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MercuryArc reviewed this podcast 30 days ago
"Steven and Sonny have a tried and true formula for a rock n roll music podcast and they do it very well. Steven has spent years in and around the music business, and Sonny listens, attends, and reads, seemingly as much about music as humanly possible. You’ll get some humor, stories from experience in the business, introduction to music you haven’t heard, and an obvious love for the rock genre. If you enjoy podcasts about rock music you should add this one to the rotation. "
AcesHigh779 reviewed this podcast on Apr 23rd, 2019
"Really love Hollywooooooooooooood. Glad that he does a lot of different podcasts."
ShoutItOutLoudcast reviewed this podcast on Apr 16th, 2019
"Just started listening the “Growin’ Up Rock Podcast” and I’m so glad I did. I love the topics but more importantly it’s the hosts that have me hooked. I’m always drawn to podcasts where the hosts have something to say, good or bad. Steven and Sonny definitely have opinions and their give and take makes for some awesome listening. Put Growin’ Up Rock Podcast on your rotation, you will not be sorry! Zeus from Shout It Out Loudcast "
CearealMan78 reviewed this podcast on Mar 18th, 2019
"There is something about these guys I like but I can't pinpoint what it is. It's definitely not Steven's jokes or Sonny's looks so it must be the banter between the two? Don't know, listen and help me figure out what it is. That being said, I'm addicted to the content. My favorites are Episodes 75, 77.5 (wild hair), 82 and 84"
CasadeLeon reviewed this podcast on Feb 20th, 2019
"Found is podcast Thru CGCM CIA WTF LOL "
Aceshigh1986 reviewed this podcast on Feb 19th, 2019
"Definitely part of my weekly routine. Hollywood and Steven do a great job!"
Stevereno reviewed this podcast on Feb 16th, 2019
"Another great Podcast for fans of the best music ever made! Steve and Sonny rock \m/ Keep it up guys. I am happy I found you."
Scharles027 reviewed this podcast on Jan 20th, 2019
"I’ve been listening to this podcast since I heard about y’all on Decibel Geek and y’all have become one of my go to podcasts. I loved the Best of 2018 part 1&2. These were by far the best of the year in review shows I heard this year. I really liked the way your picks were not the mainstream picks and allowed me to discover new bands that often get overlooked. Kudos for the work and keep rockin’. "
Teddy7865 reviewed this podcast on Jan 1st, 2019
"A podcast that I absolutely love!"
BlackwellR reviewed this podcast on Dec 29th, 2018
"Just heard about podcaster. Easy to use. Love this music podcast. Steven and Sonny have great conversation and play cool tunes. "
DougMiddleton reviewed this podcast on Dec 28th, 2018
"I listen on iTunes but too hard to leave a review there. Pod chaser needs an app. "
PHarris reviewed this podcast on Dec 18th, 2018
"One of the best, down to Earth rock podcasts out there!"
Hottrod45330 reviewed this podcast on Oct 22nd, 2018
"Started listening after the Indianapolis Kiss Expo, and haven’t missed an episode since. Love hearing songs from groups I haven’t heard from in a long time. Keep up the good work "
Wallygator reviewed this podcast on Sep 12th, 2018
"Steven Michael and Sonny "Hollywood" Pooni are the real deal. Two powerful and attractive guys sharing awesome memories and great tunes. They ROCK! "
CocoSupergirl reviewed this podcast on Aug 19th, 2018
"These guys are AWESOME !!!!!"
vmr907 reviewed this podcast on Aug 8th, 2018
"Great mix of talk, interviews, and music, Hollywood and Steven Michael are on top of their game."
MitziFrank reviewed this podcast on Aug 3rd, 2018
"Thanks for playing Bad Boy Eddy. The NorCal music scene needs all the help it can get."
SteveWright reviewed this podcast on Aug 1st, 2018
"Steven Michael and Sonny “Hollywood” Pooni give you many flavors of The Rock and Roll World! I’ve enjoyed this great podcast since day one! Do yourself a favor check these guys out! You won’t be sorry! "
BadBoyEddyLover reviewed this podcast on Jul 30th, 2018
"Only found this podcast because they are willing to play new great bands like Bad Boy Eddy. We need more podcasts like this."
decibelgeek reviewed this podcast on Jul 27th, 2018
"A great music and discussion podcast. I not only am a listener but I consider the hosts friends. Good guys, good talk, good music. You can't go wrong!"
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