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A Comedy podcast

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Self destructive writer Dan Harmon claims he will one day found a colony of like-minded misfits. He's appointed suit-clad gadabout Jeff Davis as his Comptroller. It's like a neurotic town hall meeting, often with alcohol and famous people.

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Dan, Jeff and Spencer dig deep into genitals of unusual size, bats, giraffes, dolphins and Paul Newman. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden, and Steve Levy.

Not Enough Ratings

Josh Androsky educates us about the Democratic Socialists of America, Schrab enjoys an office chair, Church sings and shares her political side, and Jeff claims an exception to the “smelt it, dealt it” rule. We all learn how to dance like Spencer. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Cr...

Not Enough Ratings

Guest Comptroller Brandon Johnson and actor Rob Huebel return to the show. Rob gives us the inside information about his new show, while Brandon introduces us to Tiny Brandon. Dan’s worried he might have played a role in Charles Manson’s death. Featuring Dan Harmon, Brandon Johnson and Rob Huebel.

Not Enough Ratings

Spencer shares his adventures in jogging, needles and cupping. The Ron Jeremy banana mystery continues to perplex Jeff. Dan records an introduction video for Rob Schrab and spends a little extra time making sure it’s perfect.  Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden and Steve Le...

Not Enough Ratings

Guest Comptroller Brandon Johnson joins Dan and Spencer to lay down some beats and serve up the best role playing snacks we’ve ever tasted.

Not Enough Ratings