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Neil Patel, Eating Dinner Like an Entrepreneur, and Visual Marketing – ES 022

Released Thursday, 19th September 2013
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Could the way you eat tell you about your productivity? In this Round 1, it seems Joe and Dan have cracked the code to it!  Don't miss this tasty treat of the showdown!
In Round 2, we discuss some of Neil Patel's, our guest, recent posts on visualization, copy-writing and more.  Did you know visualization in images can increase sales?  We discuss specific tips and tricks, and some might surprise you!
For the Main Event we bring on the Main Man of the Main Event, Neil Patel, to get his insights on what you can do to immediately increase conversions.  What should you be doing with images on your site? We also learn how Neil picks which images to use! (And no it's not always a pretty lady!)
BONUS: Listen to Neil Patel's Interview with our dawg Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income, you gotta hear it to believe it!
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How Our Approach to Dinner Describes our Productivity
7 Conversion Lessons Learned from Eye-Tracking
7 Simple Copywriting Tweaks that will Shoot Your Conversions Up
Timothy Sykes - BONUS : Mixergy interview with Timothy Sykes
MJ Demarco - Millionaire Fastlane  -  Check out the Fastlane Forum
Look at Andy Drish's Breakdown of Ramit's HUGE Sales Page
Quicksprout - Neil Patel's Site
Qualaroo - Sean Ellis' A/B Testing company
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This is Your Brain on Visualization
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