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Wonder about the 'real world' cost of an EV vs an ICE vehicle? Anderson Economic Group has some interesting findings.

Released Wednesday, 24th November 2021
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There has been a lot said about ICE and EV efficiency and cost comparisons.   Generally, it is based on the cost of gasoline vs electricity and not the real world cost of owning either or both types of vehicles.

Enter Anderson Economic Group.  We are joined by Patrick Anderson who is sharing some insiteful real world information.  Some of this is based on 'reports/research' but a lot of it is based on real experience as Patrick is an EV owner.   

On an EV, the cost of the electricty is a given, but that too can fluctuate seasonally and regionally.  What about taxes?  On going maintenance cost?  What is it like to call AAA for an EV instead of an ICE vehicle.   Using three different test cases there are some interesting findings, including the 'time' value of how much time is spent 'fueling
 and then you can consider the value of your 'time'.

These things make for interesting conversations of the real world experiences  so be sure to take some time to listen to what Patrick Anderson is sharing.

In our feature segment, It 

In our featur segment, it is the Konrad's Car Clinic.

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