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My conversation with Alex Bare an International Relations graduate and Fulbright in Colombia to talk about the protests in Colombia. We talk particularly about the role of indigenous people, Afro-Colombian community, feminist activists, the LGB
My conversation with the Polish economist Karol Karpinski. We talked about developmental policies in Bangladesh, the role of the English language in international education and football as a global sport.
My conversation with Peruvian journalist Kenneth Sánchez about the presidential election in Peru. We talk briefly about the first round of the election that had an open field with 18 candidates to then center on the second round of the election
Conversation with Frank Miroslav a writer at C4SS and The Plausible Possible as well as the host of the podcast All Power to the Imagination. We talk about radical scientists, crypto-currencies and nuclear power.
Conversation with Alex McHugh a writer and coordinator at C4SS. We talk about the intersection of religion and radical politics from Islamophobia being disguised as Secularism, Jewish Anarchism, the relationship between queer identity and spiri
Conversation with Matheus Calderón a cultural critic and curator of Comité de Lectura. We talk about how the protests that bring down the coup in Peru have been influencing political panorama and why protests continue in different parts of the
Conversation with Elena McGrath an Assistant Professor of History at Union College. We talk about the rise, fall and rise again of the MAS as well as the role played by Evo Morales and what role could Luis Arce and David Choquehuanca play in th
Conversation with Jesse Walker. He is the books editor at Reason Magazine as well as the author of The United States of Paranoia. We talk about recent conspiracies like QAnon, the boogaloo movement and "anarchist jurisdictions".
Conversation with Cory Massimino a philosophy student and fellow at the Center for a Stateless Society. We talk about the effect of Trumpism in the libertarian movement, how libertarians have been dealing with racism, xenophobia, sexism and hom
In this episode I talk with Victoria Martínez. She is a English teacher based on Buenos Aires, Argentina. We talk about Peronism, Posadism, anarchist bakery, feminism, gay liberation and indigenous rights.
Conversation with Alon Levy. They is a Marron Fellow at Marron Institute of Urban Management (New York University) doing research at transportation policy.  We talk about Berlin's Hype as a city for creatives compared to other European cities,
I talk with Anthony Macedo an Angelino Mexican American about the Mexican Economy. We deal with Mexican economic history, regional differences, comparative economies with other Latin American countries and the role of AMLO both in handling the
Conversation with Peruvian journalist and cultural critic Matheus Calderón who currently works at the Comité de Lecture about the causes and effects of higher number of cases of Coronavirus in Peru. We try to understand that role inequality pla
We talk we with Mila Ghorayeb writer and co-host of the Unacceptable podcast  to talk about Canadian culture. The complex relationship of Canada and the United States, the attitudes toward immigration, language policy and the Quebéc's laicité.
My conversation with Ciaran Dold the co-host of the Corner Späeti podcast. We talk about the relationship of anime and geek culture with radical politics. I tell the story of Antifascist Otaku Brigade and then Ciaran explains the complexities o
My conversation with geneticist Razib Khan. We talk diverse topics like Ancient DNA in China and India, personal genomics also known as the rise of genetic testing, Jewish and Middle Eastern presence in Iberia and Latin America, the influence S
We talk C Derick Varn co-host of Pop the Left podcast of Zero Books and the Mortal Science podcast of Emancipation Network. We discuss Latin American politics dealing from topic like the Pink Wave, Trotskyism, US-Latin American relations as wel
My conversation with writer Lucy Steigerwald. We talk about aliens, conspiracies and christmas.
Conversation with Frank Miroslav. We talk about global protests, far right populism, the resurgence of the radical left and the current debates about China.
My conversation with Akiva Malamet. We talk about the dangers of different tendencies of nationalism.
Conversation with Andrés Pertierra a graduate student at the Department of History at University of Wisconsin-Madison about the United States-Cuba relationship and the recent political developments in Cuba.
Conversation with Joshua Tait currently a Ph.D. candidate in History at the University of North Caroline at Chappell Hill. We talk about the past and present of American conservatism particularly about the relationship of conservatives and free
We talk to Conor Duffy, scientist by day and twitter politics person by night about the 2020 presidential election particularly the Democratic primaries. How issues like immigration, foreign policy and economics are defining this race.
Conversation with Eric Hoover a senior writer at The Chronicle of Higher Education. We talk about the controversy over Nepalese students admitted to the University of Texas at Tyler who after receiving a full scholarship this was cancelled whic
Conversation with historian Daniel Bessner who is an Assistant Professor in American Foreign Policy in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington and author of Democracy in Exile: Hans Speier and the Ri
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