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After their underground travails the group reach a truly unbelievable spot. And have a difficult decision to make… This episode is sponsored by Dice Dungeon UK. Head over to their website at https://www.dicedungeon.co.uk to look at their amazin
Join our merry band of increasingly beleaguered idiots as they try and get out of a hole. Literally. And figuratively. We’re clever like that.⁣ This episode is sponsored by Dice Dungeon UK. Head over to their website at https://www.dicedungeon.
We wander to in to a sort of season two, but really a final season one arc as our exhausted adventurers confront more than one of the big bads in the warren, mere ingredients away from completing the Devil Spice! This episode is sponsored by D
The fitting, exciting and hard-earned conclusion of our adventure in Ixalan is here! Featuring nibbly fish, questionable heroics and even more shapeshifting dino antics. Yeah, that’s right- nibbly fish. We know what you like.⁣ This episode is
Watch out this week for pack tactics, lightning bolts, dust devils (not the vacuum kind) and dinosaurs. Yes you read it right, NOT the vacuum kind. This episode is sponsored by Dice Dungeon UK. Head over to their website at https://www.dicedu
The squad fight a familiar, and powerful, foe this week. Between parrying blows they still find the time to impersonate a Siren, discuss the finer points of divine intervention in a baking competition and sound more than a bit like Dolph Lundgr
Join us as we continue our post season interlude, Off Menu! The crew continue their voyage to the mystical world of Ixalan on the orders of the Legion of Dusk. This week the pirates experience the mean-end of our crew as they flex their fancy a
Welcome to our new mini series, Off Menu! Join our crew as they take a voyage to the mystical world of Ixalan on the orders of the Legion of Dusk. After a lively start, things go exactly as you’d expect for a party made up of a goblin, a vampir
The newly enlarged squad make their way into the unknown this episode. Needless to say, the unknown isn’t best pleased to see them, and it’s not afraid to show it. We’ll say no more except it’s a bit fighty, a bit funny, and a lot exciting. So
Our chicken-inclined team set about looting the magmafall. A certain sun-one could use a little less Amaunator, and a little more guidance! Love dice? So do we! That’s why we’ve teamed up with Dice Dungeon UK. Visit https://www.thedicedungeon.c
Ingredients to make today’s episode: mix one lubed up tiefling with a holy pilgrimage. Add lava and sprinkle with Magmins. Serve (very) hot, ideally with an owl. Love dice? So do we! That’s why we’ve teamed up with Dice Dungeon UK. Visit https:
Our intrepid chicken wing adventuring crew are nearing the conclusion of the Devil Spice recipe. They just need a little bit of angel spear, and it's at the top of that waterfall. Only thing is, there are a couple of familiar-sounding zealots i
Deep in the cavern of the Cradle of the Ninth, the Dragon Wings crew parley with the deep gnomes, tussle with inner conflict and get ever-closer to compiling the final chicken wing spice rub mix... Next to a big lava waterfall. For flavour. Lov
Hey folx! We’ve gone into lockdown in the UK (again) so we’re having to make some changes to our release schedule. Ian is here to tell you more! Want to console us on social media? Head over to Twitter (@dragonwingspod) or Instagram (@dragon_wi
The crew start this episode in the same style as they ended the last one: badly. Not to be put off, they seem to get back on track after a gentle enough meeting with some igneous gnomes and a spot of extreme fishing. Still, danger is never far
Question: What do you get it you put four idiots in the nerve centre of a magical castle run by a shadowy group of chicken enthusiasts hell bent on taking over the world? Answer: An absolute disaster. Pull up a chair/your headphones, and join t
In this weeks episode, our band of adventurers call upon every single one of their (limited) skills to complete their rescue mission. Expect intrigue, deception and chicken nuggets. Pop by and say hello on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) and Instagra
This episode starts exactly where you’d expect it: with our plucky band of heroes exploring the bio weaponry section of a chicken museum.  Following a brief interlude, they find themselves somewhere even weirder, and significantly more concerni
Nuggets, gravy, zombies and arson. That’s it. That’s the episode. You can find our friends The Dice Dungeon UK at https://www.thedicedungeon.co.uk to see everything they have to offer, and enter the code DragonWings at the checkout for a 10% di
After a desperate attempt to be sensible, the team head somewhere they really shouldn’t be this week. Via a meditation on chivalry, a mid combat buffet and a war crime of course. Because nothing is ever straightforward in the Dragon Wings Unive
In the midst of battle, the crew make their way to the research grill. Via a giant tree and a scary ladder. Obviously. After a couple of missteps, they start to hit their stride. Nothing gets sneaky, Osgerin gets singy, Jacob get knighty and Ca
We join the crew deep in battle with their undead enemies. Well we say battle, it’s more of a beating. Well we say beating, it’s more of a wholesale destruction. Will the Kings of Wings pull through this one? Find out, on this episode of Dragon
The arrival of the mysterious ship presents a grave threat to Mistress Millifander’s Kingdom. Despite the perilous situation, the crew immediately test the old adage ‘never split the party.’ Learning really isn't their forte. We have partnered
Handheld cannons! Fighting Dwarves! Unchecked father son emotion! Ziplines! After a well deserved long rest, the team get into a terrible pickle. Honestly, you'd think they'd learn. But they dont. Ever. We have partnered up with the good folx o
Filled with horror and rage at the day‘s events, a mysterious religious order agree to help the crew. And by help we mean sort them right out. Join our not so merry band as they learn about the task ahead, do a spot of martial arts and encounte
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