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Layne Norton on How to Diet to Your Leanest Body Yet

Released Friday, 13th December 2013
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Getting into "peak" shape at a specific time is much harder than you might think.

Whether you're preparing for a bodybuilding contest, a photo shoot, or just a personal goal, there are a lot of ways to mess up your diet and training before the big day.

In this podcast, you'll learn the most common mistakes people make when trying to reach their peak level of leanness, and how to avoid them. You'll also learn... 

  • How to deal with the psychological and emotional challenges of getting lean.

  • How to properly time your carbohydrate intake to look leaner

  • How to set and adjust your calorie intake during a "cut."

  • The truth behind water and salt manipulation.

  • Layne Norton's best tip to stay lean over the long-term.