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This is a pre-release. Full info will come when it is officially out on YouTube. Recorded: 03 December 2020.
Public awareness of Die Glocke (Nazi Bell) came 20 years ago with our guest's hunt for Zero Point as presented in his innovative book. Hear his journey thru the classified black world, probing such topics as: Was the Škoda Works of the 3rd Reic
Now we examine the subsequent volumes of the diaries, looking into what happened when they tried to move the Templar treasure to the western banks. When, where, & how many times did they travel? Did Zeno bring treasure from Venice? How many st
Stavish joins the Forum to enlighten us on invisible affairs, for example: Demonology or psychology? How does collective consciousness work? What's the 3 distinct definitions? What's the connection to Cults, Tulpa's, UAP's, & Archetypes? How'
Welcome to a true crime thriller episode, involving everything from geopolitic players to local junkies, in this full expose of the world's biggest murder mystery: Olof Palme was the Swedish P.M. who often went against the global power elite an
When did the classified space fleet attain field propulsion? What was the sources to their leap: Tesla, Aliens, Nazis, NASA, or a Breakaway Civilization? What's the nature of this incredible technology - or is it really technological by nature
What is the modern roots of the Breakaway Civilization? When did the first experiments with space crafts and anti gravity start? Whence did these exotic ideas stem? How is the old classical elite involved? How is psychism related to this techno
This is the story of an outstanding discovery of the lost notebooks of the Sinclair & Wemyss lineage, now brought to the public for the FIRST TIME ever, & which contents shatter many dogmas of history! Pt. 1 accounts for how it was found & alm
Now we jump INTO Pandora's Box to assess the hard problem of philosophy in its dark metaphysical aspects. Some issues discussed: Spirit Possession vs Free Will. What's scaring academics? Satan vs Lucifer. UAP vs Tulpa. Is Thelema evil? 2 existe
Dr. Glover drops by to clue boys into the world of Men. He cracked the "Nice Guy" syndrome & has the tools to fix it. Some of the pointers discussed: What litmus test to know you're a nice guy? Good men, bad boys, & nice guys. Simps, wussies, &
We smash the final cracks at the existential mirrors, with topics such as: Can who master to navigate reality enter a more optimal timeline? Is civililization rigged to reset once a critical mass see through the illusions? Will time slow down u
WARNING: This show blows up paradigm walls (especially in pt. 2) to decode strata of reality. A few of the points in pt. 1: What's the invisible creatures? What relation to UFO's? Do life forms exist at EM frequencies beyond visible range? Can
Now we review more of the evidence itself, exposing Freemason rituals comparing mutual elements with Norse trad. Some issues raised: Was Guild original a spiritual assembly? Do we have Norse halls with symbolism of the Craft? Did they share aki
In this part Olav shares his horrific experience being framed for Swiss bankers laundering & the take-down of Thule Drilling. We also touch issues like: Who did he whistleblow on? Is Assange & Snowden canaries in the mine? Why a two-tier court
Did you know that whoever converted the Mayan Calendar to end in 2012, made unforgivable basic mistakes? When calculating for Days out of Time the real expiration of our current age is: 2087! Will a gradual decline unfold towards the transitio
Today we drop a bombshell: Has Norse religion survived as the 3 basic Freemasonic degrees of the "Blue Lodge"? Curiously there's evidence to indicate this. In pt. 2 we reveal the rituals and investigate essence & symbolism to compare with nors
Turned whistleblower & reporter after a lifetime in the financial world, then set up by a rigged trial, our guest now share his insight into the crime syndicate of banksters, high finance, & econ hitmen. Some topics in pt. 1: Did the economy c
Miguel returns to lead us further down the gnostic rabbit hole, with points like: Was man originally 1 gender? Is Sophia a resurrection of the divine feminine? Do the bible have traces of her? What befell Lilith, the first female? Who raped E
It's the oldest problem in the world, but how is it that all recognize evil when experienced, yet we can't agree what it is? Do metaphysical entities influence men? Do NDE show hell? Did MK-ULTRA discover split ego-states incite possession? Are
Now we turn to the Arctic area where the guest guide us through topics like: Did an advanced culture inhabit the ancient north? Where was Ultima Thule? Where did the northerners migrate & settle? Who were the Picts? Did ancients know Platonic S
Now we finish our top secret (only for male ears) probing into attraction transformation with tidbits from Zan's particular brand of lifestyle coaching - touching everything from Viking libertinism to Grail Knights of the Sacred Feminine, like:
This show is prohibited for GIRLS! As we're spilling male secrets with an expert who's been around since the early PUA days teaching boys of all ages to become MEN. Some clues aired: Can anyone become natural? What's the 2 poles of masculine at
In pt. 2 we go deeper, discussing among other: Are all special op progs & crash retrievels now in the hands of private corps? Why isn't the control total? Why many small revelations? Has the drip been forced by TTSA? Why so many sceptic to the
Dolan is back! Apart from debating his book AD, we dig into all present issues, like: Who to blame for the fake SSP vogue? Why has emotions & ego replaced data & logic? What happened at the 2017 MUFON symposium? Why's normal ppl in favour of c
Meet the last honest editor-in-chief of old school newspaper in Norway. Some topics aired: Why did his report cause mass hysteria? When was media's Golden Age? What drives a genuine reporter? Is profit & emotion replacing criticism & fact? Why'
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