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Ash Cash Talks Financial Education

Released Thursday, 1st October 2020
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Financial empowerment and Hip-Hop are two things we love to talk about on Day 1 Radio, so it's only right that we have the one and only Ash Cash as our guest this week. Cash is the author of many books that focus on financial literacy, often using Hip-Hop culture as the vehicle. Here he talks about his journey from Harlem's St. Nicholas projects to working up the ranks of Chase bank to eventually becoming an entrepreneur and best-selling author and dropping gems along the way.

2:05 - Ash Cash gets into how he chose the path of financial education. He talks about his first jobs growing up in Harlem that included his first banking job at age 19 and eventually becoming a financial adviser. That experience led to him writing his first book "Mind Right, Money Right."
8:30 - Ash Cash talks about making $60K in his twenties and how that was actually a "disaster" for him. Here he talks about the challenge of managing money at a young age and the lessons he learned. He also talks about having to live with a double consciousness while working in corporate America and how that eventually led to him leaving it.
13:00 - Ash Cash gets into his next "disaster" leaving his plush job to work for himself and then having to get a job again. Here he talks about how even though he wrote his first book and was making TV appearances, he wasn't making the same amount of money despite having the same lifestyle and bills to pay. He also talks about the bounce back.
16:15 - Ash Cash shares his perspective on saving vs. investing and why he thinks "and" is better than "or." He also shares his perspective on paying off debts and the "debt-free lifestyle."
21:05 - Ash Cash shares some tools that everyone has access to learn financial literacy. He also talks about his line of books that use music and lyrics from Kanye West, Jay Z, and Nipsey Hussle to teach financial literacy. He also talks about why it makes sense now more than ever to share these books with so many people in Hip Hop growing up now. Ash Cash explains why he thinks real estate and writing books are the best ways to create passive income.
33:30 - Ash Cash talks about "The Ash Cash" show that he hosts on weekday mornings and he felt it was important to offer financial information in a way that actually excites people. 
37:10 - Ash Cash talks about "banking Black" and why he actually champions credit unions more than banks.
40:00 - Ash Cash is currently on what he calls a "weight release" journey. Here he talks about how the COVID pandemic led to him living a healthier lifestyle. He also shares his Top 5 Jay Z albums.
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