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Wearing sunglasses on rainy days. Using turtlenecks to hide choke marks. Running. Hiding. Ramona Probasco never thought she would do any of these things. "I never thought it would happen to me. I always thought, 'No way. Not him. Not me. Not us
Being intentional about the business of marriage builds intimacy. When couples make decisions together, their emotions and buy-in follow. In this episode, Juli talks with Bill & Pam Farrel about their 40-year habit of a weekly marriage meeting.
Do you feel stuck somewhere between "not married" and "not called to singleness"? Truth be told, few single Christians feel called to full-time ministry. Yet this time that we often treat as a "waiting room" is not that at all. In this episode,
“I had one woman say, ‘I struggle with masturbation.’ And she just started crying.  And then she said, ‘I’ve never said that word out loud.’” In this Java with Juli, Joy Skarka recalls her experiences walking with women struggling with porn, a
There's ED (erectile dysfunction), PE (premature ejaculation), and PS — premature surrender. According to our guest, many Boomer couples are giving up on sex way too soon. In this episode, Juli welcomes back Dr. Doug Rosenau for a conversation
“To be completely honest, the first two or three days, I was shocked by classic symptoms of withdrawal. I found myself so desperate for a hit of dopamine – that good feeling you get when you get a notification – that I would check the weather a
“To be completely honest, the first two or three days, I was shocked by classic symptoms of withdrawal. I found myself so desperate for a hit of dopamine – that good feeling you get when you get a notification – that I would check the weather a
Are you tired of being single? Maybe you've been rethinking that 21-point list of "non-negotiable" qualities you need in a spouse? Pull up a chair, grab your Java, and share some laughs with a friend who is walking right alongside you. In this
What do you do when sex hurts?  Do you white-knuckle your way through it, because it’s your “duty”? In this episode, you’ll hear why trying to push through the pain doesn’t work — nor is it what God desires for you. We’ll offer advice to help y
How long would you like foreplay to last? How important is it to have an orgasm every time we have sex? Complete this sentence: “During lovemaking, I wish that you would…” When was the last time you had a conversation with your spouse that incl
After infidelity, how do you know when to start having sex again? Recovery is layered, complex, and different for every couple. In this Java with Juli, learn what a healthy recovery process looks like for a grieving wife and how to rebuild sex
In your conversations about sexuality, can you explain WHY you believe what you believe? Does God’s "one man and one woman" design for marriage feel like a barrier to sharing your faith with others? God talks about sex throughout the Bible, how
A complement, according to Webster, is “something that fills up, completes, or makes better or perfect.” Romantic as that is, it’s a tall order in a relationship between two imperfect people! So then, what does it look like to be your spouse’s
Looking to find community around sensitive topics like sexuality? We have multiple online book studies launching in June! Here are the studies: “Rethinking Sexuality” – with groups for men, women, and couples! “Finding the Hero in Your Husband”
We know. It’s hard to imagine talking to your sweet three or four-year-old about sex. And here’s the thing: you don’t have to. What you can, nay, should do is have age-appropriate conversations about body parts, boys and girls, and how you see
When you’re feeling fearful, the last thing you need is a social media meme telling you to “tighten your ponytail and carry on.”  A rocky marriage, a wayward child, deeply dividing issues in our country, churches, and families — there’s no shor
Join Juli & Hannah to learn about our digital summit EQUIP, and how you will learn to have gospel-centered conversations and respond to difficult questions about sexuality. Did we mention you'll be learning from over 25 of the most trusted, Chr
Do you believe that only people who watch pornography, use sex to feel loved, or cheat on their spouses are sexually broken? Church culture has long approached sexuality by dividing us into two categories: sexually broken or sexually pure. In t
Tiffany Bluhm wishes this wasn’t her story to tell. Like most victims or bystanders of sexual harassment, she had everything to lose by telling the truth. (Spoiler alert: She did it anyway!)  Join Juli and Tiffany for a conversation about the r
Have you ever turned to Netflix instead of pursuing sex with your spouse? Have you turned to Instagram instead ending your day by talking with God and learning His voice? Your sex life and your spiritual life have more in common than you think!
What is emotional safety? Look at it this way: an emotionally unsafe relationship is a place where you can’t be yourself. You’re walking on eggshells. You can’t share your emotions because when you do, they’re going to set off an explosive or g
That longing you have to be fully known? God put it there. It’s meant to draw you into intimacy with Him.  Yet, we try to fill it with people (or things) who can never know us completely. In this episode, Juli talks with Carolyn Weber, author o
Don't tell your kids what to think about sex, teach them HOW to think about sex. Don't give them a list of rules, give them a biblical worldview that will help them discern and think critically about what the culture is telling them. You can do
You learned to navigate close quarters, perfected family game night, and homeschooled your kids. As your community reopens, how do you disconnect from tech and re-engage with life in person? How do you get the romance back in your marriage? (Or
Every abuse story has unique layers of complexity and pain. The decision whether or not to tell someone else is often a difficult one. Grab your coffee, a comfy chair, and join this conversation with Tim Hein, author of the book Understanding S
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