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HOW TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR SOUL TO LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS! +Meditation! Pamela Alejandra| inspiration | Health | Self-Help

Released Thursday, 10th March 2016
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If you’ve ever wanted to feel more empowered, stronger on your own two feet, live your passion, or shine brighter than you’ve ever shined, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Pamela Alejandra Galaz Valdez, artist and founder and creative director of The Healing Love Art tour.

Today we’ll be talking about empowering you through self-expression, what this means, how to do it, and how it can help you live your greatest life.

That plus we’ll talk about kids, books, Earthing, and what in the world imaginary 7 year olds, running barefoot through the dirt, has to do with anything.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What happened on November of 2008?

  2. What Pamela chose to do after 6 years of unsuccessful treatment for cancer

  3. What happened when she was told she had only a year to live

  4. How she broke her wrist in 7 places, and what she did with her left hand only to change her life and raise funds for treatment

  5. How she began to heal through the power of art

  6. What is Pamela’s prescription for overcoming cancer (which may work for you, IF it resonates with you)

  7. What happened with a bake & art fundraiser

  8. How Pamela spreads love through sidewalk art

  9. What has happened when Pamela has tried to go back

  10. What topophelia (and what does it have to do with cooties???)

  11. Why community or Ohana is so important

  12. Why for some men (or women) a mastermind group can be there community or Ohana.

  13. What does color and the 7 chakras have to do with healing?

  14. Why you want to get out of your comfort zone?

  15. How do we be Nemo?

  16. How do we identify and them empower ourselves?

  17. “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’

  18. Where does self love fit in?

  19. The importance of what you want to focus on.

  20. How Pamela started working on a children’s Earthing book

  21. What is earthing and how it changes our lives

  22. What is the healing love art tour?

  23. What positive event came out of not getting paid

  24. Where to find out more from Pamela - pamela-alejandra.com – retreat on Maui March 25-28 “empower through emotion”

  25. Healing Through Feeling

  26. How Divine Love helps us all to heal

  27. What does the expression when the art comes out, so does the magic

  28. Why love is magic and what does this mean

  29. A brief morning gratitude meditation

Pamela Alejandra Share Her Inspirational Comeback from Cancer Story and How You Can Follow Your Passion, Overcome Anything, and Live the Life You Desire! Inspirational| Motivational | Spiritual | Spirituality | Self-Help | Career | Art | Health | Love | Plus Guided Gratitude Meditation!

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