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Key Frames

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Episode 19 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. As the podcast records its twentieth full-length episode, old grudges resurface. Ben talks about an anime by Sanrio… again. Jon and Andy gush about Osomatsu-san… again. Everyone fights about Kino’s Journey… again. After the break, listen to them all ...

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Episode 18 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. Pop quiz! What are the fifteen must-watch anime airing next season? Jon’s got his list. After he talks with Ben and Andy about short-running comedies, long-running dramas, and everything in between, he chooses Masaaki Yuasa’s movie Mind Game as the n...

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Episode 17 of the Key Frames podcast, a podcast about anime. Better late than never, right? Ben, Andy, Jeff, and Jon try to make their conversation timeless by covering both mecha anime from the eighties and this season’s newest anime. Does it work? Who cares! Unfazed, they’re joined by Duncan for ...

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Episode 03 of Key Frames: Inbetweens, a mini-podcast about anime. The current state of anime podcasts is unsustainable. On the one hand are podcasts that cater to the fandom by obsessing over references, moe, and fan service without truly engaging in the artistic and thematic content of the medium....

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Episode 02 of Key Frames: Inbetweens, a mini-podcast about anime. A show about girls working at a software company. Is that Non Non Biyori? A show about the discrimination that monster girls face. Is that Non Non Biyori? A show about a high school gaming club. Is THAT Non Non Biyori? Andy and Mids ...

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