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Public Health Expert FIRED for Questioning Vaccine Policy - Sam Brokken on Immunity Podcast #3

Released Monday, 10th May 2021
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Public Health Researcher, Sam Brokken, was invited on national television to speak on vaccine policy. Despite not being an 'anti-vaxxer' and actually being 'pro-vaccine' for some groups of people, using scientific data to support his arguments, he was fired from his position at the university and received heavy criticism in the media.

We talk with Sam about pandemic policies, from vaccines to lockdowns and testing, and how difficult it is to justify all these measures based on the scientific evidence available.
Sam offers ideas for a more focused way of protection that minimizes the, now, devastating collateral damage.

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0:00:00 - Infection Rate in India is Very High
0:00:36 - Introduction
0:01:25 - Why was Sam Brokken fired from his job?
0:11:39 - Should Younger People Be Vaccinated to Protect the Elderly?
0:13:12 - Reason for Current Vaccine Policy
0:26:16 - What is the evidence to wear face masks?
0:30:35 - Does Sam Brokken wear a mask?
0:31:48 - Pressure on Journalists regarding Covid
0:34:12 - Free Speech is silenced
0:36:11 - Independent Fact-Checkers
0:37:04 - Role of Bill Gates influence on the Covid Narrative
0:37:36 - Collateral Damage of the pandemic on the Society
0:48:05 - Chronic Diseases don’t get attention like Covid does - why is that?
0:54:05 - Vaccine Passports and Israel impact
0:55:27 - Covid Outbreak in India April 2021
1:02:26 - How much time is needed to test the vaccines properly?
1:03:57 - How did countries come up with a vaccine at the same time?
1:05:14 - Will Sam Brokken take the Vaccine if he wants to travel?
1:08:17 - Confusion about PCR test protocol
1:12:07 - Covid Infections Spike in India April 2021
1:16:48 - Advice to people with a lot of fear
1:20:50 - Technocracy and its impact
1:21:17 - Public Health Experts are not in Charge of Public Health Management in 2021
1:25:03 - Fatality for the elderly people from Covid 19
1:34:36 - Repeat infections for Covid 19
1:37:47 - Who Profited from Covid 19?
1:39:09 - Pharmaceutical Companies Are Not Responsible for Vaccine Side Effects
1:40:01 - Financial Support to Countries to go into Lockdowns
1:42:35 - What is Sam Brokken’s Motivation?
1:45:26 - Hope for the Future and Future plans
1:49:17 - Collateral Global and Great Barrington Declaration
1:52:25 - How to reach Sam Brokken?