computer programming friends to come along for the ride.

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Michael can’t tell higher from lower, Allen puts his views where he wants them, and Joe snaps it to a Slim Jim as we discuss how to make our architectures scream while discussing Robert C. Martin’s Clean Architecture. To read these notes on something other than your podcast player, you can find thes...

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It’s time for another deep dive into Robert C. Martin’s Clean Architecture as Allen warns us about driving in front of him, Joe tries to describe a diagram again, and Michael can’t understand the survey results. Using your podcast player to read this? Head to https://www.codingblocks.net/episode74 t...

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Joe drinks too much coffee, Allen spits his coffee out, and Michael feels vindicated as the discussions about Robert C. Martin’s latest book, Clean Architecture, continues. Reading these show notes via your podcast player? Want to read them on a bigger screen? You can find this episode’s full show n...

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Joe baits Michael, Michael takes the bait, and Allen lets it happen, as Uncle Bob explains how we can quantify the coupling between our components from his latest book, Clean Architecture. Tired of reading these show notes on the small screen of your favorite podcast player? Find this episode’s full ...

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Joe is down with OCP, Michael argues DRY, and Allen deletes our show notes as we dig into Components and Component Cohesion from Robert C. Martin’s (aka Uncle Bob) Clean Architecture. If you’re reading these show notes via your podcast player, head over to https://www.codingblocks.net/episode71 to c...

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