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From being in shape to weigh more than 300 pounds to making world-class wines in Napa Valley, David shares his unique, inspirational, and extremely deep philosophical journey, his transformation back to being lean, and the pearls of wisdom he h
From the history to origins to varietals to various types of chocolates to the entire beans to bar process to the role of child labor, we delve deep into everything that surrounds the topic of chocolate!   BIO: Fahad Ahmad is a serial entrepre
In this episode, we look at how the 'cooking from scratch' approach to home cooking is not a viable or nuanced solution for many households when it comes to feeding and health. BIO: Fahad Ahmad is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys delving into
In this long-awaited show, we re-evaluate the digestive system as a food processing system and how various macronutrients and micronutrients, alone or in different foods, can have an impact on the body. BIO: Fahad Ahmad is a serial entrepreneu
Prepare yourself for an absolute wisdom-heavy podcast with Danny Vega as we reflect on what we have learned and what's in store for the future. A philosophical and thought-provoking episode that takes you into a very internal journey. BIO A na
Our last part of the 3-parter science-heavy series on the macronutrients and how they impact energy intake using a 2016 review paper. BIO: Fahad Ahmad is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys delving into the science of food and nutrition. He pract
We continue our extremely science-heavy podcast by looking at how various macronutrients impact energy intake using a 2016 review paper. This show focuses on the endocrine response. BIO: Fahad Ahmad is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys delving
In this extremely science-heavy podcast, we delve deep into the science of how various macronutrients impact energy intake and view some concepts critically using a 2016 review paper.  BIO: Fahad Ahmad is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys delvi
SHOW NOTES: In this very controversial podcast, we go deep into the topic of processed foods. We look at common myths, misconceptions, and concerns around food processing and its impact on health and human lifestyle. BIO: Fahad Ahmad is a ser
In this episode, we talk about the science of the coronavirus, how it spreads, what you can do and how to live a life in social quarantine when the world is shut down. BIO Fahad Ahmad is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys delving into the science
In food, health, nutrition and many domains of life, humans rely on "nature" or "natural" as the default and sometimes the best option. In this podcast, we talk about when it's ok to defer to nature and when it is time to move away from it. BIO
Gene-based diets and tests? What is epigenetics? We find out about the actual science behind epigenetics while looking at the cutting edge research surrounding this field and what to expect from it.  BIO Fabian is the Visiting Assistant Profess
In this fascinating show, we talk about how the mind can sometimes play tricks on us and unlock the elasticity of human performance, especially when it comes to elite athletes and endurance runners. BIO Alex Hutchinson (@sweatscience) is a runn
In this LOADED and very important episode, we sit down and critically analyze the facts and myths about low carb and ketogenic diets while paving a way for better science for the masses in a sea of misinformation and dogmatic health gurus. This
This podcast is a great gateway and resource to understand the importance of nutrients and troubleshooting nutrient deficiencies and as a bonus, you learn about Chris's transformative journey into health and nutrition as well! If you're ready t
In this rapid-fire and powerful podcast, we talk about what constitutes as heart disease and the discussion around the risk factors that contribute towards heart disease. We touch basis on concerns with fats and even delve into processed foods,
In this guns-blazing, unique and extremely loaded podcast, we talk about the role and importance of food processing and get an in-depth look at various food technologies and functional foods that are in the pipeline in the food industry. You do
In this very information-loaded podcast, we talk about many topics pertaining to biochemistry, autophagy, mTOR, Immunometabolism, protein structures, the impact of aging in muscle protein synthesis and the important role of protein in living or
In this informative episode, we discuss why we have many discrepancies and issues between science and the public interpretation of science through modern social media while talking about applications of biotech in the modern world, especially p
In this unique podcast, we focus on female sexuality and discuss some of the challenges faced by modern women and couples as well. We talk about topics that may be considered taboo including certain fantasies explored by people and understand w
Biotechnology is an emerging field in science that allows us to understand genetics and use them in a practical manner to potentially help humanity. This podcast delves into the journey and knowledge of Dr. Kevin Folta who has spent his lifetim
Are "natural" foods really "natural"? Are organic foods better? What about preservatives, tons of health and nutrition claims and strange chemicals on food and make-up labels? The reality is, everything we eat is chemicals and processed to some
This is an absolute powerhouse of a podcast that cuts through all the scientific literature and provides you with information grounded in evidence. We cover topics ranging all the way from adequate protein intake, factors that dictate food sati
Not for the faint of hearts, this podcast critically analyzes the problems with commercialization and myths around the ketogenic or low carb diet while talking about various controversial topics ranging from raising children, parenting, gender
Our long awaited special 50th episode where we delve into the bigger picture while discussing many topics including the biochemistry of cholesterol & statins, the scientific method, philosophy, processed foods and top it off with a dose of what
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