Elite: Escape Velocity

An Audio Drama, Science Fiction and Video Games podcast

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A new full-cast science fiction audio adventure, inspired by the upcoming game Elite: Dangerous and drawing on the legacy of Elite 2: Frontier.

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Thane brings evidence of slave smuggling and illegal technology to the Federation, but Dallas is close at hand. Last in series.

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There will be a daytime celebration of EV to coincide with the release of the final episode on the 4th Dec 2016. Listen for details!

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Thane and crew track a clever and deadly smuggler across space, while Kurlek has fallen into the hands of Dallas - who reveals his obsession.

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Kurlek's EVA on an asteroid mine prison has left him pinned under a drill in the vacuum of space. Meanwhile, an intruder has boarded Commander Thane's ship - the last person anyone expected.

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The arrival of Dallas forces the crew to make tough decisions about how to proceed. Meanwhile, Kurlek faces the ramifications of his decisions.

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