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New Mexico brewery which is the "Original New Mexico brewery" is on APOB podcast on location at The Brake Room the newest taproom in downtown Santa Fe.  We sit down with Brian Lock President of Santa Fe Brew Company and his right hand man Mr. Bert Boyce. These guys take us through the ins and outs of what it takes to bring amazing New Mexico beers like Happy Camper and Chicken Killer. - We cover the connoisseur way of tasting tasty brew - The chemicals that give you a hangover - What makes for smart brew business - The origins of this iconic New Mexican Brand. - -   Don't forget to review us on iTunes!
Coming to you live for a one of a kind episode with local reggae band The Riddims! The Riddims consist of Myles Chavez-Vocals/Lead Guitar, Donovan Ortiz-Rhythm guitar, Petey Gabaldon-Keys/Percussion, Tony Gallegos-Bass and Kevin Sanchez on drums. Formed in 2013 The Riddims have gained popularity in the local music scene as well as the Southwest region playing shows and touring showcasing what is now called High Desert Reggae. In this episode we sit down with the band and are treated with tales from the road, the struggles of a local band and how their one of a kind sound was influenced by music of their generation. This episode was very unique as we were able to sit in on a practice session and experience High Desert Reggae in its rawest form a true blue garage jam. Stay tuned to APOB Media’s social media and other outlets as we release exclusive footage live and in your face with The Riddims. You can find the Riddims here: FaceBook: Soundcloud: Instagram:
Have you ever ran over 26 Miles in less than 3 hours? Have you ever ran, biked and swam over 50 miles at once? Our latest guest to humble us with his knowledge and wisdom is Jeremey King 2 time Ironman All World Athlete - 2019 Boston Marathon qualifier - and certified USATF Level Track Certified coach, This bad dude dives into his epic 24/7 training and diet regimine, how to go from couch to 5k without hurting yourself and the nutrition it takes to achieve your fitness goals. We riff on gear and how to get properly fitted for running shoes which is crazy important when starting to train for any running distance. Lookup and follow Jeremey on Strava the fitness app and we will anounce his new website once its launched soon. Voiceover Credits: Mathew Crowder, Sloan Shaffer, Max Weihe. Commercial music by Chris Graves. Commercial script by Max Weihe. SUBSCRIBE and SHARE - Thank you guys for listening!
** Our new linktree with links to this and all of our episodes and everything we are a part of: ** Ryan joins us on the perch from Los Angeles, he's a multi-award winning director who has worked his way from low budget films to working with some household name actors including the legendary Donald Glover, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke and even Lord of The Rings Alumni. How often do you get to look inside the mind of a working Director that's created touching and dramatic films like Forever Strong to bad-ass action films that highlight the brotherhood, triumph and tragedy of World War 2 like his Saints and Soldiers trilogy. Make sure you catch this inspiring conversation and be ready for more top shelf work from this succesful dude, thank you for coming on again Ryan and cheers to your future! . Ryan's site - . Instagram where you can see constant updates from the man and his various projects: @ryanlittle_director . Ryans IMDB page listing all his works: . Show Notes: 1:00 - Ryans first gig in the 80's when Hollywood came to Canada 4:00 - Director that had a huge impact on Ryan 9:00 - Commendations from real WW2 veterans 18:00 - No potatoes in Utah? 21:00 - Actors and budgets in regard to success 27:00 - being a hired gun 31:00 - Movie set freak outs 37:00 - Actors feeling safe and ready to act 41:00 - Directing TV shows compared to Movies 44:00 - What tv shows is Ryan watching? 47:00 - Favorite Movies? 52:00 - Does the camera brand matter? 58:00 - Health and nutrition on set ** Sleep is imperative!** 01:03 - Family life on set and as a whole 01:10 - Behold, the future! . If you like what you heard please leave us a review on iTunes! . Our website: . Keep Pursuing Greatness Humans
An interview with Freddy Contreras a multiple New Mexico state record holder in power-lifting, father and cannabis industry employee. We talk what it takes to lift 500+ pounds in nutrition, training, and life. Keeping up with thousands of calories a day to reach peak physical form and execution on competition day. Freddy’s a cannabis industry employee, medical cannabis card holder in the state of New Mexico and advocate of Medicinal cannabis use in athletics. Listen to Freddy dish like a proper demi-god on what he does best and me try to grasp what it takes to survive a 700+ pound squat! Subscribe to A Perch of Birds Podcast and follow Freddy on his social media links below! IG: FB: - - - SUBSCRIBE and SHARE - iTunes reviews get stickers! - Send screenshots to: with your address! Cheers!
APOB Media is proud to present Corey Walker. Corey is Speech Language Pathologist working at a very unique facility aptly named Chatterbox. Corey is also the administrator for a well known Facebook page called NM Life. Recently Corey revealed through NM Life the passion he has for helping people, the love he has for speech, and its effects on everyday life. Not to mention the life long impacts it truly holds. In this episode we find ourselves amongst the books inside of Corey’s office where he is a Speech Language Pathologist for Chatterbox. We can’t help but to try and portray the ambiance that this place portrayed. A fireplace, the smell of coffee, walking over hardwood floors surrounded by books. It was with great gratification that we were able to chat with Corey about his groundbreaking apps that aid children as well as parents in Speech Language Pathology. Corey gives us his story on his humble beginnings and how NM Life came to life. You can find NM Life and Corey’s websites here: NM Life Facebook: Chatterbox Facebook: Corey’s App Website:
The Anchor is a five piece Metal-Core band from Denver Colorado. Linzey Rae on vocals, Ryan and Corey on guitar, Keenan on bass and Corey on Drums. These dudes met on Craigslist and have been destroying the metal scene ever since. They released their first album in 2013 and are just released their second album Make it Last after signing with their new label Manic Cat records. I have been dying to meet these guys and was not disappointed, we are on location at Legends bar and Grill in Colorado Springs Colorado after driving 6 hours from New Mexico. What an epic cast! come out and see these guys on their summer"kids in America" tour on their site: - - - You would humble us if you would review us on iTunes and if you wanna join our cause you can help us out at
It is with great pleasure we bring you Jared Cash with Live New Mexico. Live New Mexico is a blog page that documents Mr. Cash’s journeys through the New Mexico wilderness. Live New Mexico brings you great photos of landscapes and animals as well as some great original articles and great history on the Land of Enchantment. Our second episode brings us robust stories of the great outdoors and close animal encounters that most people only read about. We discuss some artifacts and spoils from the journeys across the land. Come along with us as we delve into the expeditions of Mr. Cash and if you want to hear more don’t miss out on our first episode! You can find Live New Mexico here: Web: Facebook:
A Perch Of Birds Podcast Episode #27 A New Mexico Media Creator with Pueblo roots. Listen as we talk about the current state of affairs in media in New Mexico and media in its many beautiful pueblo nations. Jonathans a veteran film maker, leader, father and teacher.  Show Notes: - Edited on the first final cut & media 100 - Created No Reservations Media production company - Some goings on behind the scenes in newsrooms - Acoma Pueblo Native one of the oldest inhabited communities in the world - We talk about the dichotomy of his career and his heritage - 24:00 Some light shed on the origins of the Zia symbol New Mexico uses for its state flag. - 27:00 Outsiders not respecting cultural boundaries - 34:00 First Nation differences and opportunities -36:30 A nod to Mr. Anthony Bourdain - 39:00 Synyster Vale Video a true piece of art - 50:00 Working as a full time film-maker - 52:00 Shooting stills for the first lady and event photography - 56:00 Using a masters to to take his stories to the big screen - 1:06:00 Pueblo communities warming up to media and Jonathans film festivals - 1:14:00 Looking to the future a Zia symbol film project Jonathan is building Jonathans Site: - -          
Podcasts, parenting and music Fox and the Captain or Emilio and Morgan. Take a look inside what it takes to host a podcast and still pull a 9-5 like a proper zombie. We talk Joe Rogan Podcast, Joey Diaz podcast, Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk and many more. This journey has been a fun one and we have plenty more in store we plan on bringing more content for your lovely ears and constantly bringing you guests that are pursuing greatness! Join our Murder! - IG: APerchofBirdsMedia - Web: Twitter : @APOBMedia - YouTube: - Pursue Greatness
This is our funkiest freshest episode yet! Our newest episode showcases Moonhat. A “Booty Jazz” band from New Mexico. Cookie (keys, guitar, vocals), Zoom (drums), and Nicole (Bass) represent Moonhat as we record on location at KD Neeley Art Gallery in downtown Albuquerque. In this episode we chat with members of the band about lots of things including the origin of the band and how their songs come alive. Amongst the discussion is the need for “alien funk Friday night pajama party” as well as the future for the band. Please join us for a funky episode with our friends from Moonhat. You can find Moonhat and other links here: Moonhat Facebook:@MoonhatABQ Moonhat Web: KD Neely Facebook: @NeeleyARTs KD Neely Web:
Ladies and gentleman APOB Media is proud to present Jason Hill. Jason has graced the big screen in several movie roles as well as notable TV shows such as Breaking Bad, Longmire, and The Preacher. You can view his filmography here: . Mr. Hill is also a search and rescue volunteer and an avid outdoorsmen. Our conversation in this episode takes us through several rabbit holes as we discover Jason’s passion for not only acting in movies and shows, but also taking the driver seat as the creative mind behind the set. We sit and listen to Jason’s story of humble heroism being a volunteer search and rescue worker in some of the most treacherous mountains in New Mexico. Listen in as we get a sample of Jason’s upcoming projects and what we can expect in the future. If you are interested in finding Jason or any of the sites we discussed today you can find them here: Jason Hill FB: Mankind Productions: Back to Earth:
Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness - A Perch of Birds Presents Podcast Episode #29 with Loe Vale Conscious Hip-Hop Artist   Loe Vale is a Florida based Hip-Hop artist bringing conscious rap - a unique blend of reality - hip-hop roots and faith in being you and believing in your faith whatever it is. Loe’s got a special treat dropped in the podcast, Loe shared a fresh track he built for an upcoming project so make sure you look out for that somewhere in the cast!   How to find the man on the inter-webs:   Spotify:   Loe's Facebook page at:   And his instagram:   Loe did an amazing rendition of Ole Ole for the 2018 world cup you can check out that video and all his other works on his Youtube channel make sure you check that out and subscribe   Show Notes - - 5:00 Conscious hip-hop - 10:00 Mumble rap - 13:00 The studio in the castle - 18:00 The Glasshouse - 24:00 The value of an album - 25:00 Whats next for Loe Vale - 30:00 Haters gonna hate - 34:00 Omnigod - 36:00 **EXCLUSIVE NEW Low Vale track 'The Don't Know' you heard first on APOB!** - 41:00 Health, diet and wellness in a hectic world - 44:00 The reality of Social Media  
Esports is a digital sport played professionally all around the world, it's a phenomenon years in the making. We sit down with UNM Esports program adviser Mr.Bernardo Gallegos talking about the steady buildup of University of New Mexico's soon to be official Esports team showing off NM's talent in the collegiate circuit. We peruse the annals of gaming evolution and talk about the cutting edge and future of gaming across the board. Show notes and how to get in contact with Bernardo below, hope you guys enjoy this one keep pursuing greatness! iTunes Google Podcasts Spotify YouTube - 1:00 United Nations and gorilla podcasting - 4:00 What is esports all about - 11:00 Halo, Dreamcast and LAN Parties - 13:00 UNM Esports - 17:00 New generations and opportunities - 18:00 Strategy, scoring, League of Legends - 23:00 The NACE organization - 28:00 Recruiting & Scholarships - 34:00 Michael Jordan and 10,000 hours - 39:00 Esports fight camps - 43:00 Vive (VR) in healthcare - 47:00 Corporate buy-in - 53:00 Battlefield and Call of Duty - 57:00 Virtual Reality eSports - 01:03 Overwatch Leagues - 01:07 Cheating in Esports - 01:11 NMAA High School eSports - 01:16 Olympic Esports - 01:19 New Mexicos future - 01:24 How to get a hold of Bernardo and the UNM Esports team Bernardo and UNM Esports organization contact info: Contact and sites - UNM Esports - Facebook: UNM Esports Instagram: unmesports Twitter: @UNMEsports (gamers can give back too) Personal - Twitter: @_omniprime Insta: _omniprime New Mexico Activities Association (NM high schools) Support the podcast:
Were on with Albuquerque, New Mexico and worldwide radio DJ legends the amazing Mr. Aaron 'Buck' Burnett and Dex Toth from the Buck and Dex show that aired for something like fifteen years in Albuquerque and world wide. We talk all Buck and Dex nostalgia, what these guys are crushing lately and what the future holds. Buck is now rolling on nights at The Coyote 102.5, as well as running hard with his new co-owned venture with The El Rey a badass venue in downtown Albuquerque and Dex is doing a daily gig Star 88 a morning show on the radio and Youtube as well as his new amazing new Youtube show Don't Sweat the Small stuff with fellow Star 88 co host Stevo. We talk Delbert, breaking out bands like FlyLeaf, Jackson's MMA training gym alumni and dishing all things Buck and Dex show. These guys were so cool and humble mad respect to you guys and thank you so much for letting an old fan chat with you. All the links are in the episode description check out and subscribe to his youtube show Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. Buck is cracking on the grand opening of The El Rey's Speakeasy make sure you go to this amazing venue drink some Mezcal under the stars, check out the speakeasy and don't miss the amazing artists that they book at the venue. Follow and keep up with Everything A Perch of birds and your host I, Me, El Capitan is doing on YouTube just look up A Perch of Birds Podcast, Facebook at, Instagram at aperchofbirdsmedia, and if you like what I'm doing and wanna see the show grow with your sponsorship help check out our Patreon at Again Buck Dex, humbled beyond words, thank you again, Fangirl’d hard doing this one, you folks listening thank you for being a bunch of badasses and keep pursuing greatness.   Show Notes:   - 2:00 Who are Buck and Dex - 5:00 World Famous - New Mexico Legends - 7:00 The Deaf guy - 9:00 Jon Jones and Ricky - 12:00 Flyleaf Five Finger Death Punch and breaking bands - 16:00 How are diaries relevant? - 21:00 How did it all end? - 24:00 The third? - 27:00 Delbert, Dex and dirty diapers - 32:00 Buck and Dex Army - 39:00 Henry Rollins, Joe Rogan, Bryan Cranston and best interviews - 43:00 Charlie Murphy and the worst interviews - 47:00 Cheaters Hotel!! - 53:00 Buck and Dex Podcast - 54:00 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - 57:00 The oldest 41 year old in the business =) - 01:00:00 Podcasts B and D Listen to - 01:06:00 Music They listen to - 01:11:00 Buck the El Rey downtown and the new speakeasy - 01:14:00 Dex Star 88, and Don't Sweat the Small Stuff   Bucks El Rey →   Dexs Show Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff →   APOB Patreon →   APOB Website →   iTunes Podcasts
We have a special treat for you listeners in this episode as APOB Media is live and on location at Tractor Brewery Four Hills in the beautiful Albuquerque, NM. Felix Y Los Gatos is a local New Mexico band that would not fit into any genre. If you wanted to try and fathom the sound it is as if the funkiest blues player ate some Hatch Green Chile and started jamming. Felix and his Gatos are true blue one of a kind act and we had the great opportunity to sit down, enjoy some local brew, and hear Felix Y Los Gatos pursuit of greatness. Live and on location we sit down with the vocalist/guitar player Gato Malo (Felix) and the accordion/keyboard player David Gomez. Posted up in the corner of the brewery Dos Gatos educate us on the finer points of New Mexican Blues and what it means to jam and have great time doing it. Enjoy the conversation as we delve into the minds of true New Mexican working musicians. You can find Felix Y los Gatos and their affiliates here: Facebook: Gato Malo Productions: David Gomez:
Dr.Jessica Troy joins me on podcast episode #43. Jessica is a 'Medievalist' and she takes us on a deep look into not only Medieval literature but a day in the life of a medieval human. What would the world look like trying to go to work in say 800, 1100, or 1500 A.D.? What types of jobs could a lowly peasant like me expect to have? What kinds of careers, lifestyle and entertainment could I find back then? Jessica is incredibly smart being both a teacher and a Doctor and is talented at painting a picture of medieval life. Don't miss this chance to immerse yourself in the old world and learn more about corpses, churches and humans in Medieval Anglo Saxon England and what made it what it is today! - 2:00 Its not the Bronze Age! - 2:30 Body Carts and the plague - 5:00 'The 4 Humors' and being 'Hot-Blooded' - 11:45 Re-enacting the medieval plague - 16:00 Battle of Hastings and the Normans - 18:00 Old English - 20:00 French influence - 24:00 Scotts and Irish start a fight - 31:00 The Scarlet Letter  - 35:00 Beowulf - 40:00 King Arthur - 44:00 The Odyssey - 47:00 Misunderstood Grendel - 49:00 Medieval Hollywood  - 54:00 Death and corpses, a thesis - 1:00:00 Dyeing scenes in all their glory - 1:03:00 Typical day in the life of a medieval man and woman - 1:08:00 Shires were real!!! - 1:12:00 When publicly hanging, rope length matters - 1:23:00 That's not good enough, dig up my sisters corpse! - 1:27:00 Saints don't burn... typically - 1:31:00 Religion is lore - faith is up to you - 1:39:00 Women's rights... or lack thereof - 1:43:00 A Hermitage with God - 1:47:00 Widows may have done well - 1:50:00 Barbers were doctors and healthcare wasn't a thing - 1:53:00 Sex and marriage in the medieval times - 1:56:00 Sex as utility, Chaucer and rape - 2:01:00 Prostitution and werewolves - 2:10:00 Formosus the pope, thrice exhumed and so, so much more - 2:21:00 Literacy and books - 2:34:00 War and its effect on the globe - 2:37:00 Fitness, sporting and hunting - 2:40:00 How to read Jessica's works and contact her! - CALLING ALL CORPSES - Contacting Jessica to hire a Anglo-Saxonist Medievalist --> Email - - Social media Insta - Instagram - @corpselady84 - Love you some history!
Neil Valdez New Mexico Native of Vue Q Productions and host Morgan Christian are on location at Satellite Coffee talking Neil's talents and hard work in the film industry. From shooting with cell phones all the way to shooting A list actors and working for billion dollar companies. Join us as we explore what pursuing greatness in the professional film making industry is all about! Catch everything Neil is doing at his company's page on Facebook → and Neils wicked cool Instagram Page → LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE! Thank you for the insight Neil it was a pleasure!
Rakim Thorpe and Devin Clarke are MMA fighters training out of Jacksons Wink professional MMA gym in Albuquerque New Mexico. Devin is a pro UFC fighter with a standing record of 9-3 fights this Saturday April 20th in Russia and Rakim just came off his latest win with a record of 6-3. We talk what it takes to be a pro fighter, diet, training, lifestyle and what sacrifices it takes to be a warrior in the modern era from cutting weight to living and breathing fighting like most of us do our 9-5 jobs. Don't miss Devins next fight This Saturday April 20th and follow him and Rakim on social media: Devin @brownbearufc and Rakim @1Rakim - 2:00 Training in Albuquerque - 8:00 Cutting weight for fighting - 12:00 Fighting origins - 16:00 Bull rides and MMA Fights - 20:00 Licensed weapons - 23:00 Fighting in Hollywood - 29:00 Pro versus amateur - 34:00 Head injuries - 39:00 Knockouts - 43:00 Weight training for fighting - 48:00 Supplements - 52:00 Sleep - 55:00 Drinking or letting loose - 59:00 Advice for those looking to get into MMA  
Were on location in Albuquerque New Mexico at the Banque Lofts at the Cannamixer put together by our gracious hosts The Chronicle Cannabis magazine and a digital cannabis menu system with a focus on creating better and more transparent medicine for patients. Terpene's, THC, CBD and the state of legal cannabis are just some of the things we cover find The Chronicle and BudBoard online at: - - And of course at your local ABQ vendors! - @apobmedia - #apobmedia -  
31 - A Perch of Birds - Bob Myers W/ The International Rattlesnake Museum Rattlesnakes, their mythos, their reality and their beauty. We sit down with the amazing Bob Meyers with the Rattlesnake Museum in Albuquerque's famous Old town district. Bob's ran a beautiful, educational and very eclectic museum to showcase, entertain and educate the masses of the world. We talk about the ins and outs of rattlesnake's their husbandry, behavior, and even their misleading legends that we attempt to debunk and set straight in the podcast. We are on location at the beautiful Rattlesnake Museum itself sitting amongst 30+ rattlesnakes that Bob expertly cares for alongside many amazing exhibits like a full size Hippo skull, a shrine to the great Crocodile Hunter himself, and even a wall of Rattlesnake or reptile themed beverages and much much more. Show Notes: - 02:00 Where is this place? (Spoiler alert: Old Town Albuquerque) - 05:00 Largest rattlesnakes. 08:00 If bitten? 13:00 Which type is more potent? 16:30 Antivenin. 24:00 Don't mess with the Crotalus. 26:00 Dry Bites. 28:00 What to do in the event of a bite. 33:30 Do Rattlesnakes have live babies? 36:00 Rattlesnake diet? 40:30 Snake Husbandry. 43:00 What types of Rattlers do we have in New Mexico and where? 48:00 Where do rattlesnakes live? 52:00 Between the eyes?! 56:00 Conservation. 1:00 Jeff Corwin. 1:02 Herpetological Society. 1:06 Why does a Rattlesnake have a rattler? 1:15 Who can you contact if you find a rattlesnake? 1:24 Rumba? A Quiver? 1:26 Bobs other conservation efforts out of the museum.  
Ep. 42 Patrick Ryan II professional fitness trainer joins us again! We dive into his hybrid fitness and lifestyle company Aware Training. We try to pull apart some of the more dealt with issues he coaches his clients through.  Reach out to Patrick on his website Http:// - 4:00 Shame in its many forms - 7:00 Falling back phase - 11:00 Going in depth - 20:00 Not wanting to workout - 24:00 4 Different options of movement - 27:00 Go outside - 40:00 Referring to treat clients correctly - 45:00 Aware Training - 50:00 A greater network of support - 51:00 What training at this level consists of - 1:00:00 How to get ahold of Patrick - 1:04:00 Going outside and being responsible - 1:15:00 Social media and wellness - 1:20:00 Wall-E and being mindful - 1:25:00 Missing the trees blowing in the wind... - 1:35:00 Planting your own flag Whats it take to really be mentally and physically fit? A deep dive into understanding lifetime fulfillment starting with enjoying that meal your eating.  
This episode comes to you from the 2017 Albuquerque New Mexico Brewfest with special guests The Silver String Band! The Silver String Band features Emily Anslover, Paul Hunton, Jacob Chavez, Kyle Malone, and Lars Olsen. Silver String Band in a bluegrass/americana band from the Land of Enchantment has made their name bringing folk music to to the fine people of New Mexico. In this episode we answer life’s important questions like how much does a fiddle weigh? Why Lars doesn’t play the drums? We also dub the term “BrewGrass”. What does that mean? You will have to tune in to find out. Great times on location with our friends of the Silver String Band. You can connect with Silver String Band at: Facebook: @ABQStringBand Web: Email:
Finally we sit down with Dwight Zier with Los Vagabonders! Dwight runs a social media page that documents his travels all around our beautiful planet. With gear in his bags and local currency in his pocket Dwight travels the world with a minimalist plan and a desire to see the world and bring its footage to our our doorsteps. In this episode we are taken to countries all around the world as Dwight brings his method of traveling to the table as well as a few tips and tricks to navigating the unknown world. Join us as we sit down with Dwight and pick his brain on how to visit the places of your dreams without cracking that piggy bank. If you are interested in the expeditions of Los Vagabonders you can find them here: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram:
Another metal episode! Alex the vocalist and James the guitarist from Polyhedra an Albuquerque New Mexico based band kicking ass in the Metal world. They just released their EP self titled Polyhedra you can find on Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, and catch a free download of American Snuff on Make sure you reach out to these guys for tickets to their show April 15th in the links below. - 2:00 Metal Influencers - 7:00 Mic stand issues =) - 8:00 Polyhedra EP - 14:00 Recording futons, home studios & accountability - 22:00 Lyrics and writing from the heart - 23:00 **NEW SONG All American Snuff - Full Song** - 25:00 Shoutout to local ABQ bands Desecrated Humanity, Aaralywn. - 32:00 Vocal techniques - 36:00 Guitar riffage - 42:00 Mosh your problems away! - 46:00 All ages show's - 48:00 Touring - maybe? - 51:30 Wall of Death - 52:00 Where to find these guys and pickup tickets to shows - 59:00 What are these guys listening to   Band Camp download -   Polyhedra Facebook -   Polyhedra YouTube Channel -   Polyhedra Spotify Link -   Polyhedra iTunes -   A Perch of Birds website -   Support the podcast -   APOB Facebook Page -  
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