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Back from hunting for a week up in Montana with some amazing people. It's hard not to feel recharged after spending time with a caliber/ quality group on a ranch living the good life. 
Lead, Don't Chase.It's something that a good friend and mentor said to me once and that he holds it close to when leading his business. I'm finding it strikingly relevant lately as I look into friendships, goals, business; and maybe most signif
People who do not truly know what Leadership is and cannot get away from their own personal interest/ ego should not be Leaders. Especially among the governing body of our Nation and responsible for the better good/ lives of citizens.Our Nation
I find it increasingly hard to figure out who to trust these days. Certainly not the media. Certainly not the Government.Whatever happened to Leadership. Like, true genuine Leadership?If there was anyone to be trusted it should be ourselves - t
Coming off a two week client engagement and on the back side of coming out of the 'crud' I am finally up and sharing some thoughts again.  I'm sharing how I look at Leadership from a certain lens of driving myself to be more.
Spending a few moments talking about making sure how I'm influenced supports who I am and what drives me.
Spent some time recently thinking about my needs, wants, and ability to deliver on friendship. Relationships are less than clean and there likely isn't any single blueprint given we are all different and think and value in our own manners. It f
Just finished up our annual fundraiser for our non-profit: and trying to sort through the fuzz I'm feeling. What a great success but it's hard not to feel a little empty and sad now that it is over. It always happens l
Back from a two week hiatus. Simply wrestling with the concepts of being consistent vs trying to force things at the expense of the authenticity that I'm pursuing.Conversation about putting negative energy into the world and how it returns. A f
Had a buddy of mine share an article and ask me some thoughts on this 'inner monster' Jordan Peterson and Jocko talked about on a recent podcast.Coincidentally, I had just gotten done talking to a guy I served with who was having some issues fe
A short conversation on how I am processing "goodbye instagram" or "quitting facebook".Maybe try controlling what you can instead of not accepting that you have no self control?Try these accounts out on [email protected]@[email protected]
If you can't listen to try to understand a position and appreciate the intent of what I'm trying to sort out - don't listen.
Sat down to record some loose ends and random thoughts from the past week and stumbled on a few themes that I processed aloud.Also,-Happy Birthday Chloe Amiya-Good luck with surgery Chriss-RIP Luis
Connor is the young man who I decided to write a book with. We jumped right into something kinda heavy when he made the comment "I'm scared to be normal" that I took exception with.Connor has his own podcast - 'Up Before You' and his own coffee
Working through a few days of focusing on some small disciplines of behavior and thought.As I built an Instagram post and was preparing the last few days to discuss the thoughts on this podcast tomorrow, I found myself this evening actually wor
Just getting back from a long road trip and I noticed a strange pattern with my 'day dreaming' spaces.Without giving too much of the conversation away; I want to develop triggers to be able to auto correct when I start entering a confrontationa
Spent the last week drifting in & out of three different thought patterns and find that they are actually woven together underneath.Day One, Dollar Zero podcast with Will and Eli
Been taking a few the past couple weeks to check in with myself to question if I am stuck in the cycle of self talk validation. With all the "cancel culture" things going on it's hard to know what to think or how to think it. Even using the phr
3 eggs in this one that are all intertwined for me this week...The Art of Gift GivingThe Silent ProfessionalFeedback vs OpinionThe Jordan B Peterson @jordan.b.peterson clip I was talking about and fumbling is from Feb 10 on IGTV. He did a podca
Haven't recorded in two weeks, but have been engaged with accomplishing a lot. Walking through the discussion to have some allowances for small gaps but overall net positive momentum.Current Book: "The Coddling of the American Mind" ~ Greg Luki
Wrestling the past few weeks with how others with great audacity, sense of self worth, maybe arrogance maybe ignorance can carry so much credibility. And, also how they can be subtly condescending.Most importantly, thinking through what respons
Mike has been a long time client turned friend turned 'Tree Fort Companion' over the past 5 years. He was in town for a beta run of Diesel Day 2 and we spent the better part of an hour catching up and recording some thoughts on what DD is about
Continued conversation w/ Alec from last week; Episode 3.2.We dig into questions concerning Identity, Consistency, Growth Mindset, Self Reflection, Rooftops, Special Forces, & Competition vs Collaboration.Hope you enjoy.
I'm excited to have my first guest after 90+ episodes spanning 2 years!A young man found himself at my house today eager to pose questions on life, leadership, & service as he prepares to accept a commission in the Marine Corps.I was fascinated
Happy(?) New Year AmericaTrying to sort out the great sadness that I can't fully articulate on this horrible day, Jan 6, 2021.The only thing Americans should be doing right now is sitting down and sorting out WTF and how did we lose ourselves t
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