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Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie

A weekly Religion, Spirituality and Christianity podcast
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The western Church is facing a sizable challenge—a challenge that could easily split us as a body right down the middle. The question of the vaccine seems like such an odd intrusion into our world and decision-making. But, alas, here it is. Man
The enemy works through intimidation. But the Church mustn’t fall for his ancient schemes. This is the hour for the Church to freshly remember the strong tower in which they dwell and to freshly realize that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the an
The vaccine matter is a bigger challenge in the Church than many people these days realize. And that is due to the fact that, for many, it’s not a matter of mere preference to get it or not get, but of conviction. Conviction is a word that, whe
This message is doubling as both Eric Ludy’s Sunday sermon and the ninth installment in his epic fall Daily Thunder series  entitled, Daring to Do as Stanley Dale. In this particular episode he investigates the astounding spiritual courage and
This message is doubling as both a Sunday morning sermon for the Church at Ellerslie and the fifth episode in Eric Ludy’s epic fall Daily Thunder series, entitled Daring to Do as Stanley Dale, drawing on the boldness and bravery of the fearless
This message is a celebratory mixture of the 700th Daily Thunder episode, The Ellerslie Sunday sermon, and the kick-off day for our Fall 2021 5-week training. This is also the very first episode in Eric Ludy’s epic fall Daily Thunder series, en
Dogs have a special way of revealing to us dimensions of the Kingdom of Heaven that are hard to comprehend otherwise. One of those heavenly qualities that dogs uniquely demonstrate to us is that of doggedness. The word “dogged” is very apropos
The message of freedom in Christ Jesus has fallen out of favor in the modern Church system. The argument is that "freedom in Christ" is a promise bigger than God can deliver. Such a conclusion is the death knell of Christian vitality. When the
The American Church seems prone to melting in the day of battle instead of rising up strong and courageous. The work of the Cross supplies us an incredible resolution, a stability of the inner man to take bold steps forward into the fog and dif
In a generation actively engaged in reappraising the value of everything based on cultural correctness and personal whim, is it possible to know the actual value of anything? For instance, is a puddle of water as precious as a human being? Whos
As Christians, is it possible to know for certain that we are “in the faith”, or not? Paul exhorts us to “examine ourselves” to this very end — but what does such an examination look like? The book of 1st John supplies an amazing test for the C
The entire Bible is a battleground. But there are certain spots within the text that find themselves in a constant state of war and confusion. The city of Liege, Belgium is like this in and throughout war history — it seems to have a particular
According to Scripture our bodies have been bought with a price and they are no longer ours. Technically speaking, they belong to Jesus Christ. But many of us still attempt to live as if this is our life, our talents, our time, and our prerogat
We are in the midst of a spiritual battle. Even the theologically dubious seem to have been won over to this reality in this past year. There is an enemy and he desires the destruction of the Church. But, praise God, the enemy doesn’t just get
In an age of Christian mediocrity it is painfully difficult to aim for something higher and more robust in our Christian experience. We have a tendency to tether ourselves to what is familiar, even if what is “familiar” is pathetic. We often ac
The Christian is built to beautifully portray the glory of God. That’s a high calling. And it’s good that we as Christians take this high calling seriously. But, it’s also important that we remember that the only One that can truly fulfill this
Even today, God is speaking to His Children. His primary means of doing this is through His Word. However, the text of the Bible, if left all by its lonesome, hangs heavily like an unwieldy sword in the hand of a listless warrior if it is not c
The world is changing at warp speed. Is this change good or bad? That depends on how we respond to it. One of the great secrets of the Christian is to know the things that must NEVER change in our lives as well as the things that often MUST ch
The entire world has gone cuckoo. Or, at least, it would seem that way. And all this cuckoo-ness is forcing us as Christians to face decisions that are new, strange, and perplexing. We can attempt to ignore the issues of our day, but these issu
America is an amazing country, with an amazing heritage. And yet, somewhere along the journey it lost its compass. America’s north star used to be God’s glory. Now it’s self-entitlement. Modern America is now officially ruled by its stomach, it
The “double-life” has become all to common amongst the leaders of the church today. Many are upright, pure, and morally sharp when in the public eye, but then behind closed doors, become something altogether different. Simply put, this duplici
Weakness is sort of like manure. According to most people manure is generally considered a stinky thing — something to get rid of and purposely avoid stepping in. But there are some that look at manure and don’t think “stinky” when they see it
It would seem that Christianity has gone milk-toast. It’s soggy in the very places it should be stout, and it is timid in the very sectors of culture that it must be bold. So many modern Christians have not been constructed for trials and tribu
The enemy is working overtime attempting to discourage the saints of God. His disinformation campaign is loud and incessant, beckoning believers to lay down their spiritual weapons and accept imminent defeat. And this is why a message like this
Human propensity leads us to attempt to do marvelous things for God . . . but without the enablement of God. This mistake is likely the one most often made in the life of the Christian — having great intentions to live triumphantly for Jesus wi
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