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Released Wednesday, 16th November 2016
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If you’ve ever felt uninspired, trapped, at a dead end, or just wondered whose life am I leading anyway, and my God, what have I done, then do we have the inspiring, life changing show for you!
Today I’ll be speaking with Jake Ducey, perhaps the first millennial we’ve had on the show, and the 3 times author of inspirational books including, Into the Wind and The Purpose Principles. He’s a future Tony Robbins, correct that, Jake Ducey in the making, and just got off an international book tour where he spoke on stages to 500,000 people and helped raised 345,000 pounds of food for homeless youth in America.
Today we’re going to talk about your life’s purpose, where it’s hiding, how to find it, and what in the world you NEED to do about it once you know you’ve found it.
That plus we’ll talk about self-actualizers, Steve Jobs, Jack Canfield, Jay Z, Dave Matthews, Abraham Lincoln, Sylvester Stallone, SW SW SW, and why in the world you want to take an entire summer or two, retyping the Great Gatsby…
Questions and Topics Include:
  1. How Jake Got Jack Canfield to Write the forward to his book
  2. How Jake Ducey was listening to “Dare to Win’ and followed Jack Canfields advice to write down 101 goals and what happened.
  3. What happened on November 20, 2010
  4. Why we’re all gambling on the biggest risk of all
  5. How Jake left school to chase his dreams of becoming a writer
  6. What happened with the Shaman in Guatemala (when he was not a very 'spiritual' person)
  7. Why “our lives are like onions and we want to live to live the tough flavorless part first”
  8. Why it’s a trap to wait until we get x,y or z (even spiritual or self-discover experiences) to find happiness.
  9. What happened to Vic Revezo and how his death affected Jake
  10. How he had a near-death fall in Indonesia, and how locals risked their lives to save him
  11. What is destination addiction
  12. What’s Jake’s take on the Law of Attraction & Bob Proctor, and what we have to do to get the unconscious to help us get our desires
  13. What we can learn from Bonnie Ware who studied top regrets of people who were dying
  14. What is risk-ability?
  15. Why lack of evidence is not evidence of lack
  16. The story of Steve Jobs and ‘not evidence of lack’
  17. Why most of our fears are just ‘monsters under our bed’
  18. The story of Sylvester Stallone and how he got his start
  19. What Martin Luther King tells us about finding our freedom
  20. Why JK Rowling (author of Harry Potter) once considered herself the biggest failure she knew
  21. What’s it mean from George Bernard Shaw to become ‘unreasonable’
  22. Why Martin Luther King knew he was going to be killed the next day (when he gave his I’ve been to the Mountaintop speech).
  23. Why most people are gambling on the biggest risk of all, that one day we’ll find the time to do what we want.
  24. Story of a friend who was stabbed by his father
  25. Why our childhoods can be blessings in disguise
  26. What we can learn from Jay Z (though not necessarily his content).
  27. What inspiring lesson we can learn from Arnold Schwarzenegger
  28. What inspiring lesson we can learn from Jim Carry – and how he used the Law of Attraction
  29. What’s the reoccurring theme between the world’s most successful people
  30. What’s Bob Marley’s inspirational story
  31. The inspiring story too of how Bob Marley put on a free concert for 300,000 and played the night after he got shot!
  32. What’s Jack Canfield’s Rule of Five?
  33. How he turned a self-published book into a best-seller
  34. What is Jack Canfield’s SW, SW, SW?
  35. Why you want to ask for what you want
  36. What’s the inner journey?
  37. What’s the importance of knowing yourself?
  38. New book coming out June 7th, Profit from Happiness: The Unity of Wealth, Worth and Personal fulfillment.
  39. JakeDucey.com (and check out his Ted Talk!)
  40. Plus Guided Meditation!!!
Jake Ducey Shares Life-Changing Stories from Jack Canfield, Jim Carrey, Sylvester Stallone, Steve Jobs, Jay Z, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bob Marley & Martin Luther King + Bob Proctor & The Law of Attraction! Spirituality | Inspiration | Motivation | Self-Help | Ted Talk | Inspire
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