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Believe it or not, two-thirds of our podcast had never seen this movie before! This week, we watched the seminal classic Psycho and talked about Norman Bates, unexpected twists and of course, the shower scene. Or "ree ree," as Jackie calls it.
That's Fronkensteen, thank you very much! This week, the girls watched this comedy classic (and recorded during a heatwave, so forgive our loopy behaviour). Do we agree with the critical consensus, or are we Mel Brooks haters? Only one way to f
It's the ultimate in 90s action movies, and it's finally here! This week, Jackie introduces the girls to the absolute madness that is Face/Off. Nicolas Cage and John Travolta are doing the most, rational thought is doing the least, and John Woo
Hope you're hungry for some BBQ! This week, the girls watch a horror classic, often considered to be one of the genre's best. Naturally, that feeling is not shared by the entire group! Meat hooks, skin masks and grave robbing, oh my!   Film: 
What's new, Scooby-Doo? This week, it's the battle of the elder millennial versus the younger millennial as Austin tries to share her childhood favourite, Scooby-Doo. Can an all-star cast win them over, or is the gross-out humour enough to make
Calling all Stealth fans! Do you even exist? Very few people saw this 2005 action movie, but of course, Jackie was one of them. This week, the girls watched Stealth and talk evil robots, Behind Enemy Lines and the career of rock band Incubus.
There's something in the water! No, not Jaws, something much worse. This week, Jenn surprises the group with a campy, gory and silly remake: Piranha 3D! The girls talk about the outrageous kills, gratuitous nudity and the history of bad kill se
Some people grew up watching this movie, and some people were perplexed to find Jason Alexander has a supporting role. This week, we watched the made-for-TV movie Cinderella! We talk about Brandy's performance, Whitney Houston's legacy and, of
I don't know if you know this, but a dog dies in this movie. RIP sweet puppy Daisy, John Wick will avenge you and we will have lots of opinions on it! We talk gunplay, fight choreography and of course the legend that is Keanu Reeves.   Film: 
Pack up your RV and get ready for a weekend away with all the zombies, werewolves and mermen your hearts could desire! Could this outrageous gore-fest win over the girls? Only one way to find out!   Film: Cabin in the Woods (2012) Director: D
Is it that some films don't stand the test of time, or is it that they were never good in the first place? That's the question we're asking this week while revisiting the controversial teen drama Cruel Intentions! We discuss how it was a format
Is there anyone out there cooler, more powerful and more badass than... the U.S. president? This week, we dive into some patriotic propoganda with Air Force One! Did it work on these three Canadians? Listen and find out!   Film: Air Force One
If you move into an abandoned orphanage on a seaside cliff of a remote town and you don't expect it to be haunted, that's on you! This week we watched the Spanish film El Orfanata, or The Orphanage, and discussed ghost children, why you'd put a
Good morning starshine! This week, Austin takes us back in time to experience hippie culture in all its glory. Join us as we travese the fashion, music and psychedellic trips that make up this movie.    Film: Hair (1979) Director: Milos Forem
Listen, we're no weather experts but neither are the people who made this movie. Bill Paxton can sense when a tornado is coming, Helen Hunt can walk through them unscathed and we loved every minute of the madness. Look out for flying cows!  
If you don't have strong feelings about Cillian Murphy's eyelashes, then I don't know what to say to you. This week, Jenn tries to get everyone on board with zombies (or infected, if you're being particular). Topics include the distance between
This week we dive in to the classic musical and come face to face with the most intimidating of dancing gangs. Are you Team Jets or Team Sharks? If you are just Team Rita Moreno, we don't blame you. Austin grabs what will likely be her only opp
You better strap in, because it's going to be a bumpy flight! This week, we revisit the late 90s blockbuster that is Con Air. Nicolas Cage's hair, accent and dirty tank top are all up for discussion, as well as the death-defying stunts, over-th
If you have ever wanted to go spelunking in your life, this is not the movie for you. This week, we battle claustrophobia and the primordial creatures within the depths of the Earth with The Descent! Dive into a pool of blood and join us, won't
Austin trades in the showstopping numbers and dance spectacles for a different kind of musical with Once. Will the quiet indie win over her musically adverse cohosts? Only one way to find out! Promo this week for Rivenpod.    Film: Once (200
At this point, you have to admire Jackie's dedication to finding every ridiculous action movie of the 1990s. This week, we dive into a world where Sylvester Stallone is a mountain climbing search and rescue officer, John Lithgow is a villainous
I want to play a game with you... one where we watch the movie Saw and try to see how it was influential to the horror genre! From the early 2000s aesthetic to the bad acting to the ultimate twist ending, Saw has it all. Did the girls enjoy sit
We've spent some time with Judy, so now we're checking in on her daughter Liza! We discuss all things Cabaret, from the singing and dancing to the gorillas and Nazis.   Film: Cabaret (1972) Director: Bob Fosse   •   Follow us on Twitter a
It's our last foray into March Movie Madness, where we watching movies that none of us had ever seen before. Jackie covers a major blindspot by finally watching the 90s classic Point Break.  Film: Point Break (1991) Director: Kathryn Bigelow
It's March Movie Madness! This month, we're watching movies that none of us had ever seen before. Jenn decides to take the girls on a trip to Italy with A Bay of Blood! Does the gang's first giallo film go over well, or will she never be allowe
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