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Freedom's Creed with Rex Reed

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It's that time again, folks.  Enjoy my latest episode of "Tolerating Tuesday."  Oh, by the way, I love Tuesday's!  So if you're curious, please listen.
When it comes to Veteran's, we owe a debt of gratitude to them, that we will never be able to repay!
This day should always, and forever, be a day of remembrance and respect for all whose lives were unalterably changed on that fateful day twenty years ago.
One of the best ways to deal with conflict, particularly among nations, is to uphold promises made.  Our position in Afghanistan leaves a lot to be desired.  After twenty years, what is to be done?  I have a suggestion.
Mental health is just as important for each of us to pay attention to, just as we focus on physical health.  Unfortunately, there is often negative stigma associated with mental health, as opposed to physical health.  All of us have a part to p
When any of us reads a study by an entity as well-known as Harvard Medical School, we should be able to reasonably believe, that what we're reading is born out of scientific research.  Well, as near as I can tell, that may not always be the cas
All of us rely on someone else, or some organization, to provide us with accurate and useable information.  What happens when we are led to believe, that information we are given, is efficacious in our lives? But in reality it is not.  Where do
If we're not careful, we will one day be unable to recognize the liberty and freedom that we have for years, taken for granted.  My plea is that we wake up to what is happening, particularly that we wake up to the danger that lies within the bu
All of us ought to seek to be independent, insofar as we are able to do so.  Living in a country that espouses the notion of liberty and freedom, we should celebrate independent living, amongst ourselves and our families.
Most of us, including me, do not think about the office of an elected official, as sanctified.  But in reality, based upon the blood that was spilt to ensure that our system of government could endure, elected office should be viewed as sanctif
There is a big difference between tolerating someone, or something, and enabling behavior.  We need to have the courage to stand up for what is right...but to do it in a way that is respectful, that doesn't create a sense of devaluation in anot
We live in a day where we continue to witness incredible strides in the human condition, via technology, as well as various forms of innovation; yet we still seem to struggle with getting along with each other.  This is our time, and it's up to
The history of Revolutions far and wide are common knowledge.  But the American Revolution was the first of its kind.  May the birth of our nation continue to give rise to a burst of freedom and liberty throughout the world!
When we're divided, we are not as strong as we could be.  Division leads to strife, strife leads to conflict, and conflict leads to hate and ultimately, war.  "United we stand, divided we fall."
If you're concerned about the accuracy of the information you consume, then you're on the right track.  The information age is often anything but accurate information.  We must choose wisely when it comes to the kind of  information we consume.
Understanding is essential to the growth of any culture or society.  Emphasizing the negative aspects of our country, over the progress that we're making, is the wrong course.  Join me in being a positive force for good, and in focusing on how
The culture of "cancel" is widespread in our society.  Personally, I believe it to be a sad day when I, or my fellow citizens, receive persecution and grief from other people, simply because they have disagreements with the way we choose to bel
We learn about the nature of laws, and presumably why we have them, from a very early age.  But what does anyone ever do, particularly those elected to make laws, to stop the creation of so many, many laws?
Whether one accepts it or not, there is media bias running rampant today.  It has been going on for years!  And it's only worsened with the advent of the internet.  It takes objectivity to recognize bias.  Good luck...
What do you think of when you think of standards?  No matter what society will, or won't accept, regarding standards; we have them, and for good reason if we want to remain a civilized people.
Memorial Day is about honoring those who "gave the last full measure of devotion."  That we may strive to honor those of our day, who gave their last, full measure of devotion defending us.
There is perhaps nothing more sacred in our republic, than exercising the right to vote.  It must be safeguarded against those, whose desire is diminishing that sacred privilege, even when it appears they are doing all they can to make it more
Contrary to popular belief, living a virtuous life is not outdated, old-fashioned, or just for the older generations.  The hallmark of a great life incorporates virtue as a foundation upon which the next generation must build.
There are myriad topics that we could highlight and discuss regarding our responsible uses of our freedom.  I have chosen just a couple of them here.  We reap the consequences, for good or ill, by the things that we choose to do.  Here's to ens
We may have complaints in 21st Century America, but those complaints do not compare to the challenges faced by peoples who live under the fist of Marxism, known today by its offspring, communism/socialism.
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