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It's crazy that we've been doing this for so long and are just now getting around to a straight-up 'internet' episode. From outdated tech to social media to testing our meme knowledge, we go deep into our cringy pasts and discuss the impact of
IDWGU invites its first guest onto the show! Alex is a radio personality and podcast host herself who's here to chat about her road to success, plans for the future, and ghosts... yup, she's got ghost stories, you guys.
Stephen Cusato of ‘Not Another Cooking Show’ joins us this week to discuss the highs and lows of snacking. His palate might be more sophisticated than either of ours but at least we can all agree on one thing... Red Vines are the frickin’ worst
Whether you're playing them or screaming about them from the comfort of your sofa, just about everyone has an opinion on sports... unless you don't, which I guess is an opinion itself. Come listen to us break into a sweat while we argue about f
How we get from place to place has changed a lot over the years, not only because we're adults but because transportation technology is straight-up crazy now. Uber allowances, driverless cars, electric scooters everywhere... BUT WHERE ARE THE J
Coffee, breakfast burritos, the snooze button... there are plenty of things to love about starting another day, but how does the experience compare to when we were growing up?
Like it or not, fashion choices affect how we are perceived by everyone around us. Are we more in tune with what looks good nowadays compared to when we were growing up? *confidently adjusts puka shell necklace*
Everyone looks back on summertime as that sweet reprieve from school and responsibilities, when we lived on our bikes and sweated until we couldn't sweat anymore. Now that we're grownups, can it even compare?
We know. We have no business talking about this topic. But if you think we don't have some damn opinions about it, you got another thing comin', bub. Come listen to our laundry list of tussles and kerfuffles, and how we managed to survive.
Dealing with stress is tricky, but it seems to get easier as we get older. We learn to use the different tools at our disposal (i.e., werewolf transformations, Shrek calendars, Wakandan bidets, etc.) to eventually overcome.
It's not quite bad or illegal... it's mischief. Testing boundaries and seeing how far you can go before getting into trouble. But was this experience better as a kid when those boundaries were abundant, or now that we're adults when we can do w
Just because we're no longer getting ridiculed or shoved into lockers for being fans of comic books and sci-fi doesn't mean nerd culture is better as adults. Jordan and Felix fire up their flux capacitors to go back and figure out which nerds a
The infamy of Spring Break is well known and Jordan and Felix are here to talk about it. Speaking broken Spanish, eating copious amounts of garlic bread, buying all products sold by Suzanne Somers... you know, normal Spring Break stuff.
Obviously, a couple of bad boys like Jordan and Felix know all about consequences. Come hear all of our stories from the clink (and, by that, I mean listen to how we forged report cards, stuffed our bodies with garbage food, and disobeyed our p
No one likes chores but unless you live in a disgusting pit of filth, they are a natural part of life. From the basics like dishes and yard work to more complex tasks like sweeping a frickin' chimney, Felix and Jordan are getting down and dirty
We're more adept at running from our problems than for health purposes, but that doesn't mean we can't comment on exercise in general. Was it better as kids with our grass-stained feet, or is it better in the present, now that we know the true
Everybody takes in information and synthesizes it in a different way. Some are visual learners, some are tactile learners, some come up with excuses as to why they shouldn't have to learn just so they become another cog in the system, brah. Wai
It's the most important meal of the day so it's a good thing we love it so damn much... but was it better when we were young and satisfied with a bowl full of sugar and milk? Or have we grown more appreciative as adults, with our eggs bennies a
Sure, job titles change drastically as we get older and into our careers, but has our perspective regarding occupations changed overall? Also, one of us went to a job interview wearing flip-flops...
No one ever stops wanting to be liked, but popularity inherently carried so much more weight when we were teens. What drastic measures did people adopt in order to climb that social ladder? And how have those pressures changed with the inceptio
When exactly did the focus of Valentine's Day change from free candy to smooching that sweetie of yours? Come along as we dive back in and navigate the tricky expectations surrounding the most romantic day of the year.
Whether you're anxiously laying in bed with your mind playing tricks on you, out with your friends making drunken mistakes, or fighting crime in the shadows as a masked vigilante, things always seem to get more interesting after dark.
Social Awkwardness, exercise, jeans that aren't broken-in yet... with so many things in this world that are uncomfortable, it's no surprise humans have developed so many habits to make themselves feel better again. So kick back, grab a drink, t
Desserts were the first real test of patience as kids—you get the reward AFTER slogging through that plate of your mom's newest recipe. But now that we're adults who have the freedom to eat whatever we want, whenever we want, does that mean de
New Years is always a time of new adventures blossoming on the horizon. Maybe we set some new goals. Maybe we start a new tradition. Maybe we resurrect Dick Clark to co-host the show. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.
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