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Lovecraft Country is a new series on HBO that draws inspiration from HP Lovecraft's mythos. We take a look at using the series as a source of inspiration for your Harlem Unbound and Trail of Cthulhu games. The series is full of developed charac
Lacey is finishing up I am Legend and lead us into a discussion about solo gaming in the survival horror genre. We talk about common tropes, motivations with some additional sources of inspirations, and how we would make it game-able. We break
We take a look at games that we were super excited for and after getting them to the table, maybe didn't live up to our expectations or perform the way we thought they would. Then we talk about game that haven't made it to the table but should.
We all have books sitting on our shelves full of awesome and powerful items, but somehow we don't bring those items to the table enough. We started a game with the Octo Planetary Blade and a Deck of Many Things that inspired this episode and ho
Back on the mics after a short break. We talk about our recent gaming exploits, a few new sources of inspiration, and a newly arrived and long awaited rpg arrival. Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast Patreon Gonna Geek Ne
This episode is one part gamestorm and one part disaster. We have talked about making an incident command rpg where the players would take the roles of the incident command when managing a disaster. This episode picks up as we were having a con
Since GenCon was cancelled, we ended up moving our fall HillCon to have a chance to catch up on some gaming.  Lacey and James break down games we ran and played, as well as some of the surprises that came out of those games.  Twitter @justonemo
Tolkien loved arduous journeys and Jackson reinforced them with sweeping travel montages. The journey to adventures is just a quick navigation check without much of a consequence.  With travel being such a big part of most adventure stories why
We have all played or ran games where everyone one died a gruesome death. So what can we do to make it satisfying for everyone at the table? Some games do it better than others and some adventures seem to be made to drive towards a TPK and then
Whether its two sided, questionnaire, spreadsheet, or artistic, every game has one. We break down some of the character sheets for the games that we play, our preferences, short comings, styles, and how they effect play at the table. Twitter @j
We return to reviews with Ennie Nominated Mork Borg.  Mork Borg is an OSR inspired dark metal rpg with some amazing new mechanics that it uses for defense, armour, and the world ending. It is the most metal game we have ever played and we love
Improv or planning? James makes an argument that there is another method to putting games together that lies somewhere in between the two. Using the analogy of a dj or a jam band we explore a few games and try to make sense of finding the groo
We sit down with Kiel Chenier and talk about the completion of his largest and most recent project Weird on the Waves. We get into what makes Weird on the Waves more than just a dungeon on the ocean, inspiration, and how the scope of the projec
Hillcon is approaching and James is going to run a King in Yellow inspired Cthulhu Live game. We talk about different sources of inspiration, props, and designing scenarios and game needs based on the number of players. Twitter @justonemorefix
With an eye towards Vampire the Masquerade James and Lacey look at hunting vampires and the resources that are available from different games. We debate the merits and flaws of mundane vs supernatural methods. Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook  
Turns out the first submarine was built in 1620. James and Lacey lay out a terrible deep sea adventure in a sunken city. Complete with a fallen wizards tower, city districts, deep sea environments, and some terrible creatures drawn from reality
We break down some of our favorite game mechanics and steal them to bring to other games to add more focus on story elements and add more player voice to the narrative. Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook  Just One More Fix Podcast Support us on P
Time for another gaming round table. James and Lacey wax poetic on a variety of topics, like our recent gaming, rediculous adventure premices, a Depeche Mode RPG, No Rest for the Wicked and mundane adventures, Vampire the Masquerade for younger
James & Lacey are back on the mic's and we break down how our online gaming has gone. Being brand new to online gaming we talk about the games we have running right now, capturing theme and feel for genre, and what we have learned in a short t
This is the last episode we recorded before James left for New York City. We will be getting back on track with our normal release schedule. Now that we are all stuck at home, maybe this is the time to introduce roommates, family, or partners t
Resurrection is part of nearly every fantasy world, whether D&D, OSR, or any of the above. The economics and social impact of such a life altering power are never really addressed in a meaningful way. James and Lacey break down changes to consi
We had a successful game of Mork Borg which lead to wondering how many statistics is enough to have a game that feels complete. D&D gave us the first six, Vampire took it to nine, and Apocalypse world made them feel more thematic. We get into t
After finishing our Three Sisters kickstarter, we thought we would sit down and geek out about games we are trying to get to the table in the near future. We talk about systems, genres, and settings that are sparking inspiration at the moment.
This week we look at the GM building conflict between the characters at the table. Is it okay to move the world around the characters to manufacture moments that can create conflict between them. We break down a few examples from our table and
Zine Quest is in full swing this February and with it come loads of creative projects to support from small press and indie creators. We take a look at some of the projects that caught our eye. Our Zine Quest project Three Sisters funded since
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