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KellyGreen reviewed this podcast 7 days ago
"A very thoughtful and engaging podcast. I am always recommending this one to all my podcast listening friends as I consider it one of the best!"
setchkopf reviewed this podcast 19 days ago
"Fascinating and engaging. Really great hosts and stories from situations far removed from my own. "
addem reviewed this podcast on Mar 29th, 2019
"Compelling human stories, fascinating to learn what live is like inside, ... and a good motivation to pursue PRISON REFORM."
veritylistens reviewed this podcast on Sep 22nd, 2018
"I love this podcast. It's witty and sharp and thoughtful and big-hearted. In their own words, people incarcerated at San Quentin narrate their personal experiences of prison life, going from the practical things that we might take for granted, to deeper issues such as parenting, gender and sex trafficking."
pbriggin reviewed this podcast on Jul 5th, 2018
"A real look into the sobering reality of prison life... highly recommend. "
Astigpgriff reviewed this podcast on Jul 6th, 2017
"Creative concept. Real inmates in jail doing a podcast about prison."
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