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#110 – Creating New Star Wars Content: Duality, Young Adult Books, Relationships & The New Canon With Claudia Gray

Released Saturday, 12th December 2020
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This week Mike chats with Claudia Gray; writer of 4 canon Star Wars books (Lost Stars, Bloodline, Leia: Princess Of Alderaan and Master & Apprentice), the upcoming High Republic novel; Into The Dark and several non-Star Wars book series too! 

In more detail, Mike’s conversation with Claudia begins with Claudia’s writing process before going into her advice to would-be writers, her Star Wars & non-Star-Wars audiences, her recommended non-Star-Wars books, as well as relationships & duality in Star Wars, the “grey area” of good & evil in narratives, developing Amilyn Holdo’s character pre-The Last Jedi, how Claudia & Cavan Scott collaborated when making Master & Apprentice and Dooku Jedi Lost, differences in writing comics & books, Claudia’s take on what makes a “young adult” book and more! 

Claudia’s Site: http://www.claudiagray.com/ - Twitter https://twitter.com/claudiagray – Claudia also recommended her non-Star-Wars books; the Firebird trilogy and the Constellation trilogy! 

This same episode aired on the feed of Comics In Motion, on Mike's other show Star Wars: Comics In Canon - he reviewed Master & Apprentice on episode 28 too! 

In the last episode of GCC; number 109, Mike spoke with his friend Dave about his latest musical venture; D H O P E! In addition, Dave explains why he’s recently started releasing DHOPE music amidst the lockdown, musical influences and genres in general are discussed, as well as how Dave names tracks without vocals/lyrics, how Dave will potentially perform DHOPE live, DHOPE’s artwork, motivation & distractions and more!

Mike appeared on a recent episode of Comics On Trial, prosecuting Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker against Tony of Indie Comics Spotlight with Mike’s occasional co-host Megan as the judge (6th December): https://spoti.fi/3otJN5I
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Mike was on episode 42 of Indie Comics Spotlight, him & Tony spoke with Mark Russell, author of Second Coming & Billionaire Island, found on the feed of Comics In Motion!
Mike was also on an episode of the Rob And Slim Show, released November 17th!
As well as the above, Mike featured on the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World review for the TV & Movies show on Comics In Motion where he discussed the movie with Dave of CiM and Tony of Indie Comic Spotlight (dated 8th October), check it out here!

Mike has another show, called Star Wars: Comics In Canon – all episodes can be found on Comics In Motion’s podcast feed and episodes will be out every Saturday; episodes 0-37 are now out, 37 is the pre-Solo Lando comic, 36 is the Star Wars/Aphra crossover: The Screaming Citadel and 35 is about the Age Of Republic Villains comics! Previous episodes topics include the Journals of Old Ben Kenobi, Count Dooku, Chewbacca, Galaxy’s Edge, Darth Vader and the Vader Down crossover event, Mace Windu, Doctor Aphra, The Rise Of Kylo Ren, Darth Maul beyond The Phantom Menace, how C-3PO got his red arm & more - https://apple.co/39mut2Y

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