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Guys in this EP we sit down with Joey Ahern of Free Form Shoes and talk about details and design and passion and need and entrepreneurship and marriage and a ton of other freaking things. This guys Kick Starter just went live and I'm telling y
In this EP we talk about the number 1 reason so many achievers, dreamer, and entrepreneurs fail. It's not a lack of money, or skill, or education, or customers or help. It's something that is felt over time, seen gradually, and before you know
Right now is the best time every to be ambitious. To really stand out in a world that frankly doesn’t want to be open. You can really stand out with quality, service, and experience easier than ever if you have the Attitude and Effort. In this
In this EP Brennan is back to talk about his definition of community and how he uses it to strengthen his life mentally spiritually and physically. Listen now to learn a little bit about community and why it is important to be a part of one. 
In this EP Kemet talks about the people he looks up to and looks to for inspiration. People say you are what you eat but I also believe we are a product of who we surround ourselves with. Listen in to find out how Kemet has channeled the energy
In this EP we sit down with Jen of Inspired Health and talk about three of the quickest and easiest foods you can eat to feel and perform your best. Look if you want an excuse to eat like crap, being in a hurry is the easiest, but eventually yo
Identity… such an interesting word with so much too unpack. In this EP we sit down with Brennan Kelly of Host and talk though how does your job, your family, and your spirituality define your identity. Quick note to the listener, this isn’t jus
In this episode we’re back with Brennan Kelly to talk about his take on goals. How to set goals, how to reach goals and the purpose behind the goals we set for ourselves. Enjoy!
In this shorten EP we ask Vaughn Kohler what his ability to prepare and create content has done from him professionally and personally. With everything in the world highlighting originality and being true to yourself, his answers might surprise
On this EP Brennan Freaking Kelly returns and I could not be more excited. This is the first of many EPs where the two of us are going to talk about topic like: Goals, Time Management, Health, Community, Mission, Values, Identity, Productivity,
You have a vision, but do you have a dead line? You have a rolodex of prospects, but do you have a network of support? You have momentum, but are you picking up speed. In this quick and powerful Q&A, Cory Scheer unpacks what he thinks are some
Its EP-233 and today we had the privilege of sitting down with Zach Arend, a friend we linked up with in 3rd company. Zach is a Business Coach in the Kansas City area, who focuses on simple concepts in this complex world to help Business Owners
If you haven’t already listened to EP - 069 “Tackling Tragedy with Tommy Saunders” be sure to do that. Tommy has known the highest of highs and lowest of lows. The man is amazing. Despite all he has been through and achieved he has never lost s
In this EP we got to sit down with one of the most motivated people on planet earth, Ben Newman.    Ben Newman, besides making it very clear that he is first and foremost a Husband and Father, is the Mental Strength coach for many high achiever
In this EP we sit down with Emerson Hodes and Cody Isabel and ask some of the basic questions I have regarding crypto currency. I, like a lot of you, have gone from “This stuff if a joke," to “Am I missing out on the next gold rush." I think th
Whats up podcast peeps in this episode we talk about the pressures of taking a stance on what we believe and the potential consequences that follow them. Learn more about Empowered Electric at: www.empoweredkc.com      
Nope… Life is way to freaking short to not say the things you need to say. Nope… I don’t mean telling that person off or cussing out your boss. I mean telling those people you’re proud of them. That you’re thankful for them. That You Love Them.
Asking for something  and not getting it is one of the hardest things you will face. It takes a lot fo courage to step out there and  tell someone  what you want, what you think you’re worth. To spill your guts and share your dreams… but just b
"Gosh dang it... I'm working so freaking hard but I'm not seeing the results that I know I want, what I deserve... why do I keep getting overlooked on this promotion, why can't I be a team lead, Am I dumb, Not good Enough, Whats Wrong with Me?"
In this EP we talk about one of the dopest guys I've meet in my life. Seth, this man is a living and breathing G.I. Joe. I learned so many lessons over the years from him and this is one of the most important. Thinking While Moving. Right now e
To be completely honest, I still have no idea if I could have turned right on red, but I do know that the world needs a little more KINDNESS, SYMPATHY, Less SMART A$$(ery) and a lot more COMPASSION. This is one of those moments that I’m going t
Guys there have been so many questions in regards to EP 219 W.I.N. that I had to record a part 2 talking about how to deal with your past and your future. This might hit a cord, this might make you feel uncomfortable, but I’m gonna tell you rig
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