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Hey It's Jali Entertainment Presents - Mega Feed - The Veiled West 002Eliza uncovers a plot against Happy and confides in Doc Decker. She doesn't realize she is about to get involved with Vera and the others at Coyote Crossing Ranch.Website: ht
Hey It's Jali Entertainment Presents - Mega Feed - The Veiled Monarch 002Catherine and Raina begin to investigate the murder near The Veiled Monarch. When they visit Isaac Carillo, they're sure they have a suspect. Then, everything goes wrong a
Hey It's Jali Entertainment Presents - Mega Feed - The Veiled West 001During a time when the American frontier was still young, a prosperous silver strike in the Arizona territory brought about the city of Tombstone. Everyone knows the stories
Hey It's Jali Entertainment Presents - Mega Feed - The Veiled Monarch 001In Miami, Florida Vampires, Werewolves, Druids and Humans live alongside each other. Then again, that's the way it always has been. When a murder takes place in South Beac
Kira takes the Sceptre of Ordrya and wants revenge for her brother. Fluris approaches David after he made a monumental decision. Elana and Leafwing clash during a Council of Rulers. Hey It's Jali Entertainment uses Buzzsprout: https://www.buzzs
Flynn and Kira go to investigate the changes in Espachor. They discover a new magic and new land that has sprung up right under their noses. When David and his Technomancers are confronted, the Ordryan royal family and Varial face consequences.
Warning! This episode contains subject matter that can be sensitive to some listeners. Listener discretion is advised! A new traveler comes to Bruy Clines and he has both Alric and Elana feeling suspicious of his motives. David cements his alli
In chapter 3, some big changes have come to Ordrya along with a sad goodbye. A hopeful Knight takes advantage of a tragic loss. A war is brewing between Athary and Bruy Clines. Elana takes on a crafty First Mate and together, they're going to c
David begins to explore a new found magic in Queross. Little does he know the magic is about to have horrible consequences for him and his friends. ♦Website: http://www.varialseries.com ♦Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/33x6AA03
Welcome to Varial. Allow us to begin our story. We go into the future of Earth where a genius inventor named David Quesada falls through the portal into Varial. Join David and his newfound friends as we all discover Varial and the magic in this
Welcome back to Varial! As you can see, things have been rather quiet lately. That is because we have been planning something brand new for all of you. Please, sit back and enjoy a preview of what is to come. The story of Varial is about to be
Brennan and Ciara find out that Seabough may not be responsible for any of the sickness plaguing Windstone Village. Meanwhile, Alric, Jeannie and Constance arrive in Nolodeske. ♦Website: http://www.heyitsjali.com ♦Discord: https://discord.gg/FK
Ciara, Swiftwind and Leafwing try to help the sick faeries in Athary while David decides it's time to bring in some help from Bruy Port. Alric and Jeannie meet up with Bruy Clines best Gunslinger and head to Stej Pria. ♦Website: http://www.heyi
Swiftwind, Leafwing and Ciara suspect Seabough is behind the sick Faeries. When they confine him to his home, things just get worse. David and Keoki have to leave Espachor for Stej Pria where they run into a very big problem with Technomancy. ♦
Alric arrives in Espachor and gets a big surprise when he tries to "rescue" Jeannie. Ciara, Swiftwind, Leafwing and Skadi begin to investigate the sickness sweeping through Windstone Village. The four of them are shocked to find Necromancy at w
With the curse broken, Ciara and her Chief Knight Brennan decide to aide Leafwing when a mysterious illness plagues a village in Athary. Jeannie visits Espachor and joins David at his estate. She find out that Queross is far worse than she ever
In Zloras Castle, the mystery of Ciara's illness is solved and the culprit is swiftly dealt with thanks to some Faerie justice! Everyone goes their own way as we prepare to begin a new chapter in Varial. ♦Website: http://www.heyitsjali.com ♦Dis
Jeannie, Alric, Leafwing and David discover a grizzly secret kept between two Elves. Then, the four hatch a plan to try and help Ciara once and for all. There is just one problem. David was framed for a murder. ♦Website: http://www.heyitsjali.c
Jeannie and Leafwing use a magical potion to find out what is really going on with Ciara's mind. Then, Alric, Jeannie and Leafwing get a revelation from David. Is there a traitor in our midst or is David cooking up a scheme? ♦Website: http://ww
Alric demands the surrender of Middlemont Cay from the Centaurs and meets up with Jeannie and Leafwing in Bruy Port. Then, the group meets with David in Zloras Castle to look in on Lady Ciara. ♦Website: http://www.heyitsjali.com ♦Discord: https
Jeannie and Leafwing are still trapped in a Siren's sleeping spell, but Jeannie knows how to get out. We find out more about Ciara's illness and then join Alric and Olivia in Middlemont Cay. ♦Discord: https://discord.gg/FKh2t7G♦Buy us a coffee:
Jeannie and Leafwing arrive at Clen, but the Sirens want a gift. Then, Jeannie and Leafwing find themselves in a pretty strange situation. It looks like the whole thing is part of the Siren's plan. What is going to happen? We'll find out in epi
Have you ever wondered where the people in this world came from? New and old friends in Varial are about to sit down by the fire, at a tavern and in their chambers to tell you the history of the races of Varial. ♦Discord: https://discord.gg/FKh
Jeannie and Leafwing set off to the Island of Clen. Alric meets a Technomancer who will help him win the war against Stej Pria. And Ciara reveals some more information to us about her "illness". ♦Discord: https://discord.gg/FKh2t7G♦Buy us a cof
Ciara confines herself to her chambers and we meet her friend Brigid Jen'nveross. Then, Jeannie is sent away from Ordrya to find answers on the Isle of Clen. ♦Find more on Varial here! www.varialrpg.com♦Discord: discord.gg/FKh2t7G♦Buy us a coff
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