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The Bible describes three ways of life: evil, foolish, or God's way: wise. This series is all about recognizing which way of life is which, and why it's worth it to choose God's wisdom over everything else. In this sermon, Pastor Brian...
Who are the wise people around us? What about the foolish? Is anybody truly evil? In this sermon, Pastor Brian Bond walks us through ways we can identify when people are being wise, foolish, and straight up evil.
People have a lot of ideas about what baptism is and what it should be. But what does the Bible say? In this message, Greenwood staff evangelist Ronnie Hill walks us through biblical teachings on baptism, what it is, why we do it, and why we ne
"Why should I tell other people about Jesus? It's awkward. Uncomfortable." If that's your thought process, this message is for you. In today's message, Greenwood Staff Evangelist Ronnie Hill explains 3 reasons why we need to...
We're not gonna dance around it: with the Delta COVID variant, vaccines, mask mandates, and more becoming more and more prevalent, people are scared. So what do we do about it? This week, Senior Pastor Brian Bond walks us through how to choose.
What does it mean to "fear the Lord"? Evidently, many people think it means many different things. In this sermon, Small Groups Pastor, Justin Allison, shows us what it really means to fear the Lord, and gives us 4 practical takeaways we can...
What does the Bible say about slavery? Surprisingly, a lot. But the slavery of the Bible looks different from what we know of in 2021. In this message, Senior Pastor Brian Bond shows us the teachings Paul gives us in 1st Timothy 6 about slavery
Do you know Jesus, or did you just meet him one time? In this message, senior pastor Brian Bond shows us what it means to have a relationship with Jesus right now, not just in a single moment from our past.
God is not a God of chaos. He is not a God of confusion. So His people need to be the same. In this sermon, Senior Pastor Brian Bond walks through 1 Timothy 2, and the order it gives for church organization, the beauty in its design, and the re
A “relationship with God” can sound a little abstract. In 1 Timothy, however, the apostle Paul lays out a clear definition of what it really looks like: “The purpose of my instruction is that all believers would be filled with love that comes f
When we experience temptation, it is a wicked game. But what happens after we give in? Is it all over? Is there more? In this message, senior pastor Brian Bond shows us what God can do with our story even after we've given in to temptation, and
When we ignore the exits from temptation that God provides and follow it, where does it lead? Never anywhere good. In this sermon, Senior Pastor Brian Bond finishes our series The Wicked Game by explaining temptation's end, and how Jesus has ma
When we're tempted to do wrong, the whole thing feels like one big Wicked Game. In this message, senior pastor Brian Bond kicks off our new series The Wicked Game, and explains how Proverbs 7 points out at least 3 different moments where we can
Why do bad things happen to good people? We may never know. But there are 2 things we do know. In this message, Staff Evangelist Ronnie Hill shows us how God is good & He's in control, and that's all we need.
Storms are going to happen. There's no way around it. Sometimes they come because of sin, sometimes because of the brokenness that sin causes. Other times storms come because of our own doing, or because God sends us through one to reveal His..
When it comes to kids, you get what you aim for. If your goal is to be their friend first and their parent second, that's exactly what will happen; one day it will be necessary for you to parent a grown adult. In our world, children tend to be.
There is no duplication for the level of intimacy that sex affords, which is why breakups after sex are way worse than those without it. That's why it's such a big deal to God. He created sex, and He has a design for it that makes it help a...
Who are you surrounding yourself with? The answer to that question has much more influence on your marriage or dating relationships than you think. The culture that you're a part of and the friends you surround yourself with influence you deepl
Differences can make or break a marriage. In this message, Pastor Brian Bond and his wife, Carrie, show us what it means to celebrate our differences, and how they can make us stronger.
No matter what your relationship status, everyone has expectations about what marriage should be like; whether you’re in a marriage or not. But there are three types of expectations that can ruin a marriage if left unchecked: Unrealistic Expect
We take most victories from history for granted. But in the moment, they didn't feel like a guaranteed victory; they felt desperate. For the followers of Jesus, His death felt no different. But 3 days later, He rose from the dead and proved to.
What actually will happen at the end of time? According to Jesus, a lot. This week we break down the main events Jesus prophesies in Matthew 24, and what they mean for us today.
Many people felt like 2020 was going to be the end of the world for so many different reasons. But did you know that Jesus actually had a lot to say about the end times? In this sermon, Senior Pastor Brian Bond kicks off our new series, End Tim
2020 was a crazy whirlwind of crisis after crisis for so many people. And for all of us, no matter how difficult the trial, it was an opportunity for great joy if we really wanted it to be. This week, on the anniversary of the last Sunday we me
What does it mean to be made in the image of God? Why is that important? Is God's word really worth treating as the ultimate authority? All of these questions matter when approaching new legislation that may be passed soon in the USA. In this..
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