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004 - The Buzzzzz about my new Paradigm Shift(s)

Released Wednesday, 13th May 2020
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"I Let Go with Ease and I Am at Peace.
I End to Begin a New Way to Be."
   - IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai

 i left Anchor to switch to Buzzsprout...
and - honestly - that Transition had me a lil' MIA for a quick bit.
Why? Well, I needed to take some time off to handle that and take care of business
...but I'm BACK...! (((YAAY)))
And - speaking of Transitions -
How Bout Those Paradigm Shifts, y'all?!!!?
Real Talk: It's That REAL-Real Right Now!

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    Now ain't that The Bomb...?!!!?
It's just another Paradigm Shift Opportunity.
Ready to take that Leap now, hunh...?
- Just Say'n!

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* Eternal Supernal *

- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai

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