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A daily Education, Science and Culture podcast featuring Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer
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Forrest Galante, host of “Extinct or Alive” on Animal Planet, explains how to become an adventurer, survive extreme conditions, and find extinct animals. Then, you’ll learn about how “cryptomnesia” can make you plagiarize without realizing it.
Captains Keith Colburn and Sig Hansen from the award-winning documentary series “Deadliest Catch” share some surprising science lessons from the fishing world. Plus: learn about the psychology behind “sour grapes.” When people can't get someth
Learn why the phrase “money can’t buy happiness” isn’t always true. Then, learn how different generations write differently online, with some help from internet linguist and author Gretchen McCulloch. Please support this episode’s sponsor! Get
Learn about what you can do to remember more of your dreams. You’ll also learn about the difference between internet language and regular language, in the first edition of our “Hashtag Tuesdays” mini-series with internet linguist Gretchen McCul
Learn about why there’s no patent for the polio vaccine; a hypothesis that says a black hole would incinerate you; and what causes “Alexander’s band,” the dark strip of sky inside a double rainbow. Please support our sponsors! Get two months o
Mind reading tricks can be unnerving, but they don't have to be as scary as some people think they are. Mentalist Jonathan Pritchard explains how he convinces people he can read minds by using the same psychological techniques employed by sales
Explorers Justin Fornal and Emiliano Ruprah from the Science Channel’s “Unexplained and Unexplored” discuss the surprising roles that maps have played throughout history. You’ll also learn about why people fidget. We're nominated for an award!
Learn how quitting smoking helps mental health; how to avoid over-practicing; and how to get people to believe science. Quitting smoking is good for your mental health, too by Steffie Drucker Cochrane Review finds stopping smoking is linked to
From Animal Planet comes a new podcast, Dogs 101, where you'll get a rundown of all your favorite dog breeds. Check out the first episode, "Puppies" here. Is there a biological reason why humans are drawn to puppies? How long does a canine pre
Learn why robots should look like cartoons; why more access to an opioid antidote doesn't make people think heroin is safe; and why dishwashers make knives less sharp. More from Ruth Aylett, professor of computer science at Heriot-Watt Univers
Learn why you act irrationally when your freedom is threatened; why you spend more with your credit card than you do when you use cash; and how statisticians calculate the probability of dying from something. The stories in this episode origin
Learn about how atheists and believers have different moral compasses; how scientists will know if life ever existed on Mars; and how to persuade people to do what you want using the foot-in-the-door technique.  Atheists and believers both hav
Learn about why small talk is important for coworkers during the workday; why gossip is actually pretty good for you; and how some frogs survive the winter by literally becoming “frogcicles.”  Small talk during the workday is crucial, and remo
Learn about how disgusting sights literally turn your stomach; and why tattoos are permanent. Then, play along at home as we test your podcast knowledge in this month’s edition of the Curiosity Challenge trivia game. Disgusting sights literall
Learn about a new discovery about STEVE, the weird streak of color in the Canadian skies; how a “wind phone” in Otsuchi, Japan, helped thousands cope with grief after losing their loved ones; and why we judge others more harshly than we judge o
Learn about the benefits of laughter yoga with the founder of the laughter club movement, Dr. Madan Kataria. You’ll also learn about a major breakthrough in the way scientists are searching for dark matter. This new dark-matter detection metho
Learn about why you can have an emotional reaction to music even when it’s not being played; how people have been performing brain surgery for thousands of years; and why some bathroom light switches are outside the room.  People can have emot
Learn about how you can de-clutter your life with the Swedish concept of döstädning, or “death cleaning.” Then, learn about how Alfred Russel Wallace, the “other” scientist who discovered natural selection. Use Swedish Death Cleaning to Declut
Learn about how quitting smoking may reawaken healthy cells; how researchers figured out how to tell the age of crime scene fingerprints to help investigators; and why you sometimes yawn while exercising or singing.  Quitting smoking doesn’t j
Learn about whether people think in words or in pictures; why brussels sprouts really are tastier than they used to be; and why buying luxury items might make you feel like an impostor. Whether People Think in Words or Pictures by Ashley Hamer
Learn about the shocking prevalence of torture scenes in movies; why durian, the world’s smelliest fruit, smells so bad; and where mold comes from. Torture is prevalent and effective in movies (but not in real life) by Kelsey Donk Torture Prev
Learn about how speed listening to podcasts (or "podfasting") affects our emotions; the health differences between white and brown rice; and the time pi was once almost legally changed to 3.2. Speed listening’s effects on emotion by Ashley Ham
Learn about why bats are the source of so many deadly virus outbreaks; and the surprisingly strong influence older siblings can have on their brothers and sisters — just in time for Siblings Day. Then, test your knowledge from this podcast with
Learn about how we know that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs. We’ll also talk to social psychologist and author Devon Price about how laziness might actually benefit us. The Epic Tale of the 5th Mass Extinction (Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary)
Learn about why it’s relaxing to breathe in through your nose and the first woman who’s ever been struck by a meteor. We’ll also answer a listener question about why smacking electronics helps to make them work again. Why do relaxation exercis
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