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Hellbent Podcast is a new twice weekly political news and commentary podcast by childhood friends Devon Handy and Sarah Lerner. They aim to bring a heavy intersectional feminist lens to the male-dominated political commentary space. They are funny, fierce, and unyielding. Their conversational style and penchant for swearing make Hellbent a fun, engaging way to discuss politics

Recent Episodes


Devon and Drexel discuss the indictments Mueller's office handed down on Friday and how 16 Russians and 3 Russian companies ended up creating an ad that said: "Hillary is a Satan, and her crimes and lies had proved just how evil she is." Varsha does not approve of the poor grammar. Devon also sa...

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Devon sits down with Laura Moser, who is running against a Tea Party Republican in TX-7. Bur first, she discusses the school shooting in Florida and how our country has systematically failed us. This is an intense episode, and listener discresion is advised. Our sponsor for this week: Tula - get 20% ...

Not Enough Ratings

Devon and Drexel discuss the red-herring government shut down that happened Friday night and what to expect from the DACA and immigration reform debate, promised to the Democrats by Mitch McConnell. They also dive into Trump's infrastructure "plan," which is basically a pile of garbage dressed u...

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Devon sits down with Vicki Shabo, Vice President of National Partnership of Women and Families to discuss the Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA. This week marks its 25 anniversary since being signed into law. They discuss what FMLA has done for American workers, who is left out and where they want t...

Not Enough Ratings

Devon and Drexel discuss the dog-whistle racism in Trump's State of the Union address and what the hell is going on with #ReleasetheMemo. (Spoiler alert: the memo is a total dud. Nothing juicy, except for the fact that Republicans played themselves.) Please visit our sponsors for this episode: S...

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