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Olivehillpod reviewed this podcast on Sep 23rd, 2018
"Is it possible to be down to earth when you're a girl adrift in space? We think so. Girl in Space is smart, funny, and relatable. It's about so much more than it let's on. Can't wait to hear what happens next 🎧"
AmandaS reviewed this podcast on Sep 15th, 2018
"Lovely and fun. Definitely worth a listen"
Gitte Malene Jensen reviewed this podcast on Mar 22nd, 2018
"This girl (X) is special in more than one way. Why and how she´s stranded in a dead spaceship is just slowly revealed, and it´s quite scary. But the show has a lightness to it and the fantastic and witty writing makes it both funny and addictive. Outstanding voice acting."
Travis reviewed this podcast on Feb 15th, 2018
"This roller coaster starts off slow, ascending into the sky while you glance at everything around you. As you get closer to the top you start to notice more and more about the characters and world that you couldn't see from your initial perspective, and by the time you think you know what's going on you're suddenly at the amazing drop... The second half of Season 1 can't come soon enough!"
ezygo22 reviewed this podcast on Feb 5th, 2018
"I wish I liked this show more since everyone keeps raving about it. It relies on the audio journal crutch for the protagonist to narrate for long periods of time. Even when the show starts to add more characters and she is held prisoner, one would think that an intelligent protagonist would show more circumspection. Or that the narrative might find more artful ways to relay information. But no, she records the audio journal in the room with a guard in hearing distance for 20 minutes at a time. Obviously, this is the show's device to allow the protagonist to exposit to the audience but the seams are so obvious that I lose all suspension of disbelief. Also, Kai, who chooses to use excessive force by shooting a leg off someone who is not threatening him with bodily harm, while "badassedly"…"
brumaban reviewed this podcast on Dec 22nd, 2017
"If you haven't started this one yet, what are you doing with your life? Get your **** together man, this one's incredible, and came out of nowhere. Already has up to 6 episodes. Space, Delicious Cheese, and Jurassic Park. "
yuimetalmachine reviewed this podcast on Dec 19th, 2017
"Two things: Cheese, and Jurassic Park. 5 Stars! "
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Sep 9th, 2017
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Dec 26th, 2018
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