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Freedom's Creed with Rex Reed

A Society, Culture and Science podcast
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Episodes of Freedom's Creed

Getting in touch with our feelings is not a bad thing.  However, when our feelings become preeminent over every other facet of life, then that is potentially, debilitating to our society.
We should cherish the right to vote.  And that right must be respected by all citizens.  Those who conspire to change the results of an election, seriously undermine the rights of all the voting populace.
Happiness is one of the most integral components of our life.  Without happiness, we struggle more than we need to.  If we can make the choice, more often than not, to be happy, then life can truly be a joyous experience.
Unlike some Hollywood elites, and perhaps other people; I love America and choose to live nowhere else in the world.  Not even the Commander in Chief can chase me out of the country...try as he might!
All Americans are entitled to equal justice under law.  There is one system of justice in our country.  And whether one is wealthy or well-connected, should have no bearing on the ultimate outcome.  All plaintiffs and defendants are subject to
My problem has never been with the Chinese people.  My problem is with the Chinese Communist Party.  And of course, the capitulation of our own government!
In a Union of fifty states, especially in the 21st Century, there are bound to be differences of opinion.  However, it seems to me, that the way we overcome differences, is to allow other people the right to believe as they will.  People in our
When the sitting president characterizes a voting block of American citizens in the way that Joe Biden did on September 1 - then Houston, we have a problem!
We all have an ability to do more than we think we can.  Never let anyone tell you that what you want to do is impossible.  Work hard.  Stay the course.  Achieve.  Do the impossible.
We either enjoy the right to free speech, and every other right in this country, or we don't.  No matter where you stand, the right to free speech, as well as the rest of our rights, are worth the effort to defend.
No matter your political ideology, we must do all we can to keep our Republic! 
Politics can be a nasty business.  But most often, when those we elect to represent us, play politics, we the people get hurt the most.  And what happens to them?  The impact of playing politics has virtually no consequences.  The ballot box, h
Is there a price too high to pay in preserving the liberty that we enjoy?  The benefits far outweigh whatever meager price we might pay.  But it's a price we all must pay to preserve liberty for our own, and future generations.
Do we need to be told that we're fragile because of who we are? In today's episode I employ a bit of sarcasm, parody, and satire to prove a point.  After all, many a truth is said in jest.  I hope you enjoy.
Even though we are faced with challenging times on a regular basis, we don't have to give in to the impulses that sometimes, erroneously lead us down a perilous path.  Becoming a "more perfect union" does not happen automatically.  It takes con
We have a blueprint for freedom and liberty.  It's called the Constitution.  And we need to make sure that we are doing all we can to ensure, not only its survival, but that its blessings are extended to all.
Stupidity does not have to be permanent.  It can be overcome.  Unfortunately, ulterior motives often get in the way of our leaders doing that which would, under more pure motives,  benefit society at large.
Memorial Day is a day to remember the fallen, who paid the ultimate price for freedom and liberty; who preserved this amazing idea, largely, for complete strangers.  May we never forget them!
Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems evident that Congress has a much different set of rules that govern their conduct, particularly since they're the ones who make their own rules.  And near as I can tell, their definition of rules, differs dramatic
All of us need to be united, regardless of political party, in our support of the Constitution.  If we're not united in our defense of this important document, we will live to regret it.
How about we concentrate, and focus our attention on getting rid of political leaders, from whatever party, who are usurping the Constitution.  It's up to we the people, to ensure that our way of life continues.  And the only way we can do that
We all have tons of options when it comes to who, or what we believe.  There are numerous choices to make, and it only seems to be getting more difficult when it comes to finding what is right...what we can actually believe.
There should not be anything offensive to anyone who hears the term, American Exceptionalism.  It's not an expression that implies mediocrity upon any other nation.  It's simply a phrase that speaks to the brilliance of America's founding docum
It has been one year since the inception of Freedom's Creed!  I appreciate all who have taken the time to download the Podcast.  I hope you enjoy this compilation of some personal musings.  Thanks, as always, for listening!
Respect is a key ingredient to accepting and understanding events in our history.  If we respect other people, simply for the fact that we have not walked in their shoes, we will have a greater appreciation for all that their forebears experien
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