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Hellbent Podcast is a new twice weekly political news and commentary podcast by childhood friends Devon Handy and Sarah Lerner. They aim to bring a heavy intersectional feminist lens to the male-dominated political commentary space. They are funny, fierce, and unyielding. Their conversational style and penchant for swearing make Hellbent a fun, engaging way to discuss politics

Recent Episodes


Devon and Sarah discuss Time's Person of the Year article, John Conyer's and Al Franken's departure from the House and Senate over sexual harassment and assault allegations, and why we as Democrats need to force these men out of office.Devon speaks with Rewire News' Jessica Mason Pi...

Not Enough Ratings

Devon and Sarah discuss how the GOP passed their garbage tax bill and what Flynn's guilty plea means for the White House.

Not Enough Ratings

Devon and Sarah discuss Trump's most recent racial slurs and the GOP's disastrous tax "reform" bill.Devon also sits down with Sarah Kendzior to discuss North Korea, net neutrality and how to reinstate faith in our democratic institutions.

Not Enough Ratings

Devon and Sarah discuss net neutrality, the "Me Too" bill going through congress and the NYTimes' awful soft-focus "profile" of a fucking Nazi.TW/CW: Contains graphic discussion of sexual assault, harassment and Nazism.

Not Enough Ratings

Devon and Sarah discuss the allegations against Al Franken, Don Trump Jr's Twitter messages with WikiLeaks, and the hot mess that is the GOP tax plan and how they're trying to morph it into another ACA repeal. Devon sits down with former federal prosecutor and Illinois Attorney General can...

Not Enough Ratings