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Season 8: Setting up Foreign OperationsOnce we complete our evaluation of countries it is time to set up capacities and operations. Based on intent and business needs we choose options of models of collaboration. In this podcast, we discuss var
Season 8: Impact of Environmental & Legal FactorsThe Environmental & Legal factors are critical in setting up operations in a host country. They determine the cost of foreignness. Environmental & Legal factors determine the risk of operations a
Season 8: Impact of Technological FactorsThe technological factor is critical in the 21st Century. It is one of the determinants of Lean and Productive Organizations. Information and Communications Technology penetration is the key to business
Season 8: Impact of Cultural FactorsThe cultural factor is critical for businesses to succeed in foreign markets. Culture shocks can be devastating and have the potential to increase the cost of foreignness. It is important to study cultural di
Season 8: Impact of Economic FactorsThe economic drivers of a country determine International Trade and Market Dynamics. Free Markets are an attractive proposition and so are economies in transition and developing countries. Developed countries
Season 8: Impact of Political Systems  The political system of a country determines the doctrine of social behavior and change. In any Internal Business decision, political stability or instability is the key to success. In this podcast, we dis
Season 8: Investing in Foreign Markets Economic Integrations lead to Static and Dynamic effects. This determines our access requirements into a foreign market and so also investment decisions. We discuss the theories and models that determine i
Season 8: Effects of Economic IntegrationEconomic Integrations lead to Static and Dynamic effects. Static being trade diversion and dynamic being market expansion. This leads to tremendous benefits for MNE's.  We study the effects of Economic I
Season 8: Economic Integration TypesEconomic Integration became the backbone of Regional Trade and Global Trade dynamics. Geographic proximity and cultural similarity gave way to economic integration leading to free trade and many other models
Season 8: Economic IntegrationWTO created the basis for trade-oriented collaboration. This idea led to the creation of Economic Integration, which was essentially reducing or eliminating trade barriers. We study the aspects and types of Economi
Season 8: WTO Dispute Settlement BodyWTO is member-driven and consensus-driven. It is a set of rules based on fundamental Principles. However, disputes arise which need to be settled amicably.  We study the Dispute Resolution Principles fundame
Season 8: Principles of WTOWTO is member-driven and consensus-driven. It is a set of rules based on fundamental Principles. We study the Principles fundamental to WTO in this podcast. AtyaasaaOnline is an E-learning portal that people can previ
Season 8: From GATT to WTOWith Intellectual property gaining speed with innovations and services becoming a new area of business, GATT fell short as it covered only trade in goods. Also, some Governments used unscrupulous methods to beat the GA
Season 8: Advent of GATTWhile the World Bank & UN came into existence as International Organizations, the need was felt to create an International Trade Organization. Hectic parleys started, and it led to the creation of the General Agreement o
Season 8: The World Bank GroupPost the Brettenwood Conference, we saw the International Monetary Fund's formation & the International Bank of Reconstruction & Development.  After this, the World Bank Group of International Organizations came in
Season 8: Bretton Woods TwinsThe end of World War II was a defining moment in the economic history of International Trade.  It led to a decision of reconstruction of the economy through cooperation. The Bretton Woods Convention created the twin
Season 8: The Inter-War PeriodBetween the two great wars, it was a period of economic turbulence and devastation and also technological advancement.  It also witnessed the great depression and colonial turbulence. World War II was the next key
Season 8: The Pre-World War I EraColonization and Mercantilism were the norms. The economy and technology were on a high. Geo-Political situations created a conflict that sowed the seeds of the next war. A war to end all wars was World War 1 wh
Season 8: Factor Endowment Theory by Hecksher-OhlinThis is a Noble Prize winner theory. It comprises a 2X2X2 framework. Two countries, two commodities, and two production factors capital & labor. The theory proposes that countries must trade wi
Season 8: Theory of Comparative Advantage by David Ricardo When Nations have multiple absolute advantages they still trade in what they are most efficient at. This Theory is close to current reality as Nations do have multiple areas of advantag
Season 8: theory of Absolute Advantage by Adam SmithAdam Smith is undoubtedly the father of modern economics. This theory of free trade propagates international trade based on the absolute advantage of specialization. We discuss this theory as
Season 8: Interventionist Theories of International TradeThe invisible hand of the government determines Interventionist theories. They are of two types  Mercantilist and Neo-Mercantilist. It is all about ensuring export surplus. We discuss the
Season 8: Theories of International Trade in IBInternational Business is based on economic theories. They are broadly categorized as Interventionist and Free Market Theories. We discuss the fundamentals of these Theories of International Trade
Season 8: International Business Schools of ThoughtGlobalization and International Business have different schools of thought. Some say it is here to stay while some believe it is more regional in dimension while many think it shall slow down b
Season 8: International Business DynamicsGlobalization creates International Business. International Business is all about the trading of goods, services, Intellectual property across International Borders i.e two or more Nations. International
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