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Ep 2: Founder of Pophams bakery - Ollie Gold

Released Friday, 9th November 2018
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Who doesn’t love a sweet, buttery pastry? Well, I’m not sure you’ve tasted one as sweet, as buttery and as sensational as a Pophams pastry. 
Pophams is London's pastry darling, growing an almost cult-like following in the short year it’s been open. Those in the know hotfoot it to Pophams from all corners of the city to get their paws on these ridiculously good pastries. We’re not just talking your standard butter croissant here - think mouth-watering combinations like maple and bacon, nectarine and ginger custard, sea salt and rosemary, blood orange and chocolate custard… you get the idea.
But just how did founder Ollie Gold dream up this little pastry mecca?
From kitchen porter to globe trotter, Ollie shares his food journey and just how Pophams came to be.
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