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We're finally back and here to rank Season 8 of Stargate SG-1. After we ranked Season 7 as arguably the best of SG-1 yet, what will become of Season 8. Some of the best episodes - single & double - are in Season 8, but also some of the most fi
The Wraith aren't coming - they're here! With the Wraith attack on Atlantis imminent, the crew travel to the outskirts of the systems to reboot a defence satellite - meanwhile, the base receives some welcome visitors in reinforcements from the
"3000 BC, 3000 BC" Time Travel, alternate SG-1...and Carlos? In what was planned as the series finale, 'SG-1' comes full circle, with time travel bringing back old characters, asking the question of "What If?" and attempting to satisfyingly w
The gift that keeps giving? When Teyla begins dreaming of Wraith attacks, she learns the dreams are instead premonitions: the effects of a long-hidden ability. But what do they reveal about Teyla's past - and about the future of the Atlantis b
Jim, Oma...and waffles? One of Matty's favourite episodes of Gate ever, but which version did you watch? Subscribe & listen now on your favourite podcasting app! Join us and discover or re-live the magic of all things Stargate! Find us on:
The end is nigh! While Sheppard journeys into the galaxy to discover the truth of the Wraith threat to Atlantis, the other members of the expedition prepare messages for family members back on Earth - and for their ultimate death at the hands
Goa'uld! Replicators!v Anicent Weapons! It's all happening in 'Reckoning' Part I and Part II. It's all hands on deck when the Replicators engage in an all-out war - or extermination - on the Goa'uld, with SG-1, the Tok'ra and the Jaffa Allianc
KOLYA!!!...returns On the search for a ZPM, the Atlantis team suddenly find themselves taken hostage by Kolya & the Genii. What element of the episode was the genesis idea behind the story? Was Rodney *too* Rodney in this episode for his own
Homer? Who is Homer? When an 'Average Joe' randomly comes across a perculiar stone, he begins to experience visions of SG-1 - and in particular, Jack O'Neill - giving him access to the inner-most secrets of the SGC. 'Citizen Joe' is a fan-fav
Double The Weir! Welcome to the uncensored, Patreon Exclusive edition of 'Before I Sleep' A routine exploration of Atlantis uncovers a body frozen in stasis - and when recovered, the woman claims to be none other than Elizabeth Weir! Matty h
The bad guy becomes the bad guy! Kinsey seeks the help of the Jack O'Neill when members of The Trust approach him for their organisation. But Kinsey's mission backfires and a growing concern in Moscow has the SGC fearing threats from both on E
And we never saw her again! The Atlantis team come across a world with a planet wide, anti-Wraith weapon - but the inhabitants claim to have no knowledge of a weapon's existence. Stranger still, their spiritual leader may be hiding a greater m
King Harry? Time Travel? Wayne Brady?! This really has got everything! With the Goa-uld on crisis mode, SG-1 are tasked with retrieving Harry Maybourne from his new off-world home - but Harry has become King of his new people and has Ancient,
Tick tock, Rodney. After exposing themselves to nanotech, members of the Atlantis team race the clock before suffering a very violent death. Where does this rank in Matty's 'lull' of Season 1? Does this 'new' story already feel repetitive? An
The super soldier that wasn't - hello, Vala! Daniel finally gets his chance at journeying to Atlantis, with General Hammond gifting him a ticket on the Prometheus - only for the ship to be hijacked mid-flight! But, this hijacker is not what th
If it bleeds... Last Atlantis episode, it was DIE HARD - is it PREDATOR this time around? Brendan loves it, Matty doesn't like it - where will Mitch sit on 'The Defiant One'? And what has made Brendan so mad at Joe Mallozzi? Subscribe & list
Two Carters? If only... Yes, RepliCarter makes her full debut - but can she be trusted? Why do so many fans not like this episode? Any why is Carter *the* character that should return for a hopeful Stargate revival? Subscribe & listen now on
'Now I have a ZPM. Ho Ho Ho' Shepard goes John McClane when the Genii infiltrate the Atlantis base. Meanwhile, almost all inhabitants have retreated off-world ahead off a near-global sized storm that threatens to destroy the city. Subscribe &
"...did we lose the Stargate?" The Stargate disappears without a trace in the middle of the night, leaving the SGC inoperable and an off-world Teal'c under the assumption that Earth has been compromised - all the while, Goa'uld planets are bei
'We can go home' Yes, it's the trip back to Earth that wasn't for the SG-A team. On the surface, this is a very interesting episode, with some key character moments and new sci-fi tweaks to a somewhat familiar story...but why does it fall shor
It's a nice day for a...Jaffa wedding! Teal'c's not happy: his son is getting married. His kinda-sorta girlfriend Ishta is offended. All the while a showdown with Moloc looms - will they sort out their differences in time? If that sounds like
'Wait a minute...you guys aren't real farmers!' The Atlantis team are getting hungry: they're running out of food and need to start trading with alien colonies. But do the Genii people offer more trouble than the food is worth - or is the pric
Mr Sheffield! From Broadway to Airspace, Mr Sheffield threatens to reveal the secrets of the American government where alien life is concerned - and SG-1 is tasked to stop him...but is he right? Subscribe & listen now on your favourite podcas
The Wraith Virus... The Atlantis team visit a world that have neared completion of a drug that may make them immune to The Wraith...but at what cost? And, how do we cover everything from this episode to Sam Worthington's career to Donal Trump
Teal'c: suburban hero! Teal'c's life outside the base is anything but tranquil: from neighbourhood disturbances, to the government policing his every move...and a new-look NID framing him for crimes he didn't commit. We hold such fond memorie
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