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Episodes of Dictators

In 1934, a beloved anti-imperialist guerrilla in Nicaragua was betrayed and executed by a National Guard commander. General Anastasio Somoza García seized power, establishing his own political party and steadily cementing his rule before formin
What if Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. So Wrong? On season 2 of Impostors, Abby Ellin tells the story of one conman who entangled his lovers, friends, family, and coworkers in an identity fraud scheme that stretched all the way to the Pentagon. 
Efraín Ríos Montt's time as leader of Guatemala was brief, but bloody. Under his tenure, he oversaw arguably some of the most ruthless fighting of the three-decade-long civil war. He was determined to see it come to an end — even if that meant
Listeners, today we’re bringing you the first episode from the newest true crime Spotify Original from Parcast. Every Thursday on Disappearances, host Sarah Turney examines the most urgent mysteries in the world — cases where people seemingly v
In 1954, the CIA overthrew the democratically elected Guatemalan president, ushering in a series of brutal military dictators and a decades-long civil war. This was the backdrop to Efraín Ríos Montt’s rise to power — an ascent that saw him dete
For thirty years, Trujillo’s corrupt regime came at the expense of the people. He hoarded funds from the treasury, and enacted a campaign of terror — first against his own citizens, then against Haitian immigrants, and finally against enemies l
When the U.S. occupied the Dominican Republic at the turn of the century, Rafael Trujillo saw an opportunity to advance in life. He joined the military and learned from the U.S. Marines, and when turmoil hit the small island nation, Trujillo cu
In this four-part series from Solved Murders, we’re looking at when good times went bad — starting with an episode on New York City’s legendary partygoers, the Club Kids, and the grisly murder that rocked their community in the ‘90s. Listen to
After an ascendant rise to the papacy, Pope Leo X began draining the massive treasury left by his predecessor. The nonstop feasting and over-the-top festivities were partly strategic, mostly indulgent, and at the root of a controversy that woul
Giovanni de' Medici was a shrewd strategist who became pope before the age of 40. As a cardinal, he ended the Medicis’ exile in Florence, returning the dynasty to their seat of power. As pope, he would nearly bankrupt the Vatican — and upend th
Australia may be vast, but the horrors are hiding around every corner... Welcome to Crime Down Under, a true crime series featuring the most infamous cases in Aussie history. Listen to an exclusive clip from the first episode right here, then f
Seated atop the papal throne, Pope Julius II was determined to bring order along the Italian Peninsula by any means necessary. For years, the region had seen invasion after invasion by nascent foreign powers. Julius made it his mission to bring
Later nicknamed ‘The Warrior Pope,’ Giuliano della Rovere had always nurtured visions of personal glory. As a young man and newly elected cardinal, he believed he could obtain that glory on the battlefield. But he was constantly embroiled in fe
Imagine living with a secret so big, if anyone were to find out, it would change everything. From love affairs and fake identities to heists and murder — do you think you could take a secret like that to the grave? Discover the most explosive t
Now wearing the papal tiara, Pope Alexander VI was determined to root out the corruption that had plagued Rome and the Vatican. But as his papacy continued, rumors began to spread that the Spanish pope was guilty of his own corruption, murder,
They’re some of the most iconic figures of all time, celebrated in death for their individual achievements and impact on society. But in life, the relationships they kept tell a different story — one of unexpected connections that yielded extra
Elevated into power by his uncle, Pope Calixtus III, Rodrigo Borgia became instrumental in settling affairs throughout the Papal States. As a cardinal, he orchestrated the election of popes for decades — all the while biding his time before mak
By 1913, Talaat Pasha was one third of a military triumvirate and the de facto leader of the Ottoman Empire. This episode covers his alliance with Germany during WWI, the Battle of Gallipoli, and the Armenian Genocide. When the Central Powers w
This summer, sift through the files of America’s most covert organization in a special collection from Parcast Network. From secret alliances to global cover-ups, uncover the cold, hard facts and unproven theories surrounding the CIA. Listen to
After the Fall of Constantinople, the Ottomans became the most powerful dynasty in existence. But the great empire began to decline, and in the early 20th century, a leader named Talaat and a group of radical nationalists worked to remove the i
Early successes gave way to embarrassing defeats as Franz Joseph I was outsmarted by savvier leaders on the world stage. In 1914, when his successor was assassinated in Serbia, Franz declared war — and within weeks, the first World War had begu
Ashley Flowers explores 15 of the world’s worst crimes in the new Spotify Original from Parcast, International Infamy. The first episode takes you to Mexico and the true story of Juana Barraza — a pro wrestler who became a serial killer known a
With revolution spreading, the young Franz Joseph I succeeded to the throne of the Habsburg Dynasty in 1848. The new emperor set to work crushing an insurrection in Hungary, negotiating with the King of Prussia, and ensuring his rule would be a
With the newly formed Free Congo State in his possession, Leopold II was determined to extract all the ivory and rubber he could. But in the process, his colonial agents wreaked havoc on the indigenous people, slaughtering, torturing, and ensla
Revisit ten of the worst fathers in true crime history in this special collection from Parcast Network. From the father who turned his son into a spy, to the dad whose long business trips turned out to be mafia hits, these dads will definitely
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