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Episode from the podcastColor Speak: Unveiling Truth for Light

Color Speak, Episode 24, Escaping the Shadow of Domestic Abuse with April Tribe Giauque

Released Friday, 14th May 2021
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Light is where you’ll find truth; truth is where you’ll find color.
Color is where you’ll find God.
Color is God. 
It’s his love for you.

It's what we speak to one another.

In the light.  And in the darkness too.
Because the love of God is found in both places, in all places, even in the shadows.

The light cannot be extinguished. It's always shining on us. It's what provides shadow. Are we, then, looking ahead, allowing our faces to shine in the light, or are we turning back to focus on our shadows?

We can’t stand in light while sheltering in the darkness, according to our next guest, who fought her way out of a place she describes as an abyss of abuse.

Past her own lurking shadow.

Okay, so this may sound cryptic, but it's actually pretty straight forward thinking. No matter what you've relegated to shadow, listening to this episode could prove beneficial. We all need reminders now and again to stay the course.

I'm going to be honest with you. Even when I was going through a similar battle, I wouldn't have been inclined to listen to a podcast about domestic abuse. It would have been to confirm something I wasn't ready to admit.

But it would have been to embrace the truth.

Maybe you're not ready. Maybe this subject matter doesn't apply to you.

But maybe it does. We all face battles.
Darkness comes for us all. But light prevails for all. We need only stand in it.

April Tribe Giauque used tiny pinpricks of light in inky heaviness to find hope that would grow in color.
Her story is, well, enthralling. And anytime we can celebrate a sister overcoming adversity to triumph in the light, we must do it!


Speaker, podcaster, and author of the books Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse; and Out of Darkness: Find, Fuel, and Live Your Light! April Tribe Giauque is the mother of nine children who is an absolute powerhouse.  Her motto is “Show Up Shining!” which, is certainly in sync with our platform here at COLOR SPEAK—because this is a place where we share our stories with the hope that we might encourage others to theirs.

You can reach her on FaceBook, or at [email protected], or AprilTribeGiauque.com