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This episode is about the accuracy of the epic story of Noah's Ark.  I will be going into briefly Noah, but then there will be more extensive topical information regarding the ability for this to happen. But I also am going to ask the questions
For this episode, we discuss the idea of where the fear may have come from within religion. Fear has always been used as a means to keep the people in check throughout history.  And I will cover the beginnings of our human fear and how religion
This episode goes into talking about where religion came from and how it has impacted our lives. Meaning I start by going into what is religion. Then I went into the beginnings of religion and how the human mind expanded as we evolved to give w
This episode analyzes if the idea of religion is not real. And what would happen to society if that took place. I first looked at the beginnings of religion and then observed the major religions and their impact before going into what the episo
This is the third episode in the series of what religion is right. And that is Islam, which focuses on teaching people what religion is right. By saying this, it helps people decide which one is right for them. I learned a lot from putting this
My last episode is regarding Judaism being the right religion. Now I ask the question about Christianity being the right religion. And here is where I talk about God, Jesus Christ, the sects of Christianity, and figures in the bible with their
This episode we  ask the question of which religion has more of a right path in life. Now, this is a broad generalization because religion is personal. But there are people who are intrigued by religion. And they are trying to find the right on
This is the next season of my podcast show regarding religion.  This episode is asking the question is there a God. Asking the question can stir up so many issues because a lot people don't like to ask those questions. But in these series of ep
This last episode that covers the education aspect of the podcast is about the homeschooling from the household via the parents decisions.  It is a very antiquated means of educating the child or children. But with the pandemic taking hold, the
This episode is regarding what I wish I knew before going to college. So I will explain what you need to know before you go, especially if you are a first generation born college student. I talk about meal plans and making course schedules, int
For this episode, we observe the idea of trying to use the educational methods of Zoom in incorporating this into the classroom. I open up the possibilities of trying to understand what it would be like if you brought this type of technology in
The episode for today is regarding the future of our American education system and how things will pan out in schools in the future. Because the rest if the world is starting to make moves and we cannot see ourselves behind anyone at this point
Today's episode is about the students who decided to take a gap year or even years between leaving high school and college. There are so many students that often think about taking this time off because they are ready for college. So they take
This episode is regarding our children in school lacking the motivation to be successful in school. I was not one of the kids that needed the push, but there are some that do. Is your child one of those kids? And if so, how do you handle this a
When you are in school growing up, or even in college, you always have these courses that will leave you asking yourself why I chose to come here. And school should not be that type of place. So what are some courses that should be incorporated
This topics today is regarding the idea of creating more all boy and girl schools and the upsides as well as the downsides. Or will these schools fully go out of existence and stick to the coed learning.-----------------------------------------
This episode is about allowing the students to learn what interest them in order to find their skills. This is tough because the school systems want the core lesson plans to sill be implemented in the classroom. But you have to try something so
In this episode I discuss why the kids in school and life have to be more than their parents want them to be. Parents want so badly for their child to be great, but kids have to have it inside of them. You can't force greatness, it will happen
This episode aims at trying to understand why more educators are not compensated more for the job they have as teachers. Because it's obvious that schools are not revenue streams for them to be paid more for their services. And I also aim at tr
In this episode of the podcast we go into the reasons as to why we don't teach students in schools to be great. There is this issue with greatness and calling it out today.  But we have to still make sure we push the greatness.-----------------
This episode is for the people who want to know if their grade determines their overall smarts in school. And I go into depth about how we determine what is smart and the way in which we measure what is smart. ----------------------------------
This episode is about the idea that we are altering language in school because so that students won't feel triggered. It is shocking that this is happening considering  these students are a lot of times leaving high school, or even about to ste
This episode addresses how to deal with the government with all your student loan debt. The following ways to pay the loans off and how to find methods for paying for the loans as well. ----------------------------------------------------------
This episode covers the qualifications that people have that truly pertain to your career at hand. A lot of people feel that since they have their degree, it will mean that they will get a great job, but it does not. What does it really mean?--
This episode is regarding going to school online over the traditional in person education. And the reason being is because of how the landscape of society is changing.  Should this be an option because the landscape is shifting in society? I lo
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